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Photos: Best hair, lips? Stars’ top assets

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  1. Best lips: Scarlett Johansson and Tyson Beckford

    We asked TODAY contributor Dr. Tony Youn, a Michigan-based, board-certified plastic surgeon to weigh in on which celebrities have the best assets. Youn is the author of the new memoir "In Stitches," has been featured on "Dr. 90210" and runs a popular celebrity cosmetic surgery blog.

    Dr. Youn, who hasn't treated any of the featured celebrities, shares his picks:

    Scarlett Johansson has surpassed Angelina Jolie as having the most beautiful lips in Hollywood. And unlike some of her contemporaries, Scarlett’s lips appear to be completely natural. Photos of her as a young teen show the same plump pout that she shows off today. As a cosmetic surgeon, I'm hearing fewer and fewer women ask for Angelina’s lips, and more and more women ask for Scarlett’s.

    Every woman (and some men) wants to kiss Tyson Beckford's lips. They are naturally full, helping make him a perfect male model. His lips frame an impossibly chiseled face and are accompanied by a physique otherwise seen only in comic book superheroes. People like him remind me that life isn't fair. (AFP - Getty Images, FilmMagic) Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Best arms: Mark Walberg and Michelle Obama

    Mark Wahlberg doesn’t have a bad body part. Men envy his abs, his chest, but possibly his arms the most. Who hasn’t seen a screen shot of him flexing his biceps during the weigh-in on "The Fighter"? A handful of plastic surgeons are performing bicep implant surgery, using solid silicone implants placed near the muscle. It’s an extreme, uncommon surgery, and I’m sure even this could not create Mark Wahlberg’s big guns. I bet even Hulk Hogan is jealous of Marky Mark’s 24-inch pythons.

    After Barack Obama was elected, there were reports of people undergoing bat-wing surgery (arm lifts) because women wanted Michelle Obama's arms. She almost certainly has the most impressive arms for any First Lady ever. I actually introduced her personal trainer to "The Rachael Ray Show," where he proceeded to show Rachael how he created Michelle Obama’s arms of steel. Hint for everyone out there: It involves lots of boxing. (Paramount Pictures, Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  3. Best eyes: Christian Bale

    The Dark Knight has dark, mysterious eyes. His glare can melt ice, and the intensity of his stare is something that causes men to quake in their boots and women to swoon. His eyes match the angular nature of his face, his thick eyebrows and strong chin. It wouldn’t work as well if his eyes were blue. Growing up I would have loved eyes like his, although they would have been hidden behind Coke-bottle glasses. (Lucas Jackson / Reuters) Back to slideshow navigation
  4. Best cheekbones: Natalie Portman and Ian Somerhalder

    Natalie Portman has, quite simply, the most beautiful cheekbones in all of Hollywood. They are high, arched, and give her face an air of sophistication, grace, and youth. Plastic surgeons use all sorts of techniques to lift and fill the cheeks, including injectable fillers like Sculptra, facial implants, and even injections of fat. But no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to recreate the natural perfection that is Natalie Portman’s cheekbones.

    Ian Somerhalder's impossibly chisled cheekbones create an appearance of mystery, allure, and just a little bit of deviousness, which has served him well for his television roles. Some plastic surgeons may try to recreate his cheekbones in their patients using solid cheek implants. I don’t believe anyone has created a formula that can effectively accomplish this. (WireImage, Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  5. Best breasts: Katy Perry

    Yes, it’s true. Katy Perry’s ample bosom is every "Teenage Dream." She claimed in an interview on the Howard Stern Show that her D-cup breasts are completely natural. After examining photos, I believe she’s telling the truth. It is rare for women as thin and athletic as she is to have ample, full breasts, but not unheard of. While her breasts are bigger than average, they do not exhibit the rounder look of breast implants. Katy appears to be blessed with a natural chest that many women envy, and men admire. Most plastic surgeons can’t make breasts look that good. (Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  6. Best buttocks: Jessica Biel and Matthew McConaughey

    Move over Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel has taken the crown of best derriere in Hollywood. Jessica Biel has what could be the perfect behind in all of Hollywood, as it is firm, shapely, and fits her frame well. She is a perfect “after” photo for my patients who want their buttocks enhanced.

