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Video: He shed 181 pounds to be ‘The Biggest Loser’

  1. Transcript of: He shed 181 pounds to be ‘The Biggest Loser’

    AL ROKER reporting: Back now at 8:44 with the man who has to be proud to be called the biggest loser. Patrick House was crowned the winner of NBC 's hit reality show last night after dropping an amazing 181 pounds. Unbelievable. Looking ripped. Look at those arms.

    Mr. PATRICK HOUSE: Yeah.

    ROKER: Made the cross-country flight to be with us this morning. Patrick , thank you so much for joining us.

    Mr. HOUSE: Thank you, Mr. Roker , it's good to be here.

    ROKER: Congratulations.

    Mr. HOUSE: Thank you.

    ROKER: Has it -- has it hit in -- hit yet? I mean, I'm sure you haven't gotten much sleep.

    Mr. HOUSE: I haven't had much time to sleep. Fortunately I had my wife, Bradley , with me on the plane last night and we were both just so excited.

    ROKER: In fact, Bradley 's right over there.

    Mr. HOUSE: Yes.

    ROKER: Bradley , you must be so proud of Patrick .

    Ms. BRADLEY HOUSE: Oh, I'm so proud of him. He looks amazing.

    ROKER: He really does. And you and Frado were neck and neck all the way. I mean, it was just an infinitesimal amount separating you. Did you think you had this thing wrapped up?

    Mr. HOUSE: You know, I never really knew for sure that I had it wrapped up or not. Frado and I have been close the entire season. But, you know, Brendan and Frado and I, the whole way good friends and I talked to Frado off and on throughout the time I was at home. And just to see how close we were...

    ROKER: Mm-hmm.

    Mr. HOUSE: ...and last night finally, finally seeing the number and seeing that confetti coming down, unbelievable.

    ROKER: Really. There's Frado. Let's take a look at your before picture. Your weight, really an uphill battle, especially after your football career ended in college. You know, it must have been difficult to look at a picture like this.

    Mr. HOUSE: It was. I mean, that guy's a completely different man than I am now, it really is. And I like to feel like I've made the changes mentally now that it's a lifestyle change and not a -- not a diet anymore. You know, I'm going to make different options in my life, and it's going to be a healthy lifestyle for me.

    ROKER: Now, you obviously had an extra incentive with this grand prize because you'd gotten laid off from your job.

    Mr. HOUSE: Yes, sir.

    ROKER: You and Bradley have two small kids, two and four.

    Mr. HOUSE: Yes, sir.

    ROKER: How is this going to be for you now? I mean, you've got this new body, this new life, really.

    Mr. HOUSE: This is -- it's really an exciting time for me. You know, getting laid off in January the -- early on in 2010 seemed pretty bleak for me and my family. But now, through " The Biggest Loser " and getting my life back I've got a great opportunity at Mindstream Academy , which is a school in South Carolina I'm going to go work at. It's for teenagers that are overweight, they can come in and get help. And to be able to be there on the forefront and fighting the battle against childhood obesity in America ...

    ROKER: Mm-hmm.

    Mr. HOUSE: ...I couldn't be more excited about the opportunities I have.

    ROKER: I guess what this grand prize , 250,000, that's going to -- that's going to change life a lot for you.

    Mr. HOUSE: Oh, definitely. And that -- you know, the first thing when I get that, it's going to go back to paying my parents and my in-laws who I've borrowed money from this whole -- this whole year to get through. But, you know...

    ROKER: Literally paying it forward.

    Mr. HOUSE: Yeah, literally. I know they're excited to see me win, too.

    ROKER: You know what, for your children, they're two and four years old, they're never going to really know the old dad. I mean, they probably won't remember this, and in a sense that's got to be very special for you.

    Mr. HOUSE: It is. You know, and to having Colton and Caden , you know, they're the light of my life, and Bradley , and knowing now that I've changed my life where I'm going to be with them for so much longer...

    ROKER: Mm-hmm.

    Mr. HOUSE: ...it's just -- it's a surreal experience.

    ROKER: For all of us who have struggled with our weight and lost the weight, it's one thing -- it's hard enough to lose the weight, keeping it off is the real battle. How do you -- how do you fight that?

    Mr. HOUSE: You know, when I was at home, one of the things that really, really helped me with the weight loss was using " The Biggest Loser " meal plan. There's meals delivered to the house, they're premeasured, they're weighed out, and it takes that time out of weighing chicken and weighing the vegetables and knowing exactly where it is. So you get your " Biggest Loser " meal plan food out, it's got the nutrition labels on there, pop it in the microwave. It's great food, and portion control, so important to weight loss , especially right now around the holidays. And people can check my Web site , it launched last night, www.biggestloserpatrick.com. I'm going to start a blog there, and my first blog entry's going to be weight loss tips for the holidays.

Image: Patrick House on "Biggest Loser"
Trae Patton  /  NBC
Patrick House beat out the other contestants to take home the title and prize money.
TODAY contributor
updated 12/15/2010 11:12:24 AM ET 2010-12-15T16:12:24

Formerly unemployed father of two Patrick House once described 2010 as a “terrible year,” but now he has to admit, it hasn’t been so bad at all.

