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Video: Firth on Oscar nods: Proud of ‘royal flush’

  1. Transcript of: Firth on Oscar nods: Proud of ‘royal flush’

    VIEIRA: He just earned an Oscar nomination for the portrayal of King George VI in " The King 's_Speech." Joining us from London , Colin , congratulations to you.

    Mr. COLIN FIRTH (Oscar Nominee, "The King's Speech"): Thank you.

    VIEIRA: You were nominated...

    Mr. FIRTH: Thank you. That is quite...

    VIEIRA: ...you were nominated last year and then again this year. Sweeter the second time around ?

    Mr. FIRTH: Yeah, I guess. It all -- it's -- it -- it seems like I was fired out of a cannon sometime this time last year, and I'm currently orbiting Pluto or something. It's quite extraordinary.

    LAUER: Colin , not to bring up bad memories, but you lost out last year.

    VIEIRA: Hm.

    LAUER: You know, we all know what happened there and Jeff Bridges won it. Are you going to kneecap him this year? What do you do to take him out of this competition?

    Mr. FIRTH: Something has to be done! No, it's -- yeah, I don't know. You know, I -- what I felt last year, you know, your head spins when you hear the news. And what I felt last year was I don't know if it has to get any better than this really. I mean, if you wait 50 years for something, you know, and then you hit a moment like this , you know, it's celebration enough. So I'm just thrilled to be at the party.

    VIEIRA: And how wonderful that Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush were also nominated.

    Mr. FIRTH: Well, that's the best thing about it. Yeah, to be going together, you know, to have the royal flush, you know, that's the most gratifying thing of all, I think.

    LAUER: Colin , might you wear a kilt to the ceremony?

    Mr. FIRTH: I wouldn't -- I wouldn't need too much of an excuse to get into a kilt. It's one of the most wonderfully liberating experiences of my life.

    LAUER: Yeah, OK.

    Mr. FIRTH: So I don't know if you want to go into much detail about that.

    VIEIRA: Oh, do go on.

    LAUER: No, no.

    VIEIRA: No, no, no, do go on.

    Mr. FIRTH: No one else would thank me, I don't think. I'm sorry.

    LAUER: No, we got it. Hey, listen, great congratulations.

    VIEIRA: Yeah.

    LAUER: Two years in a row. What an accomplishment.

    Mr. FIRTH: And thank you.

    LAUER: And good luck to you. And as you know, Meredith has been touting you and this movie for months now.

    Mr. FIRTH: I was just about to say that. I was going to thank Meredith , because I think, you know, what -- just getting this far you've played a very big part of that. You've been great hosts, so...

    VIEIRA: Well, when you -- when you get the...

    Mr. FIRTH: ...and everything you've said about it.

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