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Video: Weiner sexting partner: ‘I don’t regret it’

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    >>> more fallout from the anthony weiner scandal and the congressman's rest seg nation on thursday, in a moment, we'll talk to one of the women weiner was involved in with online. but first, nbc's maria campo has more on his secret life .

    >> between facebook , twitter, e-mail, text, and instant messaging, technology is making it easier than ever for people to have secret sexual relationships . but the flip side , once caught, it leaves a trail that is hard to erase. for democratic congressman anthony weiner the long and embarrassing road that ended here --

    >> today i am announcing my resignation from congress.

    >> reporter: -- started here with so-called sexting, lewd online chats with strangers he met online.

    >> i have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over twitter, facebook , e-mail, and occasionally on the phone.

    >> reporter: weiner 's secret life was first unearthed three weeks ago when he sent a lewd picture via twitter to 21-year-old college student janette cordova. at first he denied sending the picture, claiming he had been hacked. but then other women came forward, including 26-year-old single mother megan brussat who told fox news he send her to photos.

    >> what i thought at the time, this is something that's regular, he's done all the time. he's comfortable.

    >> reporter: as the scandal dragged on, vegas blackjack dealer told radar online she exchanged hundreds of expressive facebook messages with weiner for almost a year. this week adult film actress ginger lee held a very public news conference to say weiner sent her steamy e-mails and texts and then tried to cover it up, asking her to publicly lie about their online relationship .

    >> it might have never turned into this if he had told the truth, but he kept lying.

    >> reporter: now traci nobles, a 34-year-old cheerleading coach for a christian organization says messages she got, including one suggesting he was at his office during his graphic chat, writing, oops, staff at the door.

    >> the internet and technology in general has changed the face of cheating. that it is easier to tell yourself that it's not cheating when it was.

    >> reporter: last saturday he announced he would be entering treatment for help with his online obsession, a problem experts say is very real.

    >> sexting is often considered a form of sexual addiction , in that it's a sexual acting out that one can do over and over again to the at the timery meant of their life functioning.

    >> reporter: a lesson weiner has now learned firsthand after a series of virtual relationships led to very real consequences. nobles, the most recent woman the come forward said she developed a friendship and they exchained not just written messages but through skype. ann?

    >> thank you so much. traci nobles is now with us exclusively along with her attorney jason slider and john baker . good morning to all of you.

    >> good morning.

    >> how did this relationship start?

    >> i was a -- i follow politics pretty closely so i was a big fan of anthony weiner 's politics. facebook , i started to follow his public page.

    >> you reached out to him.

    >> yeah, the public page. you can like or, you know, like politicians or music or different things.

    >> how did got from that to a relationship over the internet where you actually were talking about stuff that was pretty intimate?

    >> well, he friended me. i liked his post or i would make comments on the post because i was and still am a huge supporter of his causes. but, you know, i follow that -- i'm a progressive, so i followed him. but he reached out or friended me. and so that's how it started.

    >> how does it go from that, talking about politics and move into this intimate? did you encourage that or did he encourage that?

    >> i -- it was mutual probably. i'm not a victim or, you know, i'm of age. i mean, i just turned 35.

    >> you're 35 years old. grown woman. physical education teacher. you work with elementary and middle school kids. and you would say things to him online that were very intimate, very sexual.

    >> yeah. and so -- but it happened. it is what it is.

    >> what do you mean it is what it is? why did you do it?

    >> just the time in my life. i was flattered. and it was more than just sexual. there was a lot of -- i mean, we exchanged music or just talked about life in general . so it wasn't really personal as far as going into personal lives or that kind of thing. but just --

    >> we've seen a lot of images. did you -- have we seen -- has the public seen the worst of the images or are there more? how much more are there?

    >> i have -- i have no idea.

    >> i'm asking you from your experience in terms of what you know of.

    >> i've seen the two images, and that's all i have.

    >> you've not been given any more images?

    >> right, uh-uh, haven't.

    >> and did you know that he was married?

    >> i did. i did. but we never really went into personal -- personal things as far as that. there are different reports that something i said, like i can't remember the source, but things that it said i mentioned about his wife. i would not -- i know it's bad enough, but that's not my style. like i wouldn't have done that.

    >> you want to basically set the record straight on any report that you actually talked about his wife with him on the internet.

    >> exactly.

    >> you never met him in person?

    >> never met him, no, not face to face as far as you and i are right now.

    >> but you -- but you knew he was married.

    >> uh-huh.

    >> and you're engaged in a conversation with him.

    >> right.

    >> it is very sexual.

    >> huh sgluh-huh.

    >> at one point you had an image of yourself that you sent to him.

    >> right.

    >> i guess the question i have, and i think the public has is what would you say to his wife this morning?

    >> i don't -- i don't even like to think about that, really, because at the time i didn't think about his wife. i mean, i'm just being honest, you know. it was something we both engaged in. i was flattered that he friended me. i follow his politics. if everybody's dirty laundry was aired out, you know, everybody would have a lot of embarrassment.

    >> are you embarrassed?

    >> i -- well, like i said, it is what it is. like i know that's very general, but there's nothing i can do about it at this point.

    >> do you regret it?

    >> i don't regret it.

    >> you don't regret it?

    >> i don't regret it.

    >> why not?

    >> it changed me. just the actual ctual content of the communication. it changed my life. it made me who i am today. i don't really regret anything. i try not to.

    >> you have two attorneys here with you today. they've come. traveled here with you.

    >> right.

    >> why do you have two attorneys? what's the worry? what's the concern?

    >> no worry. we're just here and, you know, to support her, to make sure that everything is taken care of and that she gets -- presents her side of the story and gets to tell the world what happened.

