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Video: Woman explains record 52 plastic surgery operations

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    >>> cindy jackson went under the knife for her first procedure 23 years ago.

    >> now she has landed in the book of world records for having the most cosmetic surgeries ever. she is here to show us her body of work.

    >> we haven't seen her yet.

    >> on three. ready.

    >> one, two, three. let's see.

    >> hello!

    >> nice to meet you.

    >> it dawned on me how much of your life you have spent actually recuperating from surgeries.

    >> i tended to have several procedures done at once so the recovery was combined.

    >> and you heal well?

    >> i heal averagely.

    >> i bet the question you are asked the most is why 52. why so many.

    >> i had more than one thing that i didn't think was right. had i been one person with a large nose or one flaw.

    >> and they didn't all go beautifully. didn't you have your nose done twice?

    >> it was a big nose.

    >> they had to take knit in stages.

    >> look at your picture. when i look at the early pictures, you're adorable.

    >> really? no one else thought that.

    >> where did it come from? what initial program did you have?

    >> i wasn't bullied but i was an art student and i had a highly developed sense of asthetics.

    >> they made the rules many centuries ago. we all had a template on what we consider attractive. when we see a person walking down the street within a split second we know whether or not --

    >> it's not right but we do.

    >> it's very primal so there is no right or wrong to evolution.

    >> reading one of the articles where you were not fond of your father and you thought you looked like him.

    >> i didn't want to look like a man. what woman does?

    >> let's not go there.

    >> i won't go there.

    >> a lot of people would say -- if you do anything 52 times it sounds extreme and off the deep end.

    >> or you are a perfectionist.

    >> it was over 23 years.

    >> yeah.

    >> but is it something -- i would feel like there is something you didn't like. i think you were gorgeous 20 surgeries ago.

    >> not technically. otherwise the surgeons would not have operated on me.

    >> did they try to talk you out of it knowing how many you have had?

    >> we speak on the same level. the artistic asthetics that i have got. the surgeons would listen to what i said. i tend to get a lot of male attention, which is great.

    >> most of the time you are with much younger men.

    >> older men are in a different mind place than me physically and mentally. men my own age are not doing things i want to do.

    >> but 28 years are? you are a general yuius.

    >> they don't have to be genius es.

    >> have you ever had a female surgeon?

    >> no.

    >> okay.

    >> we're happy to meet you.

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