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Video: Update your wardrobe with some holiday bling

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    >>> this morning, adding shimmer to make you shine at your holiday celebration. editor of bobbie.com's bobbie thomas is here with two affordable options, buy it or diy it. good morning, bobbie.

    >> good morning.

    >> this is the time of year we can sparkle from head to toe .

    >> what girl doesn't love gliter?

    >> only do it this time of year.

    >> you look amazing this is a zahra dress that everyone in the studio has been raving over, only $99.

    >> well, okay there we go. shoutout to zahra. okay. meanwhile, tell me about the glittery --

    >> glittery nail polish so many e-mail about the nail polish i have been wearing. "burlesque" is the movie, teamed up with op toy create the grim ender's shimmers collections, doing so well, a great way to get a little dazzle on your finger tips i.

    >> lip gloss , too?

    >> max dazzle zoos great lip gloss , see glitter everywhere. even this is a great -- not a fragrance, it is actually little shimmer dust.

    >> wow. amazing.

    >> wonder slus a great illuminating tonic for your hair. but if you don't want to buy it, if you have a little loose glitter , diy it. add a little pinch of glitter , this was $2 for all the colors, add a pinch of glitter , hairspray in a travel size bottle, a great way to add extra shine to your hair, especially for new year's.

    >> clear nail polish .

    >> if you just add some clear nail polish to your fingertips i and then take some glitter and literally just sprinkle it on. that's how i did my nails today.

    >> wow.

    >> really easy and a top coat and you are done.

    >> beautiful. okay. now here to the shoes. shoes.

    >> you can wear sequence and sparkles.

    >> and everyone, i love rachel by rachel roy at macy's, stuart weitzman , gap getting into it all of these are great options if you want them. however, you can diy it.

    >> right. if you are bobbie thomas , you can. not me.

    >> i wanted to share at home that you know hairspray actually the best way to make the glitter stick.

    >> oh, really?

    >> really cool and you can even use --

    >> go ahead. what do i do? rubber cement ? on an old pair of shoes, scuffs.

    >> anything it is great and then you can just add the sequence or glitter but for some of these to get the designs, just use masking tape that is how i got the cap toe on this shoe, this shoe i created a design with the masking tape , then i have so much fun, over the top , glitter and sequins, look at that.

    >> look at that.

    >> so much fun.

    >> beautiful. don't have to worry about sequence falling off now and again? not a shoe that is going to last.

    >> to keep the glit and sequins on, find at your local craft store, a clear finish by chyron or something like that keep it on, a couple dollars go to michael's, very easy to find.

    >> great. i'm continuing my shoe here. probably a good idea to get a shoe color that is sort of close to it?

    >> that is what makes it look sophistica sophisticated, stick with neutral tones, the navy, the gold, i like that could you do hot pink or red like dorothy but might be a little too much.

    >> talk beautiful stockings, too, these are buy it.

    >> glitzy. hue.com offers this great tight that looks like it has a crystal tattoo for around $20.

    >> beautiful.

    >> i had fun with a pattern pair, i got inspired by the runways, and these are crystal tattoos you can get at the store for $2 to $5. either break them apart like i did and just make your own design or --

    >> they just stick on or you glue them on?

    >> stick right on and they will stay all night. here is something for you to play w.

    >> okay.

    >> you can literally --

    >> i didn't know i had to be crafty. i'm not crafty.

    >> you will notice it really sticks right on it won't come off. it can make your own design.

    >> great.

    >> also use a glitter spray or some of these 3-d pens to make more intricate designs.

    >> okay. now denim? even denim is sparkly. these are guys? okay. matt lauer we got a pair of jeans for you.

    >> bee squared has been selling out the guys and --

    >> are you kidding me?

    >> no. they are glitter , they are little drops of glitter , use glitter spray, but there is glitter everywhere. okay, last but not least, blazers a great way to add spark toll a dress.

    >> you made these?

    >> i made all these. this one is from piper line. that is from macy's. these are great buy its but easy to add bling this is trim. none of these cost me over -- $10 or less. buy a --

    >> at the craft store?

    >> and you add it, like this jack tote lapel, you can slip that on if you want while i show this get the trend that looks like the fabric, light weight.

    >> it fit mess.

    >> and i want to show one more trick. these are just some appliques, little epaulettes, $2 each. you could just use this hem tape and stick it to your shoulder.

    >> like michael jackson .

    >> a great way that is temporary, come off your blaze tender is great.

    >> you are a seenious, as i said, i tell yarks i stand by my word. bobbie thomas , diy genius.