Sure, he lost his job as a sales rep, begged and borrowed to keep a roof over his head and at 400 pounds, feared his battle with morbid obesity would mean he’d never see his sons grow up. But by Tuesday night, all of that seemed like another life and a much different year, as a healthier, happier and 181 pounds lighter Patrick won the $250,000 grand prize and the title of “The Biggest Loser.”

Slideshow: 'Biggest Loser' season 10: Before and after (on this page)

The well-earned honor came after the cavalcade of eliminated “Loser” hopefuls took the stage and showed off their own impressive results and amazing transformations. All combined, the at-home gang lost nearly 2,000 pounds, and individually, some of them even outperformed the grand-prize winner himself.

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Among those who won the obesity battle off the ranch with bigger than on-ranch results were Adam Hurtado and Rick DeRoque. The two men shed more than 45 percent of their starting weights, with losses of 220 pounds and 185 pounds, respectively. Still, despite those numbers, neither of them took the top at-home prize.

The $100,000 went to the recently booted Mark Pinhasovich, who started the competition at 421 pounds and left the game barely resembling the man fans first met. He lost an incredible 213 pounds, a smidge more than 50 percent of his starting weight. Mark credited his success to his family back home and his new “Biggest Loser” alumni family.

Of course, it was thanks to a few of Mark’s “Loser” pals that his didn’t walk away with the biggest win of the night.

The in-game alliance must have known what they were doing when they sent Mark packing. If it weren’t for Patrick’s protective pact with Frado Dinten and Brendan Donovan throughout the season, Patrick would have likely been the runner-up on finale night. But the alliance was in force, which not only worked out in Patrick’s favor, but it helped Frado, now weighing 162 pounds less than before, land that second-place spot.

The third place finish went to the player America voted into the final three, Ada Wong. With her newly supportive parents looking on from the audience (talk about your quick turnarounds), “Ada the Terminator” showed off her 99-pound weight loss and a much improved outlook on life.

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As for season 10’s “Biggest Loser,” Patrick’s outlook couldn’t be more different than before. If his weight-loss and cash prize weren’t life changing enough, his success on the show has even led to a new job. During the finale, Patrick revealed he was offered an employment opportunity at a South Carolina school that would allow him to keep the “pay it forward” spirit alive as he helps overweight teens get their lives back on track.

Not bad for the 28-year-old who until recently remained convinced he’d die young. Now Patrick not only expects to see his sons grow up, he plans to be around for his grandchildren, too.

“I’ve changed the future of my life with my family,” Patrick said Tuesday night. “I’m going to be around a lot longer for them.”

Ree Hines rooted for Ada but can’t complain about a Patrick win. Follow @ReeHines on Twitterand share your own post-finale feelings.

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Photos: 'Biggest Loser 10': Before and after

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  1. Patrick House

    Starting weight: 400 lbs.
    Finale weight: 219 lbs.
    Lost 181 lbs., 45.25 percent
    The 28-year-old sales rep from Vicksburg, Miss., won "The Biggest Loser" and took home the $250,000 prize.

    This season’s “Biggest Loser” and winner of the $250,000 grand prize, Patrick, joined the show after hitting his personal rock bottom. He lost his job, he was forced to borrow money from family members just to make ends meet and he felt certain he would die young. Patrick has since transformed his life by losing an impressive 181 pounds and has put all of those worries behind him. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Alfredo 'Frado' Dinten

    Starting weight: 367 lbs.
    Finale weight: 205 lbs.
    Lost 162 lbs., 44.14 percent

    The 48-year-old futures commodity trader from Staten Island, NY, took second place.

    As the senior member of season 10’s only alliance, which consisted of himself, Patrick and Brendan, Frado was instrumental in keeping Patrick in the game, as well as ensuring his own second-place finish. The former Marine said he thought of “The Biggest Loser” as his “next boot camp” and saw some of the same rewards that his one brought about. (NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  3. Ada Wong

    Starting weight: 258 lbs.
    Finale weight: 159 lbs.
    Lost 99 lbs., 38.37 percent

    The 28-year-old project coordinator from Santa Clara, Calif., came in third place.

    For Ada, gaining self confidence was just as important as losing weight. She accomplished both goals while on the ranch, and healed old familial wounds once she went back home. Ada went from final four to final three thanks to America’s vote, and while she didn’t take the top honor, she walk away in third place with her “Ada the Terminator” reputation intact. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  4. Mark Pinhasovich

    Starting weight: 421 lbs.
    Finale weight: 208 lbs.
    Lost 213 lbs., 50.59 percent

    The 31-year-old bartender from New Jersey was season 10's at-home winner.

