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Video: Go green with canvas carry-all bag

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    >> bobbie's buzz.

    >> bring her up.

    >> hello, bobbie. you look like a gorgeous daffodil.

    >> it's earth day . in honor of earth day i wanted buzz to go green. women here in the office are flipping for these thursday/friday bags. you get a canvas carry-all and you can take it to the grocery store. you'll reduce the amount of bags you use.

    >> it looks like a purse.

    >> yes. you want to reward companies that are sustainable. i'm a big fan of whole earth beauty. they are on the show today. they are not only organic ingredients, but packaged well. when we are done with the wine bottles , you can go to recyclebank.com. here is the best part. i want everyone at home to pay attention. if you recycle, they'll reward you with discounts, coupons and gift cards. they'll give you something back for going green . we need to protect the planet.

    >> yes, we do.

    >> this is the good message today.

    >> how much do we love bobbie?

    >> a lot.

    >> and our crew really loves bobby we won't say -- anthony.

    >> this is a big reveal. all week long we were telling you, etsy.com.

    >> we love it.

    >> we were looking at all these different things and we are going to judge the winner of the reuse contest.

    >> the other judges were martha stewart , lauren bush , ivillage, andy cohen and torri spelling. is she pregnant?

    >> a drum roll . do you remember the entries, the jump rope, all those different things. the bracelet i love. the winner is something this one liked.

    >> i voted for this.

    >> it was the clawfoot bath tub couch.

    >> not because i loved it so much but i thought about the impact on the environment. it takes up so much room that the room it would take up in a landfill could be a lot of zippers.

    >> jill morrison created that. she is the lucky winner and will win a trip to orlando with three guests four days, three nights at orlando universal parks.

    >> if you want to buy that tub, it is pricey.

    >> $1,700 big ones.

    >> for hoda, that's nothing.

    >> who has a claw bathtub.

By TODAY Style Editor
updated 4/22/2011 8:48:26 AM ET 2011-04-22T12:48:26

The sum of many small changes can add up to a major collective impact. In honor of Earth Day, TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’s Bobbie Thomas shares some stylish ways we can all help to preserve our planet.

The number of plastic bags people consume daily is staggering. You can significantly cut back on plastic waste by investing in a stylish canvas bag to help tote groceries or take to the farmers market. One suggestion: Together Bags by Thursday Friday. They not only help you make a positive environmental impact, but are also a fashion favorite. (Prices start at $45; ThuFri.com)

Use your money to send a message and purchase products from companies that strive for sustainability. A great example is Wholearth Beauty, which not only uses USDA-certified organic ingredients, but is also packaged with 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials. (Prices range from $22 to $65; Wholearthbeauty.com)

Sign up for an account with Recyclebank.com and get something back for going green. You can earn points and prizes for making a positive impact on the planet, and use those points with a variety of retail partners. (Recyclebank.com)

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