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Image: The Biggest Loser
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Marci Crozier not only checked out the scrumptious treats, she ate a few.
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updated 2/8/2011 10:00:24 PM ET 2011-02-09T03:00:24

With all the “we’re a family” talk going on between team members on “The Biggest Loser” this season, it seemed fitting when everyone finally gave up their “couples” colors and traded them for matching group T-shirts Tuesday night. Bob and Jillian’s team wore black, the now-known Unknowns wore red, and everyone was happy — for a few minutes.

Shortly after the team-spirit fest began, the players learned they’d face temptation for the second time this season. Last time, it was dozens of cakes , stacks of pizzas, piles of fried chicken and enough mac and cheese to feed an army. This time, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, every form of chocolate-dipped this and candy-coated that served to sway them.

But sweet treats weren’t the only temptation. Whoever consumed the most calories in three minutes had a chance to anonymously change the status quo and swap two players from each team. Of course, there was also the option to do nothing at all.

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Story: 'Biggest Loser':  Where are they now?

In an effort to ensure the latter, several players — including Marci, Moses and Rulon — ate a handful of sugary confections. Well, Moses actually ate 21 candies, and that seemed like a heck of a handful until the player who actually wanted to make some changes stepped up to the table.

Arthur, who “Loser” fans may remember was the only one to eat at the last temptation, shoved fistfuls of chocolate into his mouth, extending his neck and jumping up and down to swallow them in time. His total? Thirty-five sweets. His choice? Send Jay and Jennifer, aka his team’s strongest players, packing and bring lesser losers Denise and Sarah over to his Team Black.

If that wasn’t a bad enough move, Arthur soon topped it when he gave up his right to anonymity and told all the angry players what he had done. So instead of providing each team with a couple of easy ousters and getting rid of contestants he felt threatened by along the way, all Arthur really did was put a sizable target on his own back.

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As for the night’s other big action, elimination, Arthur was both lucky and unlucky. The black team won the weigh-in, so he remained safe for now, but the reds didn’t eliminate Jay or Jennifer. Rather than voting out their newfound advantage, Team Red sent Jaquin home.

Arthur better hope his team doesn’t lose a weigh-in anytime soon.

Ree Hines hasn’t seen reality TV gameplay that boneheaded since Erik gave up the immunity idol to earn trust on “Survivor: Micronesia.” Follow @ReeHines on Twitter and tell her your take on Arthur’s actions.

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Video: ‘Losers’ finding success at home

  1. Closed captioning of: ‘Losers’ finding success at home

    >>> we want to say hello to the latest two contestants voted off "the biggest loser couples."

    >> good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> don, you gained nine pounds when your brother dan after a few weeks before he was voted off. how did that make you feel?

    >> well, obviously it was -- it makes you feel bad. it's a weight loss competition, not a weight gain competition.

    >> i'd like to sign up for that.

    >> you gained on purpose so you would be voted off?

    >> no. that time was strictly inadvertent. i had no explanation. the second time when i was voted off, that was intentional.

    >> now that you're home with your brother, are you working out, losing more?

    >> very successful at home. doing well. i lost about 87 pounds so far.

    >> terrific.

    >> that's good.

    >> it's going really well.

    >> the ranch was tough for you to adjust.

    >> it was tough if you're a control freak like i am. but it was effective. i learned what i needed to know to do this at home.

    >> and laramie, your husband is on the ranch. you sacrificed yourself so he could stay there.

    >> yes, i did.

    >> that's true love .

    >> yes, it is.

    >> how is he doing?

    >> he's doing very well, from what i know. they keep even the spouses away.

    >> that's got to be tough.

    >> it is. we haven't been apart for longer than a day. it was a lot harder than i thought it would be.

    >> how much have you lost since you have been home?

    >> since i have been home i have lost an additional 39 pounds.

    >> wow.

    >> all together i have lost 81 pounds.

    >> do you think the at-home prize is in your future?

    >> oh, yeah. i totally have that.

    >> she's on it.

    >> don and laramii, thank you so much. it airs tonight at 8:00/7:00 central on nbc.

    >> and miranda cosgrove will be stopping by after your local news. my son josh loves her.

Discuss: Was Arthur's team switcheroo one of the sillier moves in 'Loser' history?

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