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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman's new costume

Iconic outfit is a little grimmer and darker for 2013 'Man of Steel' movie

IMAGE: Man of Steel
British actor Henry Cavill has said he's thrilled to get to portray an iconic American hero in 2013's "Man of Steel."
Warner Bros.
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In our slideshow of superhero costumes, we gave our highest praise to the classic Superman suit. No creepy latex nipples or ill-chosen masks here, just the Man of Steel, instantly recognizable in red, white, and yellow, big S on his chest and cape ready to fly.

So of course we were interested in seeing how they're dressing Henry Cavill for the "Superman" reboot, 2013's "Man of Steel." (Seriously? Still two years away!)

The British actor has got the face for the strong-jawed, clean-cut hero, and thankfully they haven't messed too much with his classic costume. In keeping with the grimmer tone the "Dark Knight" took with Batman, the costume's bright colors are toned down and look a little more menacing. But the overall shape and scheme is there, and for that we're Super-thankful.

Cavill himself told Total Film he loved wearing the costume. "It’s extremely cool. There’s no other feeling like it. They just put it on, I turned around and look in the mirror and you can’t really play it cool – you sort of guffaw and laugh. I thought ‘OK, holy hell, this is real, it’s not a joke anymore. This is it…you’re doing it, you’re right in the middle of it.’”

He's also eating 5000 calories a day to bulk up for the musclebound role, Cavill told Total Film.

What other sites are saying...

"The vivid primary colors of Superman’s usual costume have been toned down and the publicity still does look a bit more grim and realistic. It still however maintains that (director Zack) Snyder trait of things looking real but also tacky and fake."

" I'm not really sure what to make of the costume's material, though, which seems to be some kind of sticky, shiny plastic more suited to Spiderman's hand grips or something like that."  --CinemaBlend

"...Pretty damn awesome, I must say."  --MTV

What do you think of the costume? Will you see the rebooted Superman when it finally comes out? Should the film follow the grim trail of the newer "Batman" movies, or stay upbeat? Discuss with us on Facebook.

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