    Matthew McConaughey's break out role in "A Time to Kill," involved a combination of superb acting and a well-planned shot of his buttocks. Since then, Matthew has been a staple of People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, even winning in 2005. His derriere has been written about and photographed possibly more than his classically handsome face. I suppose it doesn't help that he's always running on the beach in skin tight, wet swim trunks. However, for all you women who fantasize about him, be warned: He claims he hasn't worn deodorant in 20 years. (Getty Images (2)) Back to slideshow navigation
  7. Best hair: Tayor Swift

    No question, Taylor Swift has the most luscious locks of anyone in Hollywood. Her long, curly blond hair is striking, adding to her gorgeous country girl-next-door image. And unlike some celebrities, her blond hair appears to be natural! Whether she puts it in a bob or lets it flow, I hear that young women everywhere are asking their beauticians for the “Taylor.” She should take a lesson from Keri Russell, whose "Felicity" ratings took a dive when she cut her hair. Taylor, keep your long locks! (Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  8. Best Abs: Nicole Scherzinger and Usher

    Do you need to be a winner of "Dancing With The Stars" to have abs like Nicole Scherzinger? I hope not, since it gives no hope to women everywhere who admire her six pack. Nicole looks fantastic, whether singing or dancing, and her sculpted abs are something that no plastic surgery can duplicate. Her abdomen screams out to me: Exercise, Eat Right, and Be Disciplined! I’m sure that it takes a lot of work to make them look that good. I admire anyone with the dedication and self-control to create a body as chiseled as hers.

    Usher can sing. He can dance. He is rich beyond our wildest dreams. AND he has a six pack that women adore. Forget "The Situation," Usher has been showing off his impossibly sculpted abs for years. Like Nicole Scherzinger, no plastic surgery can create abdominal contours like that, and all at the age of 32. I looked my best at the age of 21, but still I could never get past a four pack. (Getty Images. WireImage) Back to slideshow navigation
  9. Best eyes: Megan Fox

    Megan Fox’s eyes display mystery and allure. Her eyes may be the most identifiable of anyone in Hollywood, due to her long, luscious lashes, the slightly upturned outer corners, and the mysterious irises. While there are many features of Megan’s that people find sensual and attractive, her eyes are probably her best asset. Forget Bette Davis’ eyes, the new generation loves Megan Fox’s eyes. (George Pimentel / WireImage) Back to slideshow navigation
  10. Best nose: Ashlee Simpson

    Although she has largely stepped away from the spotlight to embrace the role of mom, Ashlee Simpson’s nose remains the most envied in Hollywood, and possibly all of the United States. Her alleged nose job was performed five years ago, yet her nose remains the one my patients request most. A good nose job makes the rest of the face look more attractive - that's certainly the case with Ashlee. She went from being an awkward little sister to a stunningly attractive beauty. Funny what one small surgery by a top-flight plastic surgeon can do. And no, I didn’t do her surgery. (Frazer Harrison / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  11. Best legs: Amanda Seyfried

    I have "Big Love" for Amanda’s shapely legs. This 5’3” actress has legs envied by women six inches taller than her. They’re tone, lean, and muscular. There is no way plastic surgery could create the perfection of Amanda’s gams. The only path to legs like hers involve long, hard hours in the gym and a very healthy diet. (Jason Merritt / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  12. Best teeth: Hayden Panettiere

    Hayden has great teeth. They are straight and appropriately white. Has she had artificial whitening? Hard to say, but I have seen some photos of her smoking a cigarette. Unfortunately, smoking is the quickest way to take these white beauties and make them brown. Hayden, for your health and looks, please don’t smoke! (D Dipasupil / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  13. Best chin: Josh Holloway and Elisabeth Moss

    Josh Holloway has the best chin in Hollywood. A strong male chin should stick out equally with the lower lip. A smaller chin makes a man look wimpy, and a larger chin makes him look like a brute. Josh’s chin is perfect.

    Men go mad for Elizabeth Moss’s chin. It’s just prominent enough to be noticed, but not so big as to make her look Jay Leno-esque. Chin implants, which I doubt Elizabeth has, are very underrated in just how much they improve the harmony of a person’s face. A well-performed chin implant can take an “average-looking” woman and make her into an absolute beauty. (Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  14. Best curves: Beyonce

    Beyonce is truly the total package. She is probably the only celebrity that could be listed in every single category in this slideshow! Best legs? Check. Best lips? Check. Best arms? Check. And we could go on and on. Beyonce's proportions are perfect, with every curve fitting perfectly to give her an ideal figure. All of this, and she’s also an amazing singer. Some people are just born lucky. While some speculate that Beyonce may have breast implants and a nose job, the rest of her is definitely natural.