    Mark not only bested his fellow eliminated competitors and claimed the $100,000 prize, but his total weight loss percentage even put him far ahead of grand prize winner Patrick. The 31-year-old bartender didn’t have an easy road to the at-home win. On finale night, Mark revealed that he ran into troubles when he first left “The Biggest Loser” ranch, but he credited several members of the show’s alumni with getting him back on track. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  5. Rick DeRoque

    Starting weight: 350 lbs.
    Finale weight: 185 lbs.
    Lost 165 lbs., 47.14 percent

    Despite undergoing gastric bypass surgery years earlier, Rick continued to struggle with his weight before arriving on the ranch. Since then, he’s dropped close to half of his body weight, and in the “pay it forward” spirit, he’s also started a foundation to make sure others in his home state of Arkansas have the resources they need to get in shape. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  6. Adam Hurtado

    Starting weight: 402 lbs.
    Finale weight: 220 lbs.
    Lost 182 lbs., 45.27 percent

    Before joining “The Biggest Loser,” Adam lost his mother due a heart attack brought on by complications from diabetes and obesity. He believes she’s since acted as his angel and helped him achieve his weight-loss goal. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  7. Jesse Atkins

    Starting weight: 369 lbs.
    Finale weight: 203 lbs.
    Lost 166 lbs., 44.99 percent

    Jesse called his starting weight a “fog that hangs over everything.” Not anymore. After eight weeks on the “The Biggest Loser” ranch, much of the fog lifted. He reached his remaining goal at home. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  8. Aaron Thompkins

    Starting weight: 468 lbs.
    Finale weight: 296 lbs.
    Lost 172 lbs., 36.75 percent

    Aaron decided to lose weight and improve his overall health both for himself and his 3-year-old son, London. The graphic designer joined the competition with the highest starting weight of the season, but he never let that fact hold him back. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  9. Lisa Mosely

    Starting weight: 288 lbs.
    Finale weight: 191 lbs.
    Lost 97 lbs., 33.68 percent

    When Lisa’s young daughter was hospitalized after she stopped eating and drinking because she didn’t want to turn out like her mom, Lisa knew it was time to change her life. “I think that I’m the best person for her to look up to now instead of the worst,” the sales rep said. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  10. Anna Wright

    Starting weight: 330 lbs.
    Finale weight: 221 lbs.
    Lost 109 lbs., 33.03 percent

    Anna lost her 3-year-old son to cancer and stopped taking care of herself following his death. For the sake of herself and her surviving son, she competed for a spot on the ranch, and although her stay was short, she made the most of it. (NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  11. Brendan Donovan

    Starting weight: 362 lbs.
    Finale weight: 245 lbs.
    Lost 117 lbs., 32.32 percent

    Brendan was the only member of his three-man alliance not to make it to the grand prize competition. While the Boston native and special education teacher didn’t go as far as he hoped he would in the game, he went far enough to reach his goal. “Ultimately, I became the person I wanted to be and a better role model for my students,” he said. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  12. Jessica Delfs

    Starting weight: 282 lbs.
    Finale weight: 190 lbs.
    Lost 92 lbs., 32.62 percent

    When a lap band surgery failed to solve Jessica’s battle with obesity, she searched for a new way to change her life. She found the tools she needed on “The Biggest Loser” with the help of trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  13. Elizabeth Ruiz

    Starting weight: 244 lbs.
    Finale weight: 173 lbs.
    Lost 71 lbs., 29.10 percent

    Elizabeth made it to the final four, but America’s vote left her one step away from the grand prize competition. The result didn’t disappoint the medical assistant, as she freely admitted she was still hadn’t reached her goal weight. “I erased finale night as a deadline,” she explained. “I have a goal and it wasn’t finale, and I’m going to get there.” (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  14. Burgandy Keel

    Starting weight: 231 lbs.
    Finale weight: 167 lbs.
    Lost 64 lbs., 27.71 percent

    Mother of five Burgandy hoped to lose weight following a lap band procedure in 2008. Once she realized that surgery wasn’t the right answer for her, she turned to “The Biggest Loser” to help her find a way to keep the pounds off. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  15. Tina Elliott

    Starting weight: 263 lbs.
    Finale weight: 191 lbs.
    Lost 72 lbs., 27.38 percent

    Although she fell of the treadmill on her very first day in the gym, Tina soon found her footing. The retired homemaker not only took charge of her own health on the ranch, but she’s since served as an inspiration to her daughter, who’s lost 150 pounds by working out alongside of her. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  16. Sophia Franklin

    Starting weight: 272 lbs.
    Finale weight: 207 lbs.
    Lost 65 lbs., 23.90 percent

    High-school counselor and cheer squad coach Sophia struggled with her weight for years but found herself losing the battle after the death of her brother. She joined “The Biggest Loser” to find her inner-athletic again and become a better role model for her students. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
  17. Allie Ishcomer

    Starting weight: 322 lbs.
    Finale weight: 248 lbs.
    Lost 74 lbs., 22.98 percent

    Allie lived with obesity most of her life, and even underwent a failed gastric bypass surgery at the age of 14. The now 22-year-old student had the unfortunate distinction of being the first player eliminated from “The Biggest Loser” this season. (Chris Haston / NBC) Back to slideshow navigation
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Explainer: 'Biggest Loser': Where are they now?

  • Image: The Biggest Loser logo

    TODAY.com caught up with contestants and the big winners from the first 11 seasons and found out how their lives have changed since leaving the "Biggest Loser" campus.

