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Video: Former bodyguard: Casey Anthony was ‘unfeeling’

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    >>> august of 2000 , casey anthony , then a person of interest in her daughter's disappearance, was released from jail on condition that she would be monitored at all times. for nine days tracy mclaughlin lived in the anthony home and spent every moment with casey . tracy is here now joining us now exclusively along with a fellow member of the security team. good morning to both of you. tracy , you say that when casey came home, she was treated like a war hero returning. why do you say that?

    >> it was the last thing i expected. i came to the house a few minutes before she got home and she comes in, excited to see everybody, wants to give me a hug. i'm the baby-sitter. hi, how you doing. oh, cindy tells her, your hair stinks. let's get you in the shower. there was no -- i just thought there would be a meltdown. let's find caylee, let's do everything we can to get her. but that wasn't even brought up. no one looked for caylee.

    >> no one looked for caylee.

    >> no.

    >> did casey ever talk about during those nine days you were with her soon after this story broke, ever talk about her daughter?

    >> no, she didn't like to talk about caylee being missing. just seemed like it was a bother to her, like that part of her life was over. so i brought up -- i had her do an interview with leonard because i was telling her that this is -- come on, we have to find her, rights of she was kidnapped. we have to find this baby and come do this. i understand the reasons she blew up at leonard it because it was a lie.

    >> leonard being your boss who was a bounty hunter. but you kept -- are you saying that you were pushing more than casey anthony to --

    >> oh, casey didn't want to bring caylee up at all. and i pushed to have her talk to leonard , then that didn't work. she blew up at him. i said okay, tomorrow, talk to rob when we're driving to jose's office. she actually wrote notes to him and changed her story. she wanted to have fun. she liked the media. she didn't want the storms because helicopters wouldn't be showing. she just had so much fun, like she was a very likable person. she's a nice girl except if you realize what she did to her daughter.

    >> what she did to her daughter. you're saying what you've come to conclude based on your experience with her for those nine days?

    >> yes. yes. yes.

    >> you believe what?

    >> i'm not sure how she did it. i do believe it was chloroform because that came up at times in conversation between us . and the biggest factor watching the case and knowing casey , there was a time that leonard , we all went out there, did a search because of some of the things she said to me, we thought maybe the baby was in the water there. we did a search. it was shot on the media and she was in jail and does her little smirk, laughs, and goes back in her cell because they tell her they might have found a body. the next time when they did find the remains of caylee on suburban street, they told her remains were found there and she lost it, had to go to medical, had to be medicated. that tells me right there she knew exactly where that baby was. and if you knew her dad, george was a very nice man. the family's a very nice family. i mean i don't know what functional is. i know they call them dysfunctional, but casey kind of threw them all for a loop, i think.

    >> you were talking a little bit about this idea in terms of the dysfunctional -- when you gave our produceary detailed account of what happened in the anthony home.

    >> i think george and cindy knew what they were dealing with with casey . she's lied for so long. george wanted to force it out of her and cindy wanted to treat her with kid gloves and have it come -- it was a game.

    >> did you ever have a sense -- anything in your experience tell you why? why -- if you were right, why would a mother do this.

    >> she doesn't care about -- maybe she got mad. i don't know. i have a lot of different theories. maybe she got mad at cindy .

    >> you don't have any evidence. you're guessing here.

    >> this is my guess. this is my guess. she got mad at cindy , there was fight before she took off with caylee. i really do think she was chloroformed because she did know a lot about it and whether she gave her too much on purpose or just, here, i'm going to put her to sleep, i'm not sure which one happened but when she died, that's just a fact in casey 's life. so she goes to the next thing. whole duct tape and little heart sticker, that was her being motherly. making it look like a kidnapping and the heart sticker was her little motherly touch. she doesn't think like normal people. she's unfeeling.

    >> she's unfeeling.

    >> unfeeling. she's caring but she -- once something happens, she's done. doesn't turn the page .

    >> i know you haven't spoke publicly in this way before.

    >> no.

    >> thank you so much for giving us these gleanings and tracy mclaughlin, thank you. robert, we didn't get to ask you any questions but i know you're here for moral support. you were helping drive during this time. thank you so much, robert dick for being with us this morning.

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In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Ann Curry on Friday, a bodyguard who stayed in Casey Anthony’s house for nine straight days in 2008 painted a chilling picture of a woman who was unusually calm and uninterested in finding her missing daughter.

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Story: Casey Anthony won't testify; defense rests

“She didn’t like to talk about Caylee being missing,’’ Tracy McLaughlin said. “It just seemed like that was a bother to her — like that part of life was over.

Video: Former bodyguard: Casey Anthony was ‘unfeeling’ (on this page)

“She doesn’t think like normal people. She’s unfeeling.’’

McLaughlin is a long-time employee of bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who posted Anthony’s $500,000 bail in 2008 after she was arrested on charges of child neglect, filing false official statements and obstructing a criminal investigation. For nine days, McLaughlin was assigned by Padilla to stay with Anthony, whose murder trial involving her 2-year-old daughter has captivated the country. On Thursday, Anthony revealed she would not take the stand, and the defense rested.

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When she returned home in August 2008, Anthony was considered “a person of interest” in her daughter’s then two-month-long disappearance. McLaughlin was ordered by Padilla to monitor Anthony; nine days later, Anthony was arrested again when a friend accused her of stealing $746.87 in checks.

During her stint in the Anthony home, McLaughlin noted how carefree Casey seemed despite the fact that her toddler daughter was missing.

“It was the last thing I expected,’’ McLaughlin said. “I came to the house a few minutes before she got home and she comes in excited to see everybody. I just thought there would be a meltdown and, ‘Oh, let’s find Caylee, let’s do everything we can to get her.’ But that wasn’t even brought up. No one looked for Caylee.’’

McLaughlin believed Padilla, her boss, might have been able to assist in finding Caylee, but when she suggested it, Anthony “blew up’’ and did not want to talk about it. Anthony, McLaughlin said, was more focused on her newfound celebrity.

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“She wanted to have fun,’’ McLaughlin said. “She liked the media. She had so much fun.’’

McLaughlin noted how differently Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, reacted to the situation at the time.

“I think George and Cindy knew what they were dealing with with Casey,’’ she said. “She’s lied for so long. George wanted to force it out of her, and Cindy wanted to treat her with kid gloves and have it come out, but it was [like] a game.’’

While McLaughlin said she does not have any evidence, she believes that chloroform was involved in Caylee’s murder. 

“This is my guess,’’ McLaughlin said. “[Casey] got mad at Cindy, and there was a fight before she took off with Caylee. I really do think [Caylee] was chloroformed because [Casey] really did know a lot about it. Whether she gave her too much on purpose or just, ‘Here I’m going to put her to sleep,’ I don’t know which one happened, but when she died it was just a fact in Casey’s life. So she goes to the next thing.’’

Video: Casey Anthony won’t take stand in murder trial (on this page)

McLaughlin said that when a report surfaced that Caylee’s body might be in a park where it was ultimately not found, Anthony had no reaction other than “her little smirk.’’ However, when Caylee’s remains were ultimately discovered at another location, Anthony “lost it.’’

“That tells me right there that she knew exactly where that baby was,’’ McLaughlin said.

During the trial, an FBI forensics expert testified that she found the outline of a heart-shaped sticker on a piece of duct tape on Caylee’s decomposed skull. McLaughlin believes that was one last macabre act by Anthony.

“The whole duct tape and the heart sticker, that was her being motherly,’’ McLaughlin said. “Making it look like a kidnapping and the heart sticker was her little motherly touch.’’

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