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    >>> this morning on "bobby's style buzz," protecting your wardrobe. today's style editor bobby thomas is here to show you us to do it. good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> we invest a lot of money in our wardrobe. you don't want it to get all stretched out or get holes.

    >> right. you want to get bang for your buck . a little tlc for what you already have.

    >> our first category right now is wrinkle-free.

    >> yes.

    >> so we're talking about ways to keep those pesky wrinkles from really setting into your clothing.

    >> i love the name of this. it's called swash. you can swash it out. this is ten minutes in the drier on tumble dry, about five pieces. you've got a fresh, new garment, wrinkles are gone and it's ready to wear before you go to the dry cleaner . this can cut back on your dry cleaning bill. these are great. have you ever been at the office all day? you get up and you're a wrinkle mess. these wrinkle releasers, you sprits them on and smooth them out and you're good to go. speaking of an iron, i'm telling you, please, ladies, if you don't own a steamer, this is going to change your life. you can get a hand-held one. you don't need the big professional one. or a little one like this. this one folds up to travel in your bag, as small as a sock.

    >> and it works really well? sometimes the travel steamers don't work.

    >> these work great. i promise. they'll change your life.

    >> next we have stay in shape. i was going through my closeting to this. protecting the shape of things like boots. my boots keep flopping over.

    >> this boot looked totally different before i let it flop over. you can reuse a wine bottle .

    >> now we're talking.

    >> just slip the wine bottle right in there. or you can buy a boot shaper.

    >> these are great.

    >> cardboard will work as well. cardboard is also great for handbags. you don't want these to crease in the closet. you can get purse forms to keep your bags in good shape. this will last you years to come.

    >> okay. what about sweaters? all of us have sweaters that end up like three sizes bigger. they stretch out.

    >> even on yours, it got a little hole from the anger.

    >> yeah.

    >> these are great precision hangers to keep the natural shape. a great investment.

    >> very good. okay. over here, let's talk about cleanse and refresh.

    >> yes. we'll have to make sure the guys are listening to this one, too.

    >> yes.

    >> when we're bundled up right now in our sweaters, in a few months we'll pack them away and you want to absorb the moisture so they don't smell musty when you take them out. you don't have to dry clean again. all of these products are great.

    >> no moth-balls here, though, right?

    >> no. this is about absorbing the moisture. this is so great. they have a great selection of stuff that will care for your wool and cashmere, which can be really expensive to take care of.

    >> just spray this?

    >> yes. and the spray would work on this that you don't want to continually take to the dry cleaner .

    >> and then back here, this is what the dry cleaners use. the professional line. the spot treatment.

    >> exactly. spot treatments. this is something i have scene work miracles. the janey dry spot leaner stick. it's a chalk bar. you put it on the spot. you let it dry. it will absorb and then flake off. i have been amazed at what this can get out. that's a good secret.

    >> does it get out red wine ?

    >> well, that's actually a good one for this. madam paulette takes care of couture dresses for many designers. this is a science experiment. it will tell you what your stain is and then follow the formula to get it out.

    >> this is for the --

    >> this will break up the discoloration.

    >> and antiaging, simal ways to preserve our favorite outfits. all of us have a favorite sweater.

    >> you have pills going on. she's got pills on the back of her shoulder. this is called a sweater brick. keep it going in one direction and you can really relive the life of any of your sweaters. so many girlfriends are complaining about expensive sweaters.

    >> the cashmere, speelespecially, it really pills up right away.

    >> you've got a lot more of the sweater to go.

    >> we'll get that brand new for you.

    >> thank you.

    >> there's a bunch of stuff on the article online, everything from catching your blacks that are fading to look new again and even color catchers in the wash.

    >> we've all had that moment where our entire wash turns pink.

    >> take care of your clothes. they'll last longer.

    >> there's wine in here. i'm just saying.

    >> a party in a boot. we love it.

Image: Precision hangers
These Precision Hangers fit your clothing naturally, providing support and eliminating the dreaded dimples that many other hangers leave behind.
By TODAY Style Editor
TODAY contributor
updated 2/9/2011 8:52:32 PM ET 2011-02-10T01:52:32

You invest in your clothes, so naturally, you hope to get as much wear out of them as possible. But how many times have you had to toss a favorite dress, sweater or handbag because it lost its original shape or color? TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares at-home ways to keep your fashions fresh and fade-free.