    So where are the former contestants now, and how do they look?

  • Season 1

  • Ryan Benson

    Starting weight: 330
    Finale weight: 208
    Current weight: 300

    Since winning season one, Ryan has had three children, and also gotten more roles as an actor. He recently appeared in a film about weight and body issues called "Disfigured."

    While at the ranch, Ryan said that he'd learned that with hard work he can do anything he puts his mind to, but said that the outward effects of the show only lasted for the next month.

    "Unfortunately, keeping the weight off has been tough for me," Ryan said. "So the biggest way it's changed my life is I feel really guilty for gaining the weight back. I know the show inspires a lot of people, so I don't like being the guy to disappoint."

  • Andrea Baptiste

    Starting weight: 215
    Finale weight: 156
    Current weight: 155

    Season one contestant Andrea now hosts a Boston-based weekly variety show, "Wake Up Live With Corey and Drea." She also founded The Lotus Foundation, which promotes health and wellness to families in need, particularly in black and Latino communities.

    "My best tip to keep the weight off would be to invest in yourself," said Andrea. "My journey on 'The Biggest Loser' allowed me to find that inner me, the lioness, who can now take care of herself better than ever."

  • Kelly Minner

    Starting weight: 242
    Finale weight: 163

    As a motivational speaker, Kelly thinks you should go by how you look and feel, rather than a number on the scale.

    Season one runner-up Kelly feels like she's kept up the healthy lifestyle she started on the show five years ago.

    "I want to keep the weight off for life," Kelly said. "I never want to go back to the lifestyle I had before."

    The biggest lesson she learned on the show? "I cannot lose weight for others, I cannot get healthy for others, I can only do it for me," Kelly said. "Weight loss is so much more than eating healthy and working out. It is about believing in yourself and putting yourself first."

  • Season 2

  • Matt and Suzy Hoover

    His starting weight: 339
    Finale weight: 182
    Current weight: 237

    Her starting weight: 227
    Finale weight: 132
    Current: 175

    After meeting on season two of "The Biggest Loser," Matt proposed to Suzy live on the TODAY show. The couple now have two kids.

    Both have gained some of their old weight back. "If you've struggled at all with weight loss at any time in your life, you know you have to work at it, and we're no different," Matt said. "Our goal now as a family is to change our legacy."

    To stay in shape, Matt challenges himself by setting fitness goals. His most recent was the daunting Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. It includes a 2.4-mile swim in the ocean, a 112-mile bike ride followed by a full 26.2-mile marathon.

    "Sometimes you need to see a chubby guy taking off to do something he's not supposed to do," Matt said.

  • Jeff Levine

    Starting weight: 370
    Finale weight: 217
    Current weight: 240

    Dr. Levine continues his practice as a family physician and a medical school professor. He now works with the American Heart Association, Dairy Council and the American Academy of Family Physicians by giving talks to doctors and the public about dealing with the country's obesity epidemic. He's received awards for his emphatic and compassionate patient care.

    Dr. Levine tells others that it is not selfish to put yourself first when it comes to health. "You will be a far more effective parent, spouse or friend motivating someone else to change their behavior if you practice what you teach," he said.

    He recently went on a family vacation to Cancun, and was surprised at how many people still recognized him from the show.

    "I played water polo, volleyball, went jet skiing and snorkeling, and danced the night away with my wife, all things I could have never done prior to losing weight and regaining my health on 'The Biggest Loser,' " he said.

    Weight-loss tip: Plan a menu for the week together with your family. To save time, prepare some meals in advance.

  • Season 3

  • Erik Chopin


    His starting weight: 407
    Finale weight: 193
    Current weight: 368

    Erik Chopin's transformation was one of the most dramatic in the history of "The Biggest Loser," going from 407 pounds to 193. But when trainer Bob Harper heard that Erik, whom he had grown especially close to, had gained all the weight back, he dropped in for a surprise visit.

    "I put some weight on obviously. A few months ago I was at 368, which was very close to where I was at the start of 'The Biggest Loser,' " Erik said. "I felt uncomfortable telling him (Bob) where I was at. I felt like I was going to disappoint him. I can't let him know because he's going to be pissed off at me."

    Bob told him that he wasn't mad — and understood how hard it was to keep the weight off. "You know how to take it off and you know how to put it on, what you don't know is how to live your everyday life," Bob said.

    Bob challenged Erik to weigh in at the end of season nine, and Erik accepted.

    "It's a matter of getting past my own demons. Getting a handle on that is probably the last thing that's left," Erik said. "I was waiting for something like this."

  • Amy and Marty Wolff

    Her starting weight: 260
    Finale weight: 154
    Current weight: Working toward a healthy weight after having a baby

    His starting weight: 365
    Finale weight: 219
    Current: 260

    Amy married fellow contestant Marty, and the two have started their own wellness company. She recently gave birth to a baby boy named Blaine.

    "I now have a partner in life that knows exactly what it means to struggle with their weight," she said. "We help each other with our goals."

