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Video: Kathie Lee, Hoda talk taking down the tree

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    >>> hey, everybody. so nice to see you. welcome to fun had-day. hope your holiday weekend was just amazing. mine was. hoda's was.

    >> outstanding.

    >> but now it is december 27th and we move on. time passes , hoda.

    >> it is one of those thing that after christmas it's hard because you spend all of this time building up to christmas , you decorate the house, the tree, the yard. then there is a time when you have to start undoing all that you did.

    >> sometimes you know how careful you are when you do the tree, then you start taking the tree down --

    >> tear. the question is when should you take down your christmas tree ? the one out here, big one out here, comes down on january 2nd .

    >> we usually put ours up right after thanksgiving and take it down right after new year's. which i think makes sense. when it's over, it's over. but apparently not for everybody. because -- there are people in o our neighborhood that leave -- some of the people leave their stuff up all year long. they don't light it, but it's up there. a santa claus in july sitting on a roof waiting to get lit at christmastime is depressing.

    >> this is what happened in our family. this is how we roll. so it was february, maybe it was march. i can't remember -- february. february. for some reason we had an artificial tree and it was in the basement downstairs and it was just there. i don't know why, no one bothered to take it down, we like it, it was festive. so someone came, ding dong at the door, my parents said, oh, my god, the tree, we didn't want to embarrass our family so we went running for the tree, unplugged it ran it into the storage room and shut it. then it came time for next christmas . we went to the storage room and it was already decorated. it was like -- and that became --

    >> you didn't make a trip to the storage room in nine months? ten months?

    >> we just left it. it was already done. the great news is that tree -- we laughed because we would just turn it a little for a different view.

    >> what people don't know is traditionally christmas trees were not brought in an deck rayed until like christmas eve . then down the 12th day of the new year.

    >> everyone's decorating way before thanksgiving. people get their trees around thanksgiving day weekend.

    >> i find i'm doing less and less and less. that's probably because i'm older and older and more arthritic as days go on. so much of what we do, we do for our little ones . as we get older -- what's so funny, cody came home from school of course and was just like thrilled to see the big wreath on the gate. you realize that it might not mean the same to you but it really does instill great traditions for your kids.

    >> i like that.

    >> i like it, too.

    >> you guys i'm sure got gifts that you didn't want. the question is what do you do with those gifts? what do you do? you know what i do? i just keep them.

    >> you regift.

    >> i either give them away to somebody else an mistakenly as i did to you, gave you a gift jill martin gave to me and she saw it. she goes that purse looks familiar. i was like, oh, no. she did give it to me, then you have it now.

    >> i've since given it to somebody else.

    >> nobody likes that purse.

    >> it's like a fruitcake. the gift that just keeps giving and gives. but it is a very bizarre thing because you are given something to the spirit of the holiday, it is the spirit of giving, but what are you going to do with something you're not going to wear or use it -- donate it to charity. give it to somebody in need. sell it on ebay or a swap party.

    >> i think swap parties are cool. come with the gifts you didn't love and wap out. the gift receipt that goes in the bag is a good thing. there was some debate about whether or not there should be a gift receipt in the package.

    >> if you are in the spirit of giving you want someone to love what you've given them. if you don't, you should love them enough to get them what they'd really like.

    >> what if you don't like the color? i've gotten things i like but i don't like the color --

    >> i don't think anybody would mind that. you're great with thank-you notes.

    >> only to you because i know you're sticky about them so i make sure you get one.

    >> i'm not as good as i used to be.

    >> you always, always write thank-you notes.

    >> i think we're losing in our culture so many of the little niceties. i don't want to be a stickler about stuff, people are very, very busy. they say that if you open a gift in front of someone, there's no need to then write them a thank-you note because you were able to say thank you in front of them.

    >> but sometimes do i e-mails. i know emily post and those people say it is terrible but sometimes you just want to let someone know i got it, it was beautiful, thank you.

    >> i compromised with my kids on that. i used to make them write to ef single person. i say then get on the phone and call them right now and tell them how much you appreciate it. i still don't think it is right but what are you are you going to do? what do you think about hiding purchases from your significant other? would you do that?

    >> yes, i did that. well because you get shoes that are way outranlous and you just are a little bit embarrassed and you don't want to have a discussion about it so you just put you the them under the bed.

    >> do you ask yourself first would this be a problem? oh, beautiful shoes, honey, good for you.

    >> once they ask about how much you spent. i don't usually talk about those things but when you get too many things you're kind of embarrassed.

    >> you were the breadwinner in the relationship. that's where it gets touchy kind of feely. you snow what i'm saying? if you're one that makes the bulk of the income.

    >> you want to be able to spend on what you want.

    >> at the same time if you're in a trust relationship, so many problems in life.

    >> they say women often hide things like clothes and shoes and accessories.

    >> guess what men hide? booze.

    >> booze and porn. no, it is. it is porn.

    >> no. music.

    >> music.

    >> maybe porn in your life.

    >> i thought it was porn. okay. no, it's not.

    >> we all go under -- we hear about people going under the knife for all kinds of reasons. some of them very, very legitimate.

    >> yes.

    >> but women are so crazy about shoes that they are literally going under the knife for procedures to wear the shoes a little bit easier. i had both my feet done because i had 85-year-old little lady feet from performing in high heels all of my life. this is unbelievable.

    >> there's one called a foot tuck. it takes the fat from the midsection. put it under the bones of the feet to provide extra padding. yuck.

    >> just put those dr. scholl things in. foot surgery is not very easy. not everybody can have a dr. michael maclean. you know how some people have a long second toe -- what is that? anthony's got a that big toe . if you have a longer weird second toe, some people get it shortened.

    >> i don't think anthony is going to do that.

    >> then the cinderella procedure takes bumps off the joint of the big toe and re-aligns it to make it narrower. i had both feet done. right? and you would think that i would have a smaller shoe now. smaller shoe size .

    >> aren't your feet bigger than they used to be if.

    >> i gained a half size with each baby but then you'd think the bunions would give you a size 15. depending on the size of those babies. no. i wear a 7 now but i would have a 6 1/2 before the surgery. but i'm not complaining. shall we do our favorite things?

    >> i think we should. there is a very cool sweater it shall it shall i want to show what it looks like. britta brittany's doing it. this is a dk -- first, this comes in two price ranges. one is kind of pricey, $300, the other is kind of expensive, around $70. you can wrap it. it's so cozy and comfy, you can sling it over your shoulder if you want, you can wear it the other way so the back is in the front. it's great for airplanes when you're flying an chilly. i love that.

    >> i have a million of these. they're fantastic, hoda. how much do those cost?

    >> you can get one for $60 or one for $300.

    >> we've been talking about manners and that sort of thing. this is a fantastic -- we should have sent it before christmas but it is not too late. take some of those gift receipts you got and get this. it is called blunders and it is interactive manners adventure for children. they learn all kinds of -- it is for ages 5-up. they learn table manners, honesty, responsibility, school etiquette, telephone manners, respect and kindness, confident introductions, hosts and guest gifts. all things that you are so busy, parents, you are too busy to teach your own children. so get them a little game and

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