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    >> about new ways to glow. do you use bronzer as a guy?

    >> no.

    >> i've got cool new self-tanner things. this is an air brush system sold at sephora. they have this bronzing pod you can air brush your own self-tanner. i don't know if you can see this. your self-tanner. live tv , doesn't want to work. you can air brush this on to your face for an even smooth color. also anti-aging and self-tanning combined. dr. dennis gross has an alpha beta glove you can put on your body.

    >> you're making him paranoid.

    >> you can put those on.

    >> last but not least, you can pick a self-tanner for your skin type , whether oily or dry skin .

    >> bobbie thomas. isn't she adorable? she is crazy about bobbie.

    >> you must have tried bronzers.

    >> i'm thinking about trying that one, if i can get it through the airport. not sure about that.

    >> i haven't tried it. looking at billy ray , i remember last time you were here, you look younger. i'm not kidding, there is something weird happening. what did you do? what did you do? you did something.

    >> orange juice and red bull .

    >> it's just good living?

By TODAY Style Editor
updated 4/15/2011 11:22:30 AM ET 2011-04-15T15:22:30

Forget sitting out in the sun! TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’sBobbie Thomas highlights brand-new bronzing options that’ll get you looking like a beach babe in no time.

Spray-on color
Temptu’s Summer Skin 3-Step AIR pod Tanning system is perfect for fans of the spray tan who want to give it a go at home ($75; Sephora.com). The kit includes a Face Tan Prep pod, a Gradual Face Tan solution pod and a Bronzer pod, all designed for use with Temptu’s Airbrush Makeup System.

Swipe on some sun
Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Glow Pads for the face offer all the benefits of quick, wipe-on-tan towels but also exfoliate and offer anti-aging benefits ($32; dgskincare.com). And Dr. Denese offers Glow Younger Self Tanning Gloves for both face and body that are infused with advanced peptide technology to help firm skin and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles ($42; DrDenese.com).

Get skin-specific
Beautisol offers a line of facial tanners formulated specifically for different skin conditions, like oily, dry, sensitive and problematic ($24-$30; beautisol.com).

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