    After "The Biggest Loser," Marty founded his own company, Reality Wellness, which offers services like fitness boot camps and life-management coaching. He also married fellow contestant Amy Hildreth, a contestant he met on the show.

    Marty decided to put on more muscle mass, and played arena football for the Iowa Blackhawks.

    A former high-school teacher, Marty knows that he influenced many of his students, but perhaps the biggest impact he made was on his brother. After finishing filming, he lived with him.

    "Through my training for the show, he was able to pick up some of my healthy habits," Marty said. "As a result, he's 100 pounds lighter today."

  • Mark Wylie

    Starting weight: 307
    Finale weight: 178
    Current weight: 225

    Mark has incorporated "The Biggest Loser" into his work at Best Buddies, which pairs people with intellectual disabilities with high-school and college students. He developed a workout for people with mental disabilities, and is planning on shooting a workout DVD. He also has a children's book in the works.

    Mark said it was hard to see himself on TV.

    "To this day I have not seen the finale of my season. The hardest part was seeing the sad, lost look in my eyes," Mark said. "Now I'm more confident and self-aware."

    Workout tip: Have one day a week where you have a "cheat meal" to reduce cravings on other days.

  • Season 4

  • Bill Germanakos

    Starting weight: 334
    Finale weight: 170
    Current weight: 207

    Season four champ Bill took on a new role at his company, Quest Diagnostics, since being on the show. He's now their Wellness Ambassador and Director of Employee Wellness Initiatives, giving him a chance to share what he's learned with others.

    He's also become a Spinning instructor, and is leading classes locally, as well as around the country.

    One lesson: Temptations are at home right where you left them.

    "Every day is a struggle," he said. "I need to continue to make good choices at every turn."

    Bill said he's become more active with his family, and still has the long-term goal of walking his daughters down the aisle.

  • Jim Germanakos

    Starting weight: 361
    Finale weight: 175
    Current weight: 198

    During season four, Jim won the $100,000 consolation prize for being the sent-home player who lost the most weight — 186 pounds, equaling an astounding 51 percent of his body weight. He started a company with his brother Bill (who brought home the grand prize) called Weight Loss Twins. They make appearances at health and fitness expos and are motivational speakers. Their motto is "NO MORE EXCUSES!"

    Jim has continued to work as a full-time police officer, and plans to earn his certification as a personal trainer. He's inspired his brother Spiro, who has never been into exercising, to get in shape. Jim and Bill helped Spiro get some exercise equipment, "Biggest Loser" books and videos and join a gym. Spiro has lost more than 65 pounds.

    After leaving the show, Jim has accomplished some major goals, such as running in the New York City Marathon and learning how to snowboard. Next up? Surfing.

  • Jerry Lisenby

    Starting weight: 297, but has weighed over 300
    Finale: 187
    Current: 213

    In August 2008, Jerry achieved a lifelong goal of biking cross-country with his wife of 43 years. Along the way, he hoped to inspire others to lose weight by telling them that they can do it even if they aren't on "The Biggest Loser." (He was eliminated in episode three and lost the majority of his weight at home.)

    Jerry stays in shape by exercising four to five days a week, playing golf and tennis. He also competes in triathlons.

    The biggest surprise about seeing himself on national TV? "I can't believe I let all that fat hang out," he said. "For years I wouldn't take my shirt off to go swimming at the YMCA, located just beyond my back yard."

    Weight loss tip: Eliminate carbonated beverages and alcohol.

  • Nicole Michalik

    Starting weight: 279
    Finale weight: 174
    Current weight: 178

    Currently working as a receptionist and radio DJ in Philadelphia, Nicole said that being on "The Biggest Loser" gave her a voice.

    "I want to shout on the roof tops that 'You can have the life that you want!' " Nicole said. "It's so important to treat yourself well."

    Nicole said that the most important thing she learned on "The Biggest Loser" was that there are no secret tricks to slimming down. She works out at least five days a week and watches everything she eats.

    She recently had surgery to remove excess skin after losing so much weight both on the show and afterward at home.

    "The show really changed my life and I'm so grateful for the experience and to show people that it is possible to really keep the weight off and change your life," she said.

  • Isabeau Miller

    Starting weight: 298
    Finale weight: 185
    Current weight: 220

    Third-runner-up Isabeau now works as a life coach and personal trainer, as well as in real estate. Her company, Rock Hard Body and Soul started a "take home coach" program, which allows her to travel across the country and train people. She's also marrying her fiance, Jon, who many viewers got to "meet" during Isabeau's family visits in October 2009.

    Isabeau now eats a diet of whole, natural, organic and unprocessed foods and goes to the gym five to six hours a week.

    She's been able to maintain her weight loss, but instead of getting on a scale, she measure by how her jeans fit, which she says allows her to focus on why she went on "The Biggest Loser" in the first place — to be healthy and happy.

    "It's more than a diet you do to fit into a pair of jeans," she said. "It's a lifestyle you commit to in order to live the longest, healthiest, most rewarding life possible."

    Any lifelong goals she's met since leaving "The Biggest Loser"? Being able to run in road races, shop in regular stores and fly in an airplane without worrying about fitting in the seat.

