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Video: Why did NeNe Leakes quit ‘Apprentice’?

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    >> now we welcome nene leakes. you know her as the no-nonsense, tell it like it is real housewife of atlanta.

    >> she shocked donald trump and company when she quit " celebrity apprentice " last night.

    >> take a breath. i know you were runninging late but it's okay. you're here. why did you walk off before you got to the boardroom?

    >> you know, this is how i feel about it. i feel you're damned eed if you do, damned if you don't.

    >> it was not a good situation for me. it was toxic. people were manipulative and backstabbing.

    >> who?

    >> just contestants on the show. i feel if you are raising money for your charity, you don't have to be backstabbing, lying and manipulative. i know it's a show, but we are playing for charity. had i stayed any longer, it wouldn't have been good for me. women of domestic abuse, our slogan is if the situation isn't good, you get out. i chose to leave. simple as that. i feel like, had i stayed, it would have been criticism. had i left it would have been criticism. so i'm the kind of person, i make my own decisions and i do what i feel. if i feel in my gut that i'm doing the right thing, i do what i feel. i don't really worry about what anybody else has to say. so i did what i felt i needed to do at the time and i don't regret it.

    >> one of the things people watching reality kinds of programs sometimes wonder is to what degree is it real and to what degree is it made up? did you feel what you describe as backstabbinging and all of that was just done for television? sounds like you felt it was real and you took it personally.

    >> it was real. it wasn't like it was made up. even on the housewives show, everything that happened is real. we are not scripted. we're just like anybody else, we're just in front of the cameras. i see the clip. star was very manipulative and a big liar.

    >> is that where most of the anger is directed then? dealing with star jones in particular?

    >> star was very manipulative. i was very disappointed in the way she played the game.

    >> but it is a game.

    >> but you're playing for charity.

    >> she was fired, too.

    >> we're not on "survivor" eating bugs, making a million for ourselves. it's for charity.

    >> did you get anything good out of the experience in the end?

    >> it was an okay experience. i was going through a lot on the show. i was going through a divorce. i just wasn't in the place where i needed to be -- stay on that show. we had 16-hour days. the days were long, the challenges were hard. you had to be thinking. we had very little sleep. i don't regret anything that i did on the show. i really don't regret. to answer your question about star, i don't think it was anger. i was very disappointed because we were forming a relationship outside of the show. we would have dinner and drinks and we double dated with my husband and her boyfriend. then i found out she was being very backstabbing. it was disappointing to me. i'm very loyal and i don't like it when i come in contact with people who are not loyal.

    >> we hope you can feel better eventually over it. we're glad you took a moment to speak with us. it's a new day.

    >> it happened last year which a lot of people don't know. we filmed in october and november of last year.

    >> now you're good.

    >> this is a new year and i have moved on greatly.

    >> nene leakes, i'm glad to hear that.

    >> thanks for having me.

updated 5/9/2011 11:29:02 AM ET 2011-05-09T15:29:02

It was a night of firsts ... and lasts.

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During Sunday night's special three-hour "Celebrity Apprentice," La Toya Jackson, who Donald Trump brought back into the competition last week, stepped up as project manager for Team Backbone in a battle to put on a high-grossing comedy show.

And that wasn't the only switcharoo Trump had in store...

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Following NeNe's outburst toward Star Jones, Trump moved the Real Housewife to Team Backbone, and sent Meat Loaf over to Team A.S.A.P. But NeNe soon disappeared, after telling Trump she wasn't pleased with the way he "accommodated" Star's requests.

She won't have to worry about Trump bringing her back La Toya style, however. He couldn't resist firing her in the boardroom in absentia.

"To you NeNe, I say, you're fired," Trump said. "And you're a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not."

With Team Backbone down to just three people, La Toya, Lil' Jon, and John Rich still booked Jimmy Fallon as one of the comedians for their show, and grabbed a $10,000 donation from him while they were at it. While Fallon performed live, Team A.S.A.P. was only able to get a taped interview with Tracy Morgan via Star.

Video: Why did NeNe Leakes quit ‘Apprentice’? (on this page)

Meanwhile, Meat Loaf cried nearly the entire time out of fear that he might squander the money he earned for his charity, the Painted Turtle, if the team lost.

He was able to dry his eyes for a moment, however, when Team A.S.A.P.'s ticket sales trumped that of Team Backbone's by $20,000.

There were more firings to come, however. First, La Toya got the boot for not winning as project manager.

"You set one other record," Trump said. "You're the only one to ever be fired twice. La Toya, you're fired."

That led to a second task, in which the teams were assigned to create a promo for On Star. This time it was Star that was sent packing for not coming through as an effective brand manager for Team A.S.A.P. when her team lost.

"The branding was not exactly what On Star liked. They thought you totally missed the mark. You were in charge of branding," Trump said. "Star you're fired."

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon drops off a big donation to Team Backbone

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