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Video: Watch 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' trailer

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"Glee: The 3D Concert Movie" packs 23 musical numbers into roughly 100 minutes.
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updated 8/8/2011 2:57:43 PM ET 2011-08-08T18:57:43

Fans constantly argue about the storylines on “Glee”, debating the merits of this romance or that fake pregnancy, but most of them agree that the musical numbers are a highlight of every episode.

That’s why “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie,” opening Friday, might be the event that unites us all. A collection of performance clips and backstage footage from the recent “Glee” concert tour, the movie packs 23 numbers into roughly 100 minutes. It’s like a musical explosion.

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Even better, the trailer makes tantalizing promises that those performances are going to be spectacular. For Gleeks, the preview raises plenty of questions, and if someone watched it over and over, even when he had other work to do (ahem), this is what he’d want to know.

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How will they use 3-D?
Sure, Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers released 3-D concert movies, but they weren’t starring in a popular television series at the time. Will the “Glee” movie add Hollywood flair to its special effects? Will Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) hurl a dodge ball at our faces? Will we want to reach out and feel Lea Michele’s jazz hands? It’s possible that the 3-D won’t add anything, of course, except a few extra dollars to the ticket price, but if any brand can bring razzle-dazzle to this gimmick, it’s “Glee.”

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Does Sue Sylvester get a number?
For less than a second, we see Coach Sylvester waving at the crowd, surrounded by cast members in sparkly jackets. Does she just saunter onstage for some applause, or is she going to perform a full-out routine? It’s obvious that she deserves a number, right? The opportunity for Jane Lynch to insult teenagers while executing a step-ball-change seems too amazing to pass up.

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Will Amber Riley be that awesome for the entire movie?
At one point, Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, yells, “Get your booty down here so we can bring this house DOWN!” She might be talking to a cast member, a fan, or the guy running the spotlight: It doesn’t matter. A movie like this needs that diva spirit, and it’s exciting to see Riley, who rarely takes the lead on the series, dominating the stage. Here’s hoping she brings the house down several times.

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What’s with the wig?
There’s an interview clip of Kevin McHale (Artie) revealing that he secretly runs the show, and while that’s cute and all, it doesn’t address his wig — a silky black number styled like a dream from the 80s. There’s no forgetting the chunky bangs on one side and elegant feathering on the other, and McHale had better explain how it landed on his head.

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