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Image: Shark Night 3D
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What is 3-D good for if not showing bikinis and shark bites? This scene from "Shark Night 3D" combines both.
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updated 8/8/2011 3:53:01 PM ET 2011-08-08T19:53:01

Noticing more 3-D films in theatres these days? It’s tough for Hollywood to resist that extra few bucks that can be charged to get those funky glasses. But that doesn’t mean all are worth watching.

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Here are some of the big-name 3-D films arriving over the coming weeks, and what they have to offer:

'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' (Aug. 12)
Say this about the folks behind the hit Fox musical sitcom, they grasp the “strike while the iron is hot” philosophy. If the TV show isn’t enough, there’s the concert tour, the reality series, and now this 3-D film that offers a real close look at the fake high-schoolers singing and dancing. Next up … life-size Glee robots?

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'Final Destination 5' (Aug. 12)
Why just go and watch young people die in freakish ways when you can watch those rogue sharp objects heading your way to impale you as well? Hey, is that a --THWACK!

Video: Watch the 'Final Destination 5' trailer (on this page)

'Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World' (Aug. 19)
This is actually in 4-D, adding “Aromascope” to the mix. Not only will you get the 3-D effects, you’ll get to smell things at appropriate points. At least it’ll mitigate the usual odor of stale buttered popcorn in the theatres.

Video: Watch the 'Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World' trailer (on this page)

'Shark Night 3D' (Sept. 2)
For when “Shark Week” is just too tame.

Video: Watch the trailer for 'Shark Night 3D' (on this page)

'Dolphin Tale 3D' (Sept. 23) – If you’re freaked out over “Shark Night,” this is the antidote. The inspirational true story of a rescued dolphin will take the place of some of those shark nightmares.

Video: Watch the 'Dolphin Tale' trailer (on this page)

'Puss in Boots' (Nov. 4)
A two-dimensional character who’s played a bit part in the "Shrek" series now gets the 3-D treatment from Dreamworks. Guessing it’ll be tamer than the rest of these.

Video: Watch the 'Puss in Boots' trailer (on this page)

'Piranha 3DD' (Nov. 23)
Killer fish get into the town plumbing and wind up at swimming pools and water parks. That extra "D" in the title? Yeah, we're guessing a few barely there bikini tops will be stretched into the extra dimension.

Are you a fan of 3-D movies? What kind of movie is it best for -- action, animated, or goofy films like shark attacks? Discuss with us on Facebook.

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Video: Watch 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' trailer

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