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Judge Judy was hospitalized Wednesday morning.
Access Hollywood
updated 3/30/2011 7:53:06 PM ET 2011-03-30T23:53:06

Judge Judy Sheindlin won’t be swinging the long arm of justice today — she’s in the hospital.

A rep for the 68-year-old reality court show star confirmed to Access Hollywood the spitfire judge will be spending the night in a medical facility after feeling unwell today on set.

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“The judge was feeling nauseous and had some intestinal discomfort and decided to go to the hospital to get it checked out,” Sheindlin’s rep told Access. “They are keeping her overnight for tests.”

The Los Angeles City Fire Department confirmed to Access that they responded to a medical call at KTLA, where “Judge Judy” films, at 9:12 a.m. PT on Wednesday. They transported an adult female to a local hospital, but would not confirm the patient was the judge.

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Later in the day, her rep said the judge was feeling “better.”

“I just spoke to the judge who says she is feeling much better. She says all of the tests are negative and she’s going home tomorrow,” her rep told Access. “She will be back taping her show on April 12, as scheduled.”

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Video: Judge Judy ‘much better’ after health scare

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    >>> on the condition of judge judy . she spent the night in a los angeles hospital after a bit of a scare during the taping of her popular show. kristen welker has details and joins us. good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning, ann . judge judy 's publicist tells nbc news the judge will be just fine, but she apparently had a scare wednesday. judge judy was taping her show, suddenly became ill and was rushed to cedars sinai in los angeles . she was initially listed in serious condition. according to some reports the judge was experiencing intestinal discomfort. she told the new york post she was in the middle of taping and started to feel weary and faint saying her speech slowed. her publicist released a statement to nbc news, quote, i spoke to the judge who said she's feeling much better. she said all of the tests are negative and she's going home laterer today. now, the judge is 68 years old and has presided over her courtroom show since 1996 . she's expected to be released laterer today and will resume taping the show april 12 as previously planned. ann , back to you.

    >> kristen, thanks so much. kerry peterer son is an internist and contributor to women's health magazine. good morning.

    >> good morning, ann . we don't have an explanation. we also have a statement by judge judy saying i'm exhausted, just tired. a lot of things together including the bad news of the world. these are specific symptoms.

    >> they are. i don't think exhaustion or fatigue will be the contributing factor to what she was experiencing or the etiology of her symptoms. nausea and abdominal pain aren't related to fatigue.

    >> the other tests seem to have ruled out other factors.

    >> you have to think about life threatening things. was she having a heart attack , an aortic rupture, intestinal obstruction , infected gallbladder? these things can be ruled out quickly in the emergency room . for women, intestinal discomfort and nausea can be a symptom of heart attack . the classic chest pain isn't necessarily one of the presenting factors for women. it was very important that she got care urgently.

    >> that's an important point to make. most women don't realize that. her producer did confirm she had gone to the dentist for a tooth cleaning the day before. that wouldn't cause any sort of -- is there a reason to look at that as a potential cause?

    >> not that i'm aware of. with certain oral procedures you can receive antibiotics and they can cause in some people side effects like intestinal upset, gas, bloating. if she received antibiotics that may have been the reason she was experiencing the symptoms. if it was just a dental cleaning you usually don't reformation, so unlikely.

    >> it sounds like a lot of the tests, probably not all of them have come back. it sounds like an ongoing story in terms of her effort to find out what caused her to feel so badly.

    >> they did an ekg, cat scan , chest x-ray. they can rule out many of the life threatening things that could have occurred. if it showed nothing some things you think about is could it have been a run of the mill stomach bug and now she may have symptoms down the road but more mild.

    >> we wish her the best. thank you for helping us this morning.