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Video: Cops detain man with the ‘golden voice’

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    >>> this half hour with ted williams , the homeless man who gained fame last week for his golden voice has hit a little bit of a bump along the road. williams was detained monday night after police responded to a disturbance at a hollywood hotel . lee cowan has details.

    >> reporter: he shot from homeless to household name overnight.

    >> you're listening to magic 98.9.

    >> reporter: the feel-good story that is ted williams and his velvet voice has a price. because while his newfound celebrity is afforded the recovering addict a second chance, it has also led him to face his demons in a very public way.

    >> do you acknowledge that you didn't step up as a father and a husband?

    >> yes, i do.

    >> reporter: his latest tv appearance was on dr. fill, who reunited him with family members william admits he traded for drugs and alcohol.

    >> i miss you.

    >> reporter: just a day after an emotional taping, williams got in an argument with that daughter. at this hollywood hotel . it got so heated, police were culled. charges were never filed and williams tells nbc news it was just a family dust up. but those who have been cheering his meteoric rise also worry that he's vulnerable, too much too soon they warn and his flaj jil recovery might break.

    >> the fame isn't going to be nearly as tough to sustain as the relationships with his family and his loved ones.

    >> reporter: william had a long rap sheet, heavier baggage that like his poverty won't lighten overnight. everyone seems to be careful that it's at a pace williams can handle.

    >> it's all been going, running, running, running and going forward and what's the next call and what's the next appearance.

    >> she's watched every detail of his new life unfold on tv.

    >> it's so tempting for people to just want to watch the very intimate and personal moments of a person's life and i just believe that not everything has to be out there for the world.

    >> you're watching late night with jimmy fallon .

    >> reporter: while his gift earned him a place in the spotlight, some say he'll only keep it if his personal weaknesses are dealt with first.

    >> you know you love it.

    >> for "today," lee cowan, nbc news.

    >>> let's get the latest on

updated 1/13/2011 9:30:59 AM ET 2011-01-13T14:30:59

Ted Williams, the formerly homeless man who became a viral sensation for his “golden voice,” has decided to check into rehab after spending time taping television segments with Dr. Phil over the weekend.

“Ted Williams has chosen to go to rehab after a discussion with Dr. Phil,” said Stacey Luchs, a representative for the show.

Williams and one of his daughters were detained by police on Monday after a family dustup, Williams told NBC News.

The Los Angeles Police Department told TODAYshow.com that two people were detained around 9 p.m. PT because of an alleged "yelling altercation."

The pair weren't arrested and no charges were filed. Both were released shortly afterward. Richard French, a spokesman for the LAPD, told TODAYshow.com that an investigation is ongoing.

Williams, 53, was in Los Angeles for appearances on the "Dr. Phil" show, where he reunited with ex-wife Patricia Pullien-Kirtley and five of his nine children, including daughters Julia Pullien and Jenay Williams, stepdaughter Tricia Pullien, and sons Desmond Jackson and Tyrell Williams. During the tapings, Williams had a conversation with Dr. Phil that convinced him to seek help.

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Stacey Luchs, a spokesperson for "Dr. Phil," confirmed to TODAYshow.com that the Renaissance is "one of multiple area properties that we use for our guests."

Williams reunited with his mother , Julia Williams, after not seeing her for more than 20 years, on TODAY last week.

Video: Listen to Ted Williams' voice, his mom's advice (on this page)

Williams had been living on the streets in Ohio for years after drugs and alcohol dragged him into a life of petty crime. The website The Smoking Gun reported Williams’ arrest record includes robbery, theft, forgery and drug possession.

Williams said on TODAY last week that he's been sober for two years, but was having trouble landing work. He quickly rose to fame last week after a reporter captured his voice on a video and posted the clip online. Millions of views later, Williams was featured on TODAY and job offers were pouring in.

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He received offers to do announcing work from the Cleveland Cavaliers, a radio station in Hawaii, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and dozens more.

He also taped a commercial that aired on msnbc cable.

Williams' mother, Julia Williams, echoed a common worry on TODAY that her son would be so overcome with becoming a celebrity that it could imperil his two years of sobriety.

Ted Williams met with psychologist and TODAY contributor Dale Atkins in between his segments on TODAY on Thursday to discuss his newfound fame.

Video: Homeless man with golden voice ‘thankful to be here’ (on this page)

“She’s a sweetheart,” he said of Atkins. “I think I’m going to use her as somewhat of a sponsor and a therapist, because I feel I’m going to need it.”

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Williams himself marveled at the impact of his sudden fame. 

“It’s just outrageous how this has all come to be. I thought God blessed in increments, and he just gave me one big deluge of blessings," Williams said on TODAY last week. "I feel like a million-dollar lottery winner, or Dorothy landing in Oz, or Susan Boyle; she must have felt the same way.” 

Steve Veres, Michael Inbar, Rick Schindler and Laura T. Coffey contributed to this report.

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