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By TODAY real estate expert

Explainer: What you can get for $350,000 or less

  • Image: Albuquerque home

    Each week, TODAY real estate expert Barbara Corcoran looks around the U.S. to see what homebuyers can get for their money. This week she goes from Knoxville to Albuquerque in search of truly unique properties you can get for $350,000 or less.

  • Albuquerque, NM — $299,900

    Image: Albuquerque home

    3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths

    This community is minutes from the Rio Grande River with miles of walking and riding trails. It's a southwest style partial-adobe home with a flexible open floor plan. There are brick floors, beamed wood ceilings and lots of light throughout. The living room has a long window seat, beehive fireplace and panoramic views. The open dining room is a few steps up from the living room and has a skylight. The kitchen has pale wood cabinets and brick-red tile backsplash. There's a library with built-in bookshelves and a windowed office on the second floor. The laundry room is neat as a pin. There's redwood decking and a concrete patio in the backyard and stunning mountain views on all sides.

    Click here to view the listing.

  • Knoxville, Tenn. — $319,000

    Image: Knoxville home

    5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths

    Knoxville is 35 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National park with over half a million acres of parkland. This pretty brick house has a handsome facade with classic black shutters and a two-car garage. There are nice wood floors and fancy crown molding throughout. The living room has a brick fireplace, built-in bookcases and French doors. There is wainscoting and extra-large windows in the dining room. The open kitchen has wood cabinets, granite counters and island, and a sun-flooded dining area. There's an office, living area and more storage. The big fenced backyard has a family-size wood deck and the chairs need some cushions

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  • Atlanta, Ga. — $325,000

    Image: Atlanta home

    3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths

    There are lots of medical doctors and PHDs living here because it's home to Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control. This house is neat as a pin on the outside. The only thing this 2,500 square-foot interior needs is a coat of white paint. The grand piano-sized living room is mustard gold and has wood floors, fireplace and high ceilings. There's picture box molding in the blue formal dining room and the open kitchen looks fresh as can be with white cabinets, ceramic tile floors and windowed breakfast area. Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a loft that could be a great office or den. The fenced backyard with a small patio definitely needs a new lawn and some new landscaping to make it look as nice as the front.

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  • Portland, Ore. — $339,900

    Image: Portland home

    3 bedrooms, 2 baths

    Portland is a hip young city with lots of great old architecture and you can pick up a bargain — houses are selling for 3 percent less than last year. This historic neighborhood is close to downtown and has lots of trendy and eclectic shops and trendy restaurants. The modern townhouse is a perfect 1,600-square-foot urban dwelling with a reverse floorplan. The open great room, dining room and kitchen are on the upper floor and the three bedrooms below. It's full of light and the bamboo floors and high ceilings make it feel big and airy. The living room has built-in bookshelves and fireplace. The kitchen has granite counters and modern appliances. The sweet spot of this home is the spacious second-floor balcony with open views of Mt. Hood.

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  • San Diego, Calif. — $349,000

    Image: San Diego home

    2 bedrooms, 1 bath

    North Park is a hip neighborhood in sunny San Diego that's taken off because of its cheap rents and great art deco and craftsman architecture. It's a mix of theatergoers, artists, sailors and members of the local gay population. The monthly art walk here is now the largest in the city. This Spanish-style home on a quiet street is only 744 square feet. It's close to restaurants, shopping and the park. The open living room and dining room has wood floors, a fireplace and clean white molding and trim. The kitchen has a pass-thru to the dining room, a skylight and a greenhouse window looking out on the side yard. There's a very private backyard patio — some might call an alleyway — with Spanish tile and overhead lathe just begging for some climbing plants!

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Video: What’s out there? Homes under $350,000

  1. Closed captioning of: What’s out there? Homes under $350,000

    >> on the market for $350,000 or less. "today" real estate contributor barbara corcoran is here with the tour. you're looking spring-like today.

    >> i'm trying.

    >> let's go to some place you see the same color with the sun. albuquerque, new mexico. the house priced at $299,900. three bedrooms and two baths.

