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Image: The Biggest Loser
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Tim Gunn arrived at the ranch in a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage to give the remaining contestants a makeover.
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updated 5/3/2011 9:16:44 PM ET 2011-05-04T01:16:44

“The Biggest Loser” contestants kicked off the 18th week of the competition Tuesday night. Of course the players who’ve worked so hard to get this far in the game have another way to refer to that milestone — makeover week!

That’s right. If all the smiling and jumping up and down didn’t give the occasion away, then the arrival of “fairy godfather” Tim Gunn — in a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage no less — certainly sealed the deal.

The “Losers” were in for a fun time as everyone’s favorite “Project Runway” star promised to give each of them three gifts. First up? Much needed new hairstyles from celebrity stylist and former Jessica Simpson BFF Ken Paves. Ritzy new formalwear counted as part two of gift one.

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Each of the remaining residents of the ranch showed off their cropped, highlighted and Spanx-ed new looks. Hannah’s now the blonde bombshell of the group. A short and stunning cut took years and pounds off of Olivia. Irene looked princess-appropriate for the theme. As for Austin, his hair no longer enters the room before he does. And Jay? OK, Jay looks like he just had a shave, but every bit counts.

The second bounty for the new beauties came when they briefly reunited with loved ones who got a chance to “ooh” and “ah” over their new looks.

Then the fantasy suddenly came to an end.

Once the weekly weigh-in rolled around, everyone remembered they were on the ranch for more than new ‘dos and snazzy threads. All that time spent primping and preening took valuable hours away from the usual grueling workouts. For some, the diversion showed on the scales.

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While Austin aced the numbers, no doubt thanks in part to the shedding of some hefty curls at the salon, Irene held her own and opera singer Olivia dropped enough to break out in song. But the same couldn’t be said for Jay and Hannah.

Despite being the biggest player left in the game, Jay dropped only 3 pounds. Hannah, hovering close to her goal, lost 2. Respectable digits overall, but they just weren’t enough to stay above the dreaded yellow line.

Tension! Drama! Worry — wait a minute!

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Tim promised three gifts for each beautified “Biggest Loser” contestant, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when the fashion mentor blinked into view on the scale-side monitor. With a flourish and yellow-line-erasing special effect, he announced that the final prize was a week without sending anyone home.

Video: ‘Loser’ sheds enough to skydive! (on this page)

The relieved “Losers” applauded their fairy godfather, but maybe they should have given last week’s walker, Rulon, a shout-out, too. After all, the former Olympian’s decision to exit early left one less expendable player in the mix this week.

Whether one gives the credit to the “Runway” regular or Rulon, the gift only lasts for one weigh-in, so don’t be surprised if Jay and Hannah face off again next week.

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Ree Hines wonders when her fairy godfather will show up and grant her three wishes. Tim? *sigh* Follow @ReeHines on Twitter and tell her what you would wish for.

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Video: ‘Loser’ sheds enough to skydive!

  1. Closed captioning of: ‘Loser’ sheds enough to skydive!

    >>> now we get to say hello to -- you wanted to say it?

    >> that's okay.

    >> the latest contestant to have the scales tip against her on "the biggest loser couples." good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> you joined with your dad and did it because you wanted your dad to be healthier. it was out of love.

    >> exactly. i watched my dad. he had problems just moving around. he was in pain. for me, as a daughter to watch dad go through it was hard. i want to do anything to support him, help him change his life.

    >> and the weigh-off started with a big change. rulon gardener announced he was leaving the ranch for personal reasons.

    >> that was a shocker. he was a big competitor in the game. it changed the game a lot. he was having a hard time at the ranch and he wanted to leave for personal reasons so we expected that.

    >> you actually gained two pounds. do you think that's the reason you ended up getting kicked off the ranch? what went into the decision? you look amazing. how much have you lost? quite a bit?

    >> 68. it was definitely a shock. but just being -- trying not to get discouraged when that happens. weight loss just changes so much.

    >> up and down.

    >> happens to everybody.

    >> it does.

    >> but you lost 68 pounds. you started at 233. this means you're under the limit to go skydiving.

    >> exactly. that's definitely what i want to do. in new zealand i got to do some extreme things. i want to do some more.

    >> good luck to you and your dad.

    >> thank you very much.

    >> you can catch the show tonight at 8/7 central on

Gallery: Meet the 'The Biggest Loser' hopefuls

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