TODAY contributor
updated 12/15/2010 4:47:31 PM ET 2010-12-15T21:47:31

The holidays are here and it's time to glimmer, shimmer and shine. This winter is all about putting on the glitz, and TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com'sBobbie Thomas is here to highlight ways you can either buy or DIY the season's most dazzling trends:

Shimmering beauty
From our lips to our fingertips, glitter is everywhere and holiday beauty is bursting with shine. OPI's new Burlesque nail polish collection($8, Opi.com) has ladies everywhere eager for some jazz hands with shades such as Sparkle-icious and Bring on the Bling, while Tarina Tarantino's Shimmer Dust ($39, Sephora.com) and Kelly Van Gogh’s Wonderlust Illuminating Tonic($30, KellyVanGogh.com) both offer an airy mist of glow. While those are hot buys this season, it may be worth your while to DIY as it’s easy and can be cost effective. Mix a pinch of glitter with your body lotion to glisten, or add some to a travel-size bottle of hairspray for luxe-looking locks. Opt for fine or ultra-fine texture and remember: A little loose glitter can go a long way.

Twinkle toes
Most women share a love for shoes, but a pair that sparkles will make you want to click your heels! From fancy flats to party platforms, you'll find a variety of showstoppers to buy this season: Keds glitter slip-ons ($36.99, Gap.com); Kimi glitter pump($99, Rachelroy.com); Yanelli black glitter wedges ($99.95, Ninashoes.com); Pour La Victoire Rory loafer($195, Revolveclothing.com); Polar glitter rubber boot,Lastikon glitter ballet flats($179-$275, Stuartweitzman.com); Sparkling black court shoe($418, Giusepezanottidesign.com). However, if you happen to have any worn and torn favorites, this is the perfect DIY project to justify why you have kept them in your closet. Cover up scuffs with a little shimmer by adding glitter to all or part of the shoes, or get creative with tape and make your own designs. Although there are many spray adhesives available to experiment with, hairspray happens to be a fantastic way to help glitter stick to many surfaces. (Loose Glitter, $1.49-$12.99; Kmart.com)

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Glitzy gams
Got legs? Then slip into something a little more flashy. Trendsetters have been on the hunt for Dsquared2’s Glitter jeans (which have been selling out at stores nationwide) and haute hosiery designs like Hue’s Bijoux crystal clustered opaques ($20-$28, Hue.com) and Falke’s gold Glamour tights ($69, BareNecessities.com). While you can buy the look, it's also easy to DIY and transform a plain pair of tights you already have. Crystal tattoos or rhinestone stickers are quick ways to instantly add a festive flair. Simply pull on your tights and then press on your sticker. For a more intricate design, consider applying individual stones, sequins or studs, using clear nail polish or glue. You may need a friend (willing to pose) or a leg form to wear the pair, unless you’re skilled enough to twist and turn in front of a mirror while applying your vision. (Rhinestone stickers, $1.99-$3.99, Michaels.com)

Embellished blazers
Last but not least, a bejeweled blazer is a great way to top off any dress. These versatile buys will help you dress up a pair of jeans or add some interest to your little black dress: Aryn K. Chain blazer ($99, Macys.com); Isabel Lu embellished blazer($278, Piperlime.com). But if you’re feeling crafty, you can DIY your own statement-making styles for $10 or less. I promise it’s easy. Even if you can’t thread a needle to quickly stitch on some trim, you could use some spray glue, safety pins or hem tape to attach an appliqué to the label or cuffs of a jacket you already own. (Sequins and trims, $3.98-$11.98; MJTrim.com)

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Explainer: 16 best shopping sites for unique, affordable gifts

  • Crystal ship necklace/ OfaKind.com

    The weather outside is frightful, so stay inside and let your fingers do the shopping this holiday season. But don't get stuck browsing the same old boring websites with the same merchandise you've already seen everywhere. Think outside of the big-box and check out this eclectic collection of creative websites that are sure to please everyone on your list from your lover to favorite locavore.

  • For mom

    Spoonsisters.com, like its effervescent real-life sister founders, always offers up heaping spoonfuls of creative new ideas your whole family will adore. You could easily buy gifts for everyone on your list this year on this one website. Now that’s a spoonful of sweetness that will certainly help the holidays go down.

    Mother Child Bag, $23, Spoonsisters.com

    Before Etsy rocked our artisan worlds, there was BuyOlympia.com. Founded in 1999 to help friends sell their handmade goods, BuyOlympia is a well-curated selection of items from more than 50 artists that you can tell the site treats and loves like old friends. After your first visit, you will too. Longtime fans can’t get enough of Nikki McClure’s Endeavour Wall Calendar. Mom is sure to love it as much as they do.

    Twelve Unique Papercuts, $12, BuyOlympia.com

  • For dad

    Dad always gets the Clean Plate Award at dinner, so why not fancy him a foodie? Indulge him with a gift card to Foodzie.com. From their Beer & Pretzel Caramels to Hot Pickled Green Beans, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t choose meat and potatoes. 

    Beer & Pretzel Caramels from Liddabit Sweets in Brooklyn, gift cards beginning at $25, Foodzie.com

    For the Don Draper dad who takes his wet bar pretty seriously, JustScandinavian.com offers an impressive selection of manly barware. When you’re finished shopping for dad, check out their absolutely gorgeous selection of textiles for the crafter or decorator in your clan.

    Snaps: Anton, $59, JustScandinavian.com

  • For kids

    “No Batteries. No Blinking Lights. No Cartoon-Themed Toys. Period.” That is Oompa.com’s slogan. For a wholesome yet innovative approach to toys, visit the site that is setting the industry standard for constructive playtime. Insiders rave about the brands Plan Toys and Green Toys featured on the site. (Xbox games and Dora the Explorer need not apply.)

