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Video: Jillian Michaels on own weight-loss battle

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    >>> more than 8 million viewers tune in every week to watch jillian michaels trands form the lives and bodies of people on the biggest loser.

    >> behind the scenes she is building their inner strength and self-confidence. she has a new book, "unlimited -- how to build an exceptional life".

    >> so nice to have you back.

    >> i wanted to impress you. i saved my best dress on my new york trip for you guys.

    >> a lot of people get the weight loss books and they give you the abcs and you say it goes beyond that.

    >> when you look at changing your life it is not just about congressman ticks. we can talk about calories and crunches.

    >> is food usually just a substitute for something else in your life that you don't have and desperately long for? like a glass of red wine ?

    >> i was so excited. it's winesday.

    >> where is mine?

    >> i was like am i going to get a cocktail? i am excited about this.

    >> anybody who asks receives. take a little sip.

    >> look how she drinks.

    >> fabulous.

    >> is that a cab? i'm going to waste my whole segment getting drunk.

    >> is it a substitute for something else? we need food but we don't need all of it.

    >> when you are morbidly obese it is always a coping mechanism for some kind of deeper issue. what are you really hungry for. you know that cliche, it's not what you're eating it's what is eating you. you have got to get to the bottom of that.

    >> think about what you want, how to achieve it and all of these things. but make it a practical thing for people. they don't know how to do that. does your book help them do that?

    >> so many self-help books tell you what to achieve. don't beat yourself up any more.

    >> but they don'tle the you how.

    >> how do i love myself more. how do i boost my self-esteem and image. i show you what i have done with clients and contestants to allow them to -- i'm already drunk. i'm slipping.

    >> this was you at one point. we think that you have always been this fit and together in your life.

    >> look at my before picture.

    >> that's my skinny fat picture. you got the skinnier one.

    >> oh deer.

    >> how much did you weigh?

    >> about 170 pounds there. i was 5 foot tall and 12 years old.

    >> my mom got me into physical activity . she decided i needed an outlet to be social and build my confidence. she also had me in therapy at a young age. she is an analyst.

    >> how convenient.

    >> thank god. i learned all the stuff in the book through example and through doing my own work physically and emotionally.

    >> you are creating other issues in the process are.

    >> she didn't make it an issue. she allowed me to get into an activity. find their thing. and then support them and encourage them. so it's not about their weight. it's about doing something that they love.

    >> a lot of people were saddened to hear that you will be leaving "the biggest loser." you're moving on to another show, the doctors. and you're going to work with dr. phil. tell us why?

    >> i have enjoyed being on "the biggest loser." but there comes a time when you feel like you are not growing any more. but i have been given this incredible international platform to get the message out and the doctors allows me to broaden that conversation, have a direct relationship with the audience and spend more time putting information into the world that they can utilize to make the changes they want.

    >> so you are happy with your decision. good for you.

    >> wish you great luck with that and everything.

    >> come back when it's all put together and you are doing it, come see us.

    >> and have your mom come in the studio.

    >> she is a pistol.

    >> she gave birth to a