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Video: Palestinians challenge Israel border again

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    >>> tensions are running high in the middle east yet again this morning. nbc's stephanie gosk is following the story from tripoli, libya. good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning, natalie. well, taking their inspiration from the peaceful demonstrations of the arab spring, unarmed palestinians and their supporters challenged the israeli military on the syria - israel border for the second time in a month. and for the second time in a month it lead to bloodshed. [ gunfire ]

    >> reporter: gunfire again in the golan heights . unarmed palestinians and their supporters attempted to push across the border from syria into israel . [ gunfire ]

    >> reporter: when warning shots didn't stop them, direct fire did. israeli officials are calling it a deliberate provocation, supported, they say, by the syrian government to deflect attention from its own internal uprising. it was the worst violence between the two countries in more than 30 years. syria says 22 were killed, israel says only 12 were injured. and with the new front in the arab spring taking hold in israel , a familiar uprising entered a new phase. in yemen , thousands celebrated the sudden and unexpected departure of president ali abdullah saleh . he fly to saudi arabia for specialized medical treatment after being injured in a rocket attack on his compound friday. an operation reportedly removed shrapnel from the leader's chest, but there is no official word on his condition. many hope the man that has ruled yemen for 33 years as a dictator will not come back, and they fear what might happen if he does.

    >> i think there's a strong chance that the civil war will take place in yemen . and yemen will see a war that will last for many, many, many years.

    >> reporter: despite what the embattled president decides to do, it may be too early for celebrations. even if saleh does not return, there are still competing armed factions vying for power in yemen , and an active branch of al qaeda looking to take advantage of the chaos. natalie?

    >> stephanie gosk in tripoli, libya, this morning. thank you, stephanie .


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