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Video: 6-year-old girl survives shark attack

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    >>> out of north carolina where a young girl was attacked by a shark in a foot and a half of water. lulia luciano is in greenville, north carolina with the latest on that. good morning to you.

    >>> good morning to you, matt. what started out as a perfect family day at the beach turned dangerous. now that little girl is trying to survive that terrible attack.

    >> reporter: the 6-year-old girl was swimming with her family at 5:30 tuesday evening. she was boogie boarding in a foot and a half of water, her mother ten feet away when witnesses say the shark struck, seriously wounding her right leg. witnesses here are still reeling from the attack.

    >> i really want to know that she's okay. i did not like what i saw. it really tore me up.

    >> in a statement, her family asked for privacy saying that the 6-year-old is in good condition and good spirits quoting her as saying, i hate sharks, i like dolphins way better. with warm water temperatures , experts say shark sightings are not uncommon. area beaches remain open, beachgoers are on high alert.

    >> reporter: keep the kids out of the water in the morning and in the evening.

    >> i feel sorry for her and i hope that i don't get bit.

    >> the shark attack is the second in the waters of north carolina in less than a month.

    >> it hurt.

    >> 10-year-old cassidy cartwright was bit by a shark twice in the leg. she was also in shallow water .

    >> reporter: and i found out that it wasn't. it pulled me down again.

    >> most attacks happened close to shore where sharks like to feed.

    >> reporter: listen to the local experts. if there have been a lot of shark sightings, that's probably a good sign that you need to respect these waters and these incredible creatures that live here.

    >> across the u.s. this year, there have been 15 reported shark attacks, among them, 12-year-old nicholas who this month survived when a bull shark bit him in texas.

    >> reporter: we were swimming in the surf, you know, just having a good time in waist- deep water and a shark came up and bit my foot.

    >> and while shark attacks are extremely rare, experts urge swimmers to stay away from the water during dusk and dawn since some sharks are most active during those times, to swim in groups, and not to venture away from the shore, matt?

    >> sounds like good advice. lilla luciano in greenville, thank you


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