    >> this is a community with a big bonus of being next door to the rio grande bosk, miles of walking and riding trails. brick floors throughout the house . people think adobe houses will be darker on the inside. that looks like a beach house . they have brick floors, wood ceilings and lots of light. they have overheadlights, side lights. you can't be out of the sunshine inside these doors. the open dining room is steps from the kitchen . you see it in the background there with a big window. the kitchen has pale wood cabinets and red tile back splash. i'm having trouble talking today. there is a library with built-in book shelves and a windows office. the redwood decking on the back almost gives you a room in the back to enjoy. look at the views. it's 360 degrees of beautiful mountain ranges.

    >> i have never seen a contemporary adobe home today.

    >> most of them are very contemporary. they have taken the best of the old style and added the openness of the new style.

    >> cool. let's go to knoxville, tennessee to the classic brick house . five bedrooms at $319,000.

    >> knoxville is only 35 miles from the smoky mountains national park . it has a million and a half acres of parkland. this is a traditional brick house with a classic facade. there are wood floors throughout the house . beautifully furnished, overly furnished for selling but they have excellent taste and the house looks great. the dining room is odd. i feel like henry viii will be in the corner. macbeth should live in the house . i don't know what's going on there. it reads too dark but it's a nice room. there is an open kitchen with granite counter tops, pots hanging from the ceiling should be eliminated immediately.

    >> too much clutter?

    >> they bring the celling down almost 12 inches . not a good idea. there is a fenced backyard which we'll see in a minute. they need some cushions on the little chairs there, but you can see how spacious it is. the backyard is huge and the taxes are so low on this house .

    >> let's go to atlanta, georgia. this is a three bedroom priced at $325,000.

    >> what you have in atlanta is lots of medical doctors and ph.d.s on every single block. it's home to the centers for disease control . that employs a lot of medical staff. this house is neat as a pin on the outside. i think they must have manicured every inch of the house hours before this shot. inside it's just as neat. very large rooms, high ceilings throughout. in fact, most of the ceilings in each room are a mile high and it makes the rooms look larger. a great shot of the wood burning fireplace. dining room in the back, french doors to the right. it's a spacious house , meticulous which helps in the sale of the house . that's a white cabinet kitchen . the cabinets pop right out. the clutter should be taken from the top of the cabinets but you can see how huge the kitchen is, perfect for a family. out back there is a fenced backyard with a very small -- oh, i forgot that blue dining room .

    >> they like color on the wall.

    >> and you know that should be eliminated. it should be painted white. the backyard looks a little bit too plain and should be merchandised a bit and the patio cleaned up to make it look as good as the front of the house .

    >> in the pacific northwest , portland, oregon, modern townhouse with three bedrooms.

    >> when you see this townhouse it looks like a toy house , but remember in portland, prices are high, but values are great. this house is smack in the middle of an area with artists a huge gate community, a lot of totally creative community there. people are moving in by the dozens. you would swear you're in a big house . look at the windows, the cell cellin cellings. talk about making a lot of a little. it's only 1600 square feet but you wouldn't feel cramped here for a minute. another great shot of the living room . there is a kitchen somewhere in the house . doesn't look miniature. that's a huge kitchen .

    >> spacious.

    >> modern appliances, granite counters, top of the line in every way. the sweet spot of the home is the backyard -- oh, the bedroom. we never find a great bedroom to shoot. that looks like it's from " house beautiful ."

    >> there's the backyard on a rainy day .

    >> in a rainy part of the country.

    >> and lastly, san diego , california. two bedrooms at $34,900.

    >> this is an expensive community. this is what you get for $349,000. it's a spanish style home on a quiet house . 744 square feet big. we have houses in big cities because we want to show you how much bang you can get for your buck. there is a sweet dining room , miniature in size but nice. i like that pass-through window. there's the kitchen adjacent to it. if you just see one second more after we get out of the kitchen . i know there is a bedroom and a beautiful backyard that comes with the house . if you want to call it a backyard it's an alley way turned into a patio. how clever to put that little wood on top?

    >> you know it's helpful when you give our director direction.

    >> i'm sorry. i'm rushing.

    >> thank you so much. if you want to know more go to today.com. coming up


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