    "They may not seem like much to most people," Isabeau said. "But I longed for the normalcy that comes with being at a healthy weight."

  • Hollie Self

    Starting weight: 255
    Finale: 150
    Current: 158

    Season four finalist Hollie became interested in TV production while being in front of the cameras. She moved to L.A., and ended up getting a job in production with "The Biggest Loser."

    "I never imagined that I'd be building my resume on the actual show that changed my life," she said.

    Before the show, Hollie said that even though she didn't realize it, she was very unhappy. "I never really believed that I could lose the weight, and in a larger sense, I never really believed that I could live the life I really wanted," she said. "After those eight months, I felt on top of the world."

    Weight-loss tip: Keep healthy snacks close. Hollie says that she keeps proportioned snacks in her car so if she gets caught in L.A. traffic, she won't overeat later.

  • Season 5

  • Ali Vincent

    Starting weight: 234
    Finale weight: 122
    Current weight: 125

    The first-ever female "Biggest Loser" winner is now a spokesperson for 24 Hour Fitness and loves being outside in her home state of Arizona.

    She has a book out: "Believe It, Be It: How the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life."

    Ali said the most difficult thing about coming home after being on the ranch was "figuring out how where and how I fit me and my new lifestyle into the life I created when I was afraid of me."

    When Ali feels down or frustrated, she sits down and watches the finale of season five.

    "I remember I can do anything," she said.

    Weight-loss tip: "Remember that every moment is a choice."

    Ali watches her calorie intake and continues to wear the BodyBugg on her arm to measure her calorie burn. "I don't want to leave anything to guesswork when I have the tools not to," she said.

  • Dan Evans

    Starting weight: 310
    Finale weight: 174
    Current weight: 180

    After finishing "The Biggest Loser," Dan recorded his first album, "Goin' All Out," which debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard Top Country album charts. He said that before going on the "Biggest Loser" he thought he was putting enough effort into weight loss — but that being at the ranch taught him what hard work really was, and he's putting that same sort of dedication into his music career.

    "I am pursuing my lifelong dream," Dan said. "My weight was the barrier between me and my dream of music. The weight is gone and the pursuit of my dream is on."

    Dan knows he's inspired others, too. He held a contest to take a guest to the Country Music Awards, and chose a man who had lost 150 pounds and ran the New York City Marathon after watching him on "The Biggest Loser."

  • Kelly Fields

    Starting weight: 271
    Finale weight: 162
    Current weight: 190

    Kelly, who was partnered with her ex-husband Paul on the show, has a new man in her life — who she met at the gym.

    Since the show, they have gotten married.

    "He is wonderful, and the love and respect he has for me is amazing," Kelly said.

    Kelly and her husband decided to try and start a family of their own, but shortly after, Kelly needed emergency surgery and then learned that she could not have children.

    "This just happened a month ago, I don't know how to deal with this or grieve the loss," Kelly said. "I hope this helps some people — I will triumph from this. It will make me stronger."

    Kelly said that through good or bad events in her life, she will be open with her fans from "The Biggest Loser."

    "I am where I am from opportunities from the show, so I will continue to share and be an open book," she said.

  • Mark Kruger

    Starting weight: 285
    Finale weight: 156
    Current weight: 189

    On "The Biggest Loser," Mark learned that it was OK to show his emotions.

    "It helped me deal with my food issues in my normal life," he said. "I no longer hide my feelings and cover them up with food."

    He also learned the importance of good health and physical condition.

    "I worked very hard to get this way and never want to go back," Mark said.

    Mark is about to run his first marathon in Lowell, Mass., and hopes to earn a qualifying time good enough to enter the Boston Marathon. He still works out 2 1/2 hours every day and said he is in the best shape of his life.

    Weight-loss tip: Keep a food journal. "This helps you realize what you are eating on a daily basis and where you need to make changes," Mark said.

  • Trent Patterson

    Starting weight: 436
    Finale weight: 301
    Current weight: 324

    Former football player Trent is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and primarily trains athletes. He and his wife have two children: Lincoln, 2, and Mackensie, who is 6 months old.

    "Being an athlete, I was always accustomed to training for something," Trent said. "When my playing days were over I felt as though I had nothing to train for. As a way to stay motivated, I decided to train for a long life."

    Trent would like to see the focus of weight loss switch from "getting skinny" and focus more on health, because "skinny doesn't look good on every body." He hasn't reached his goal weight of 270, but is confident he will because he is "training for life."

  • Bernie Salazar

    Starting weight: 283
    Finale weight: 153
    Current weight: 165

    Since winning $100,000 as the eliminated player who lost the most weight, Bernie has gone on to earn his master's degree in education and run his first full marathon. He also travels the country as a motivational speaker and is writing his first children's book.

    "I am relearning who I am given my new body and view on life," Bernie said. "I no longer take things for granted."

    Even though Bernie was the only one on "The Biggest Loser: Couples" who was paired with a stranger, he and Brittany Aberle still stay in touch. After hearing that Bernie finished a marathon, she asked him to run her first half marathon with her this winter.

