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Video: Vino pairings for vending machine treats

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    >>> okay. we are paired all kinds of food with wine on this show. that's what we do. today we thought we would give our friend a challenge.

    >> ray is the executive editor of food & wine magazine and we asked him to pair wine with convenience store. food from a vending machine , gas station , or your neighborhood seven 11.

    >> this is doable. we're starting off simple. peanuts, pretzels and popcorn, salty things. with salt, i always go for sparkling wine . it -- even when it's dry it has sweetness and with salt it's a fantastic combination. this is from spain. you could go with champagne if you wanted to splurge. but come on it's popcorn.

    >> you think guys watching the game eati ining pretzels are going to drink champagne?

    >> i don't know but girls will.

    >> what goes with a sub?

    >> this is a classic italian sub. i think this is the bistro wine of roam this is what everybody drinks every single day.

    >> oh, that's good.

    >> all of these are under 15 bucks. one exception, that one is 17.

    >> look at that chnachos.

    >> they are spicy with hall pain owes. this is a wine from napa, california. it's a blend. it is three grapes. with spicy stuff you want something fruity and rich. it is 12 bucks a bottle.

    >> okay.

    >> slim jims ?

    >> what goes with beef jerky . i have been wondering.

    >> you got get in there. you know they make 500 million slim jims a year?

    >> what is in it?

    >> honestly?

    >> i don't know the answer to that question.

    >> the highest quality beef you can buy. but what we have got here is a wine from argentina . a huge beef producing country.

    >> nice pairing.

    >> okay. your fruit cup that you get out of your vending machine . and we all eat them so often. but this is a lightly sweet sparkling italian dessert wine this stuff is fantastic. you can pour that into the fruit cup and make a dessert out of it.

    >> this is my favorite one. what goes with ding dongs .

    >> a little difference between the two. but basically your ring ding , you got sweet red wine . you don't want a dry wine because --

    >> i like this.

    >> forget the wine.

    >> have a sip of the wine. a sip of port. why not. you don't want something dry because the sweetness will make the dry wine more aggressive so you want a sweet wine .

    >> and it classes up a ring ding .

    >> and we're moving along to other possibilities. ramen noodles .

    >> i get that.

    >> a little bit of pinot from oregon. i think that is a fantastic chicken pairing wine so why not.

    >> look at this. cheez wiz?

    >> sit a classic combination. the french discovered this hundreds of years ago when they were making cheez wiz .n

    >> thanks for having me.

    >> tomorrow kathie lee is back.


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