    Green Toys Eco-Friendly Blocks, 18 pieces for $24.99, Oompa.com

    For kids of all ages, PerpetualKid.com is sure to amuse. From giant gummy bears (really giant — think the size of teddy bears) to bacon neckties to knit hats that look like cupcakes, this site has the goofiest collection of gifts out there. So whether you’re sending your “kid” off to elementary school or off to the office park, make sure he’s well equipped with something ridiculous. 

    School Bus Sandwich Lunch Box, $7.99, PerpetualKid.com

  • For locavores

    You might think you know Overstock.com (that lady in “the O” commercials sure seems a little too familiar with it …), but there’s a new side to the large discount retailer that may surprise you. In support of American business, and in the spirit (and, dare I say, trend) of keeping it local, the O has launched a new site called Main Street Revolution that promotes small businesses and provides local businesses and craftsmen with an online venue for reaching buyers. I think that calls for some frankincense and myrrh.

    Karess Krafters Frankincense and Myrrh Handmade Soap, $9.79, Overstock.com/Main-Street-Revolution/39/store.html

  • For fashionistas

    OfAKind.com is the place to shop for the one on your list who only wants it if no one else can have it. Each week, veteran style editors feature one designer who they love, along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of a Kind. Editions range in size from five to 50 pieces, and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity that’s signed and numbered by the designer.

    On Dec. 15, they release the ALL Of a Kind hat, hand-knit by Annie Lee Larson, in an edition of 20, for $40. Just in time to make that special someone feel exclusive … and, of course, keep their head warm.

    Ernie bunny bag, $295; Crystal ship necklace, $270; OfAKind.com

  • For the person who 'doesn’t need anything'

    Rent Mother Nature’s site encourages you to, well … do just that. Much like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture — but you already knew that), you "lease" a share in a farm for a friend.  There are different kinds of farm leases you can purchase, from cheese to honey to honeybells.  The good people at Rent Mother Nature update your gift recipient as the season progresses, and then deliver the "harvest" to their door when it’s ready. 

    “Leases” starting at $39.95, rentmothernature.com/leases.shtml

  • For your best friend

    Did your best friend just happen to mention what she wanted this holiday season, with no hint as to where to find it? Challenge accepted. ShopStyle.com, the serious online shopper’s go-to search engine, allows you to shop online like you’re conducting legal research on Lexis. Green velvet, she said? Searched. A jacket, perhaps? Narrowed. And it needs to be a bargain, naturally. Sorted by Sale Items Only. Case closed. 

    Velvet Ruby Jacket, $99 (down from $168), JCrew.com  via Shopstyle.com

    Built on a love for all things retro and vintage, ModCloth.com offers offbeat clothing, accessories and household items at reasonable prices. Despite its throwback inventory, ModCloth employs some very new-wave thinking, allowing customers to “Be the Buyer” and vote on designs to be produced. Check out their nifty to-go containers, the grooviest way to bring lunch to work.

    Tasty Trio Tiffin Box in Circle, $36.99, ModCloth.com

  • For the hostess

    One of the world's largest fair-trade organizations, TenThousandVillages.com strives to improve the livelihood of tens of thousands of disadvantaged artisans in 38 countries. Negotiate a fair trade of your own with your host or hostess — beautiful blue cloth napkins in exchange for a seat at their next fete. 

    Fresh Air Napkin, $6, block printed by women artisans of Dastkar Ranthambore workshop in rural Rajasthan, TenThousandVillages.com

  • For apartment-dwellers

    ILoveUMA.com’s sharp selection of neat, masculine items makes you imagine that the curator must live in one wonderfully outfitted apartment. These space-conserving stacking mugs are just one example of why this site’s editor has won so many customers’ trust and affection. 

    Alice Mirror Stacking Mugs, $22.80 (reduced from $38), ILoveUMA.com

  • For pet lovers

    AllModern.com has an extensive collection of pet items that are as sleek as they are functional.  Pet owners love this dog bowl that closes when Fido’s not feeding to keep food fresh and unwanted critters away.

    Alessi F.F.F. Lulà Dog Bowl by Miriam Mirri, $79 (free shipping!), AllModern.com

  • For art lovers

    Twenty by Two-Hundred’s slogan is “art for everyone.” and at $20 a print, they’re talking about “everyone” on your gift list. Their striking selection of pieces obliterates the bare-wall problem and the “what to get that person” problem in one click. For the fashionista in your life, consider Lauren DiCioccio’s colorful take on Vogue’s List of Contributors. 

    Vogue March 2010:pg 230 (List of Contributors), $20, 20x200.com

  • For college students

    Curiosity Shoppe Online streamlines your gift choices into neat, easily navigated sections that will have you clicking on each delightful item to find out more. They cut out the junk and just leave the cream of the crop, or shall we say, cream of the shop.

    Cloisonne Pendants, $44, curiosityshoppeonline.com


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