  • Roger Shultz

    Starting weight: 364
    Finale weight: 199
    Current weight: 235

    Roger lost his job after being on "The Biggest Loser," but has a new gig as the official coach for "Scale Back Alabama," a statewide campaign to help Alabamians slim down. He also is a motivational speaker, radio talk show host and heads up a nonprofit to fight childhood obesity.

    Being on "The Biggest Loser" helped Roger develop a new set of goals. After meeting his lifelong goal of playing football for the University of Alabama, "I was just wandering and letting myself go."

    One thing that keeps him going?

    "All my friends think I will put the weight back on," he said. "So that motivates me."

  • Season 6

  • Michelle Aguilar

    Luke Edmonson

    Starting weight: 242
    Finale weight: 132
    Current weight: N/A

    Michelle said that her life has changed a great deal since winning season six of "The Biggest Loser," but the most notable change is that she married.

    "I live a more full life," she said. "One that is not always easy, but it's a life that I am in control of."

    She said that she meets many people who tell her she inspired them.

    "Their stories are so wonderful that they in turn inspire me to keep going and helping others. So it is neat that it works both ways."

  • Ed Brantley and Heba Salama

    His starting weight: 335
    Finale weight: 197
    Current weight: 230

    Her starting weight: 294
    Finale weight: 156
    Current: 175

    Being on "The Biggest Loser" brought Heba and Ed even closer together.

    "We find ourselves taking 5-mile runs together instead of going out to eat, and we can't believe it's something we enjoy," Heba said. "We have really made permanent changes together, and feel so lucky to have each other on a daily basis to keep ourselves in line. It has made our marriage unbelievably strong."

    Weight-loss tip:
    Always train for something in the future, like a triathlon or have marathon, to keep a goal in mind and avoid getting bored with your workouts.

  • Amy Cremen

    Starting weight: 239
    Finale weight: 135
    Current weight: 160

    Amy said that losing weight on "The Biggest Loser" was the easy part — and keeping it off has been the hard part.

    "It's so hard to come back to the real world full of temptations and problems," Amy said. "You have changed when you come home, but everything else around you has stayed the same and you have to learn to deal with it and figure out if it can fit into your new life."

    Amy now keeps a food journal of everything she eats to keep her on track, has become a pescatarian (a vegetarian who also eats fish) and makes sure she goes to the gym or makes time to be active.

  • Shellay Cremen

    Starting weight: 216
    Finale weight: 142
    Current weight: 165

    Shellay said that the hardest part of leaving "The Biggest Loser" campus was the feeling like she could never go back there again.

    "But I also realized that I left a part of me there — a part I never want to see again," she said.

    Shellay said she knows she's inspired people to lose weight — but one in particular is the godfather of her sons. When she left for "The Biggest Loser" he decided he'd also get healthy, and has lost 75 pounds.

  • Amy and Phil Parham

    Her starting weight: 229
    Finale weight: 124
    Current weight: 137

    His starting weight: 331
    Finale weight: 185
    Current: 193

    Since finishing "The Biggest Loser," Amy and Phil have traveled around the country to conduct 90-day fitness challenges. They created a book and companion DVD, "Dream Again: Phil and Amy's 90 Day Fitness Challenge."

    "Life has changed because we now have the ability to help others learn what we learned," Amy said. "We can pay it forward. That's the real prize."

  • Coleen Skeabeck

    Starting weight: 218
    Finale weight: 154
    Current weight: 179

    Coleen said that the most important thing she learned on "The Biggest Loser" was to chase her dreams.

    "I'd rather live my life knowing that I tried rather than asking,'What if?' "Coleen said. "I learned at 'Biggest Loser' that you can honestly do anything you set your mind to."

    One of those things included completing the 2009 San Francisco Olympic Distance Triathlon. And although she can't talk about specifics, Coleen said she's pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

    "I love that people are able to relate to me and use my successes as inspiration to live the best life possible," she said. "On a daily basis I get e-mails, Facebook messages and tweets on Twitter about how I've inspired someone in their life."

  • Jerry Skeabeck

    Starting weight: 380
    Finale weight: 265
    Current weight: 261

    When Jerry started "The Biggest Loser," he the most unhealthy contestant the show had seen yet: He had trouble walking three minutes on a treadmill. But by the end of the season, he was running in 5ks.

    "I've always thought of myself as a pretty athletic guy," Jerry said. "When I loaded up with 130 pounds of fat, I pretty much fooled myself by telling myself that it is OK, I'll lose it."

    Since coming home, Jerry said he's been able to stay in shape by going to the gym six days a week.

    "I realized from the start that the Jerry who was almost 400 pounds will never return," said Jerry, a police officer. "To see my officers that work with me in the gym knocking themselves out to be bigger and badder than the old Sarge tickles me pink!"

  • Vicky Vilcan

    Starting weight: 246
    Finale weight: 145
    Current weight: 150

    Vicky was portrayed as a busy working mom trying to find a balance in her life — and time to work out. But she also came across as a bit of a villain, controlling the game.

    "It was very frustrating to see my journey aired through someone else's eyes. I never saw it like the producers did," Vicky said. "I always felt like the underdog who had to struggle through an injury and work harder than everyone else."

