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Justin Timberlake's top movie and TV moments

He made audience laugh with '(Bleep) in a Box,' but Ashton Kutcher almost made him cry on 'Punk'd'

Image: Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg
You know what's cool? A BILLION people making this same joke.
Merrick Morton / Columbia Pictures
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Justin Timberlake has moved from successful boybander to successful actor, thanks to some dynamite moments on "Saturday Night Live" and some smart movie choices. He's also dated Britney Spears, exposed Janet Jackson's breast at the Super Bowl,  and been "Punk'd" by Ashton Kutcher.

As his new film "Friends With Benefits" opens, we share some of our favorite J.T. memories.

Ashton Kutcher almost makes him cry
Ashton Kutcher never had a better moment than this "Punk'd" episode where Timberlake is convinced that he owes $900,000 to the IRS and that all his property is being seized. Even Timberlake's MOM was in on this. But whoever played the head government agent deserves an Oscar. He never breaks character (although he does break J.T.'s guitar) and at one point he disses Timberlake's $8 million house. "You don't have a paved driveway, there's no landscaping..."

Timberlake suggests a holiday gift
This 'SNL' digital short featuring Timberlake and Andy Samberg was an enormous hit because it's so perfectly done, from the 1990s throwback style to the blatant lyrics. "Step one, cut a hole in a box."

Timberlake and Samberg get intimate on 'SNL'

'You know what's cool? A BILLION dollars.'
Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) may have been the main man of "The Social Network," but Timberlake all but stole the show as Napster co-founder Sean Parker. He elbowed himself into the partnership between Zuckerberg and college pal Eduardo Saverin like a savvy basketball player and showed once and for all that he's not just that guy from the boy band who dated Britney.

'History of Rap,' parts one and two
Apparently inspired by Internet viral videos like Judson Laipply's "Evolution of Dance," Jimmy Fallon and Timberlake perform an amazing rap medley touching on almost all the major highlights of the genre. The first part, which aired in September 2010, was so popular that they had to come back with more in July 2011. Fallon told Access Hollywood that the concept was Timberlake's idea, and he had to practice the original routine for days while Timberlake picked it up in 10 minutes. That may be true, but Fallon more than held his own.

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