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Video: What’s next for Casey Anthony?

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    >>> for the last three years, casey anthony is behind bars. days after she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, caylee, casey is about to walk out a free woman . what will await her? nbc's kerry sanders has more.

    >>> behind the razor wire at this florida jail, casey anthony is serving her final days as a convicted criminal.

    >> i will adjudge you to be guilty of those counts.

    >> on thursday, the judge sentenced casey to four years in jail for lying to police. but with time already served, she'll be free in little over a week.

    >> right now, get out of my way.

    >> on friday, casey 's mother, cindy, tried to visit her in the jail. but the 25-year-old said no.

    >> when she walks out of jail, security is the big concern.

    >> justice for kay lee!

    >> emotions are running high. people outraged at the jury's decision to acquit her on charges she murdered her 2-year-old daughter, caylee.

    >> i think most people believe that she did, in fact, do it.

    >> and there's anger that the investigation to caylee's disappearance cost the state of florida so much time and money, more than $1 million.

    >> we paid the tax money for these false searches. we're left with the bill.

    >> prosecutors want casey anthony to pay some of those costs with any money she may now make from her new-found notoriety.

    >> we're calling it caylee's law.

    >> florida lawmakers are calling for new legislation. to keep what happened to caylee from ever happening again. they want to make it a crime if a parent fails to report a missing child to police within 48 hours . casey anthony waited 31 days to report her daughter missing.

    >> had this been in place before the caylee anthony sappearance that casey anthony would not be walking out of that jail next week, she would be a felon in the state of florida under what we're proposing.

    >> it's unclear, if she stays here, the same orange county sheriff 's office that arrested her will now have to protect her from so much anger. for "today," kerry sanders , nbc news, orlando.

    >>> casey anthony did not testify her trial. but now with her release imminent, will she talk about the case? joining us is beth karas , a correspondent for "in session" on tv and a former prosecutor. and janet taylor, thanks for joining us. beth, if i can start with you, is there any chance -- we're focused on next sunday for her release, is there any chance that casey anthony could walk out before then?

    >> yes. absolutely. in fact, many people are speculating that this is a decoy date, the 17th. i don't know for sure. i think the 17th could be the day. they could get her out in the early morning hours any time after midnight and sneak her out also so that people in the media who will be taking out all sorts of exits at the jail will miss it. it's a huge compound. and it may be easy to miss.

    >> let me ask janet . two days after the verdict, we see casey in court, her hair down, she's smiling. obviously at this point now, she knows she's going to be getting out of jail soon. let me ask you, this is someone to whom lying clearly comes easy. do people like her tend to believe their own lies? what does that mean in the days going forward? will she be able to sleep at night despite at the minimum making some very horrible choices with regard to her daughter's disappearance.

    >> she slept for 31 days witho reporting her daughter missing. she's able to function despite these horrible alleged missing, you know, activities o her daughter. so she'll be able to sleep, she'll be able to function. clearly she has a propensity for denial and an ability to detach her own emotions from what's right.

    >> a lot of people unhappy with the verdict. is that going to force her to at some point talk in some form or fashion, give an interview, talk to a reporter.

    >> she will talk to a reporter, but he'll have to really carefully scrutinize what she says in terms of her ability to lie and distance herself from the truth. if she's completely honest, which is unlikely, then it will be a miracle.

    >> beth, because of live tv coverage and social media , i think all of us got to play prosecutor, defense attorney , juror in this case. yet, there was such a disconnect between the real jury's verdict and the court of public opinion . do -- is there a disconnect with how people understand the criminal justice system and the -- the burden of proof ?

    >> well, you know, lester, i think no. i think this case is different from others because of florida 's public records law. 25,000 pages of discovery were released, not just to the defense. but to the public. so the public knows a lot more about this family, the circumstances. casey anthony , than the jury did. so the public was able to be a little -- be investigators, along with the police, for the past three years. and it outrages many people. they feel -- they know more than the jury. they feel that this was an injustice because she was come police it at some level. we do need to respect the jury's verdict. the evidence was what it was in front of the jury and the defense did a good job.

    >> i suppose the defense could have given her probation. did he in many ways do a favor for her. when she's finished sunday or whatever it is, she's done with the system, right? the criminal system?

    >> correct. there was a previous drug, stan strickland, who gave her a year probation if she's acquitted to murder to be served out in the community after she's acquitted of murder. it was a big if that perhaps people didn't think was going to happen. but apparently, because of the wording of the order, or the way it was entered by the clerk, there was a snafu. and that probation term -- it expired while she was still in jail. it's counterintuitive to think of serving probation while in jail, the definition of probation is you're out in the community. but she's not going to be on probation because of that.

    >> a quick thought from janet . cindy anthony tried to visit her daughter in jail and was refused. talk very quickly about the healing of that family and if it's possible.

    >> it's indicative of the dynamic in that family at a time when her mother is reaching out to her, they could use each other. it's going to be extremely difficult. but the one unifying factor will be the loss of little caylee. if they can start from that point to try to find some common ground to heal, not that they have to have an ongoing relationship, but understand the significance of that loss, that may be a good starting point for both of them.

    >> with the whole country continuing to watch that process. thanks to both of you for

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Timeline: Verdict reached in Casey Anthony murder trial


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