Wrinkle-free results
Wrinkles, the sworn enemy of most light, luxe fabrics, often can take an army to smooth out. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that can keep your clothes looking pressed, even without an iron. Swash Steam It Out by Tide($5.99; Drugstore.com) is a wet tumbler sheet that works with the heat of your dryer to freshen clothes in just 10 minutes, while Downy Wrinkle Release ($7.99; Soap.com)and Wrinkle Wiz Clothing Fabric Spray ($10.95; Amazon.com) are two spritz-on solutions that instantly get rid of wrinkles. Just dampen any article with a light mist, and spread out with your hands for a crisp, fresh look. For tougher-to-treat items, I swear by a steamer. I was surprised recently to discover that many of my Facebook and Twitter friends have never owned or used a garment steamer. This affordable, convenient way to effectively combat creases can be used at home, but is also great for gals who travel. My Little Steamer ($29.99; BedBathandBeyond.com) is a small but powerful option that delivers 850 watts of steam for up to 15 minutes per filling, and can easily be stored when not in use. And Conair's Micro Pro Steamer ($23.99; Amazon.com) is perfect for trips as it conveniently tucks right into your travel bag.

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Stay in shape
One of the simplest ways to care for your clothes is to protect their shape. It's easy to do, but often overlooked during the everyday hustle and bustle. However, by picking up a few helpful tools or repurposing pre-existing household items, you can keep your favorite articles and accessories looking like new. Worn during the cold, snowy and rainy seasons, boots typically take a lot of abuse. But you can protect your pairs with products like Austin Abbot Boot Shapers ($29.45 for pack of 3; Shoebuy.com). They fit snugly into most boots and keep them from slouching or becoming trampled in your closet. You can also try using old, empty wine bottles for similar results. Handbags go through a lot of wear and tear as well, and can easily lose their shape and elasticity. Pursendipity's Handbag Form ($25-$30; Pursendipity.net)is designed to fit any bag, and the moldable foam fits right into the corners of your purse to help maintain its integrity for years. In a pinch, cardboard, foam or newspaper can also help keep your bags in shape. Lastly, specifically designed for sweaters and knits, Precision Hangers ($16.95; PrecisionHangers.com) fit your clothing naturally, providing support and eliminating the dreaded dimples that many other hangers leave behind.

Image: My Little Steamer
My Little Steamer is a small but powerful option that delivers 850 watts of steam for up to 15 minutes per filling, and can be easily stored when not in use.

Cleanse and refresh
Your clothes are only as fresh as the area you keep them in, so it's important to make sure your closets, cabinets and storage areas are clean and moisture-free. The Container Store's Dry Out Dehumidifier ($4.99 each; ContainerStore.com) usesunscented calcium chloride pellets to keep your closet mildew- and odor-free, while their Keep It Dry Packets ($5.99 each; ContainerStore.com)do the same for cabinets and drawers, using moisture-absorbing granules. Along the same vein, Smart Storage Desiccant Packets ($3.99 each; ContainerStore.com)are great to use in areas that house precious items like photos, scrapbooks or heirloom clothing such as wedding dresses or christening gowns. The 100-percent silica gel sachet absorbs and traps moisture in the air before it can cause odor or damage. Once your storage areas are dry and deodorized, don't forget to care for your hard-to-launder items, including wools and cashmeres. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Spray removes odors and freshens yarns while repelling bugs and moths, and the shampoo cleans and preserves the natural components of the fabric, adding extra care for seasonal storage. ($10-$19; TheLaundress.com)

Spot treatment
Anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a barely worn item due to a difficult stain knows how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, there are many new products out there specifically created to fight even the most impossible scuffs or smudges. The Janie Dry Cleaner Stick is made of natural clay and absorbs all types of stains, from oil to grease to dairy. Simply apply, let dry, and brush off. ($4.99 each; ContainerStore.com) For complex stains, Madame Paulette's Stain Removal Kit is trusted by designers like Vera Wang to treat even the most delicate pieces. With special formulas to fight three primary stain groups, the kit helps you identify what caused the spot, and then appropriately treat it for optimal results. ($12.50; MadamePaulette.com) And for all of those white T-shirts and blouses that have developed unsightly yellow marks under the arms, Deo Go removes antiperspirant and deodorant stains, keeping your whites crisp even longer. ($10.50; Getdeogo.com)

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If you wish you could hold on to your favorites forever, but thousands of wears and washes later, it just doesn't seem possible — guess again. Items like the Sweater Saver Brick ($5.99; HollywoodFashionTape.com) and Restora Sweater Brick ($3.50; Veils-by-Roxanne.com) easily remove that annoying layer of fuzz that builds up on your sweaters, while Simple Spray's Paint It Black solution revitalizes any faded black garments you're not ready to part with. ($20.99 for 4 cans; SimplySpray.com) And to prevent the premature aging of your clothes, Shout Out Color Catcher cloths work in the dryer to prevent color from leaking onto garments, allowing you to wash your whites and colors together. Finally! ($4.49; Drugstore.com)

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