    Click here to read an excerpt of Dr. Tony Youn's new memoir, "In Stitches," about becoming a cosmetic surgeon. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
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Image: Anthony Youn, M.D.
Amy Youn
Dr. Tony Youn is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has been featured on "Dr. 90210" and runs a popular celebrity cosmetic surgery blog.
TODAY contributor
updated 6/17/2011 9:56:51 AM ET 2011-06-17T13:56:51

Ashlee Simpson’s nose. Natalie Portman's cheeks. Beyonce’s behind.

It seems every day I see a new patient who wants to change a part of his or her body in order to look like a celebrity.

A study by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons listed Angelina Jolie as the first choice for women and, no shock, Brad Pitt for men. Most celebrities look great — that’s why they’re celebrities — but do “regular” people go too far when they want their body to look like a favorite star?

Twenty years ago, I walked into an oral surgeon’s office with a photo of Andre Agassi. During high school my jaw had grown enormously due to a medical condition. I looked like an Asian Jay Leno. Only Jay’s jaw was smaller. The oral surgeon studied Andre’s jaw line and told me he would do his best. He broke my jaw in two places, set it back, and wired it in place. Success! I no longer looked like Jawzilla. Sadly, I don’t think you’d mistake me for Andre Agassi.

Since I went for a celebrity look — at least in my jaw — I guess I shouldn’t cringe when my patients bring in photos of celebrities to show me how they want to look. But bringing in photos of celebrities could be an indication that a prospective patient may have unrealistic expectations. That is my No. 1 reason for turning a patient down for surgery. When I presented that photo of Andre to my oral surgeon, I honestly just wanted to show him what I considered an acceptable looking chin. I might have chosen any photo — celebrity or civilian — whose chin jutted within the range of “normal.”

Unfortunately, some patients don’t desire simply to look “normal.” They really do want to look as much like their favorite celebrity as possible. This desire to look like another person could be a sign of serious psychological issues, including body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a psychiatric condition in which a person looks in the mirror and sees something completely different than what others see.

To a person with BDD, a small bump on the nose appears to be the size of a melon. These troubled individuals undergo multiple plastic surgeries in misguided attempts to correct deformities that don’t exist. People who suffer from BDD sometimes define physical perfection in terms of a celebrity whose photo they bring to a plastic surgeon’s office. They’re never happy until, in their minds, they look exactly like that celeb.

Early in my career, a woman with undiagnosed BDD consulted me for plastic surgery. You would think the moment she pulled out a photo of Jennifer Aniston, 25 years her junior, a warning bell would go off in my head and my inner voice would scream “She’s crazy! Don’t operate on her!” You would think wrong. I performed a facelift on her and lived to regret it.

While everyone who saw her afterward thought she looked fabulous, she was devastated by what she perceived as a “botched job,” pointing out nonexistent scars and lumps that you couldn’t see under a magnifying glass. She exploded into a terrifying tirade in my office, screaming “I’m a monster!” and threatened to perform her own version of a facelift on me, and then hit me with her car. For the next two years I looked over my shoulder every time I walked out of my office, worried that I’d see her behind me, scalpel in hand.

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Years ago, my plastic surgeon mentor said, “Plastic surgery is not meant to make people look different, but to make them look like a better version of themselves.” I firmly believe this.

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As plastic surgeons, we should ask the question: When have we gone too far? I think the answer is when we perform plastic surgery to make someone look different and not better.

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Most people agree that Ashlee Simpson looks much better after her alleged rhinoplasty . If you looked at photos of my hideous cartoon jaw you would agree that I look much better today. And most people would agree that Heidi Montag looks worse after her 10 plastic surgeries in one day. Heidi looks like a changed person. In plastic surgery, change is not necessarily better.

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I try to do my best to give my patients what they’re looking for, if possible, even if they come in waving a photograph of somebody’s famous nose, chin, or chest. I draw the line at patients who insist on trying to transform their entire bodies into their favorite celebrities. This could be BDD speaking; these patients need therapy rather than plastic surgery. Thankfully, in most cases it’s impossible to change someone so much that they resemble their favorite celebrity. You can’t build a Porsche using Hyundai parts.

Dr. Anthony Youn is a board-certified plastic surgeon, the author of the new memoir "In Stitches," and runs a popular celebrity cosmetic surgery blog. He practices in Detroit, Mich.

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