    >> she's got an opportunity just to, as you put it, ann, to set the record straight . it's a great opportunity and she's taking advantage of that.

    >> i see. and is this it now or do you intend to -- when you say take advantage of this, you tend to move this forward in some way?

    >> well, not necessarily. i just want to get -- i mean, i'm a good person. i don't think i'm a bad person at all. like it's two adults, you know, both consenting.

    >> but one was married.

    >> right.

    >> one was married. you're not married. he was married.

    >> right. i understand that. and that's -- but you know, i don't know really what to say about that other than i'm not trying to capitalize off of it in any way. it's just, i've been effected just from being from georgia and small towns and that kind of thing. so it's -- it's been hard. there were a lot of inaccurate things said that i didn't say. but i supported, like, the place i currently work. they still want me to be there as far as the executive director.

    >> right. it's a christian -- right. the ywco, so i teach different aerobics classes, pilates and what not. friends and family, i just apologize for them for everything that's hand to them as far as the press. it's been a little crazy for them as well. i never imagined it would involve everybody.

    >> right. or that you would be here on the "today."

    >> right, exactly.

    >> thank you for being here. gentlemen, thank you. i hope you feel as though she's gotten her chance to present her side of the story.

    >> thank you.

    >> thank you so much.

updated 6/17/2011 9:41:28 AM ET 2011-06-17T13:41:28

A Georgia cheerleading instructor who admitted to being one of former congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexting friends appeared exclusively on TODAY on Friday, telling Ann Curry that the relationship went beyond sexual innuendos. She also attempted to clear up what she says are false reports about mentioning Weiner’s wife in their interactions.

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“I was flattered,’’ Traci Nobles told Curry about the relationship. “It was more than just sexual. We exchanged music or just talked about life in general.’’

Nobles, who never met Weiner in person, is his latest sexting partner to come forward. She wanted to be clear that Weiner’s pregnant wife, Huma, was not brought up during their numerous online communications, sexual or otherwise. She appeared on TODAY to clear up what she claims are false media reports that alleged she discussed Weiner’s relationship with his wife with him.

“We never really went into personal things as far as that,’’ Nobles said. “There are different reports that ... said I mentioned about his wife. I know it’s bad enough, but that’s not my style. I wouldn’t have done that.”

Curry asked the 35-year-old Athens, Ga., resident what she would like to say to Weiner’s wife.

“I don’t even like to think about that, really, because at the time I didn’t really think about his wife,’’ she said.

Video: Weiner sexting partner: ‘I don’t regret it’ (on this page)

Appearing along with two of her lawyers, Jason Slider and John Baker, Nobles discussed a relationship that started with her unabashed public affection for the New York congressman and soon turned into a lurid online communication that included lewd photos, text messages and more.

Relationship heats up
Nobles said things started heating up after she “liked” his Facebook fan page, started following him on Twitter and eventually accepted a friend request from his personal Facebook page. In October 2010, she found him on a Facebook chat and engaged him in a conversation that lasted several hours, thinking it could not be the actual congressman.

However, a multiple-hour chat about politics turned sexual by the final hour, although Nobles still did not believe it was Weiner. The following day, Weiner, 46, suggested a video chat to prove it was him, and the two chatted over Skype that night as the flustered Nobles realized it was really the congressman.

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Their salacious interactions covered everything from sex and Weiner’s wife discovering his online dalliances to campaign strategy, finance and Democratic and Republican politics. Weiner also sent multiple explicit photos of his penis to Nobles via email and numerous sexual text messages in which he often refers to his penis in the third person.

He even sent some of the texts from public settings, like press conferences, his office and television appearances.

Video: Rep. Weiner quits amid sexting scandal

The relationship continued from there, and Nobles said most of the chats took place via Facebook or text message and occasionally by Skype. Their last Facebook chat occurred on May 20.

It was part of an avalanche of online correspondence with numerous women that culminated in Weiner’s resignation on Thursday after discussions with his wife and advisers. The three-week scandal had high-ranking Democrats calling for him to step down and other colleagues disappointed at the fall of a politician who was once thought to potentially be a future mayor of New York City. Weiner announced his resignation at a four-minute news conference while enduring some hecklers calling him a “pervert.’’ His pregnant wife of 11 months did not attend the news conference.

Story: Ex-porn actress says Weiner asked her to lie

‘I don’t regret it’
As for Nobles’ role in Weiner’s downfall, the self-proclaimed progressive would not take it back.

“It is what it is,’’ she said. “There’s nothing I could do about it at this point. I don’t regret it. It changed me in some way or made me who I am today, so I don’t really regret anything,” adding, “It was mutual. I’m not a victim.’’

A reporter from the Las Vegas Sun had read some of Nobles’ comments on Weiner’s public page and contacted her to inquire if she was one of the women with whom Weiner had an online relationship. She admitted that was true.

Carrey hijacks TODAY, weighs in on Weiner

In all, her sexting correspondence with Weiner amounted to approximately 292 files and 359 megabytes of data, all of which she has in her possession. Buried in that mountain is the infamous picture of Weiner in his gray boxer shorts that was posted on Twitter and was initially claimed by Weiner to be the work of a hacker before he admitted it was sent to a 21-year-old via the social networking site.

Despite the public and sexual nature of her interactions with Weiner, Nobles said she will still be teaching summer cheerleading classes for the Young Women’s Christian Organization and still has her job working with elementary and middle school children.

“They still want me to be there as far as the executive director goes,’’ Nobles said.

She also apologized to friends and family for all of the attention the scandal has brought.

“It’s been a little crazy for them,’’ Nobles said. “I never imagined it would involve everybody.’’


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