    But since being on the show, she's learned to trust herself.

    "I don't need other people's opinions to know what's right," she said. "I am much more confident in everything I do."

    Keeping the weight off
    "I wear my finale jeans at least once a week," Vicky said.  "If they get too tight, then I cut back on calories and exercise more the next week."

  • Season 7

  • Helen Phillips

    Starting weight: 257
    Finale weight: 117
    Current weight: 135

    After leaving "The Biggest Loser," Helen started working with obese families, encouraging them as a family unit to lose weight.

    "I am able to take what I've learned from the ranch and share it with the people who reach out to me for inspiration," Helen said. "They look at me with hope in their eyes, and I am able to give that to them. I feel honored to be able to work on the battle against childhood obesity and be a part of helping them make the change."

    Keeping the weight off:
    "Remember how the old you felt, and then ask yourself how the new you feels," Helen said. "I promise you'll look in the mirror and smile. I keep telling myself I want health and happiness more than cake!"

  • Tara Costa

    Starting weight: 294
    Finale weight: 139
    Current weight: 161

    Tara said that it has been difficult to meet people's expectations after being on "The Biggest Loser."

    "Sometimes, since you gain some weight back, you feel like you failed them, meaning America," Tara said. "I just have to keep realizing that I went on the show for me, to get my life back, and by me being open with my struggles helps others realize that they too can overcome struggles in their life."

    Tara said the biggest way her life has changed since the show is that she has a life.

    "Pre 'Biggest Loser,' I wouldn't do things because I was embarrassed of what I looked like," she said. "Now I realize that everyone will always have an opinion, but the only ones that matter are the people who are closest to me."

    Weight-loss tip:
    "I use Post-its all over my room, car, fridge, everywhere to remind me what I really want out of life," Tara said. "This does help keep me focused, but my home looks a little funny with Post-its everywhere."

  • Sione Fa

    Starting weight: 372
    Finale weight: 226
    Current weight: 239

    Since leaving the show, Sione has started taking what he learned on "The Biggest Loser" and sharing it with others through public speaking.

    "It was fun watching myself on the show," Sione said. "Better yet, it was fun watching my kids watch me on the show — every time I would come on they would scream, 'Daddy!' and when I took my shirt off my daughter would say, 'Ewwwww.' "

    After the show, Sione set the goal of running a marathon.

  • Damien Gurganious and Nicole Brewer

    His starting weight: 381
    Finale weight: 245
    Current weight: 260

    Her starting weight: 269
    Finale weight: 146

    Engaged couple Damien and Nicole got married this past summer — and felt great while doing it.

    "I walked down the aisle without feeling self-conscious about my weight," Nicole said. "I felt absolutely amazing on my big day!"

    In addition to her job as a wardrobe stylist, Nicole now teaches group fitness classes at 24 Hour Fitness.

    Weight loss tip:
    Minimize diet sodas and increase your water intake. "Staying hydrated maximizes your ability to burn fat, and most people don't know this," Damien said.

  • Jerry and Estella Hayes

    His starting weight: 369
    Finale weight: 192
    Current weight: 198

    Her starting weight: 242
    Finale weight: 159
    Current: 158

    Jerry shocked everyone on Season 7 of "The Biggest Loser" with his dramatic transformation — he went from being so sick that he collapsed during the first episode to the at-home winner who lost the greatest percentage of weight.

    Jerry and Estella said that they plan on watching the first episode every three months as a reminder of how far they have come.

    The hardest part? Coming home, cleaning out the cupboards and filling them with healthy food, and spending hours at the supermarket, reading all the labels to make good food choices.

  • Ron Morelli

    Starting weight: 430
    Finale weight: 238
    Current weight: 251

    Ron is still on his local city council, but has a new project in the works — a camp for overweight teens.

    He said the person who he has inspired the most is his son Max, who lost 100 pounds.

    Weight-loss tip:
    Keep a picture of yourself at your heaviest and look at it often. You will never want to go back."

  • Season 8

  • Danny Cahill

    Image: Danny Cahill

    Starting weight: 430
    Finale weight: 191
    Current weight: 215

    Since winning "Biggest Loser," Danny travels across the country to speaks and teaches groups and corporations how to "lose your quit," as he says. "I try to inspire them and motivate them by telling them that they do not need a reality show to change their lives, but just to 'change their mind,' " he explained to us. "That’s what the 'Biggest Loser' taught me, that I have the power within me to do anything I set my mind to. That is the message I am spreading to America."

    To stay in shape, he runs, and has so far participated in two marathons, with a third coming up in 2011. He also lifts weights.

    Weight loss tip: "The trick is not only diet, not only exercise, but to change your thinking," Danny said. "It is a complete change."

  • Sean Algaier

    Image: Sean Algaier

    Starting weight: 444
    Finale weight: 289
    Current weight: 240

    Sean said that the lessons he learned on "The Biggest Loser" are invaluble. "I have used what I learned there to become a more strong and confident husband, father and contributing member of society," he told us. "I employ everything I learned on the ranch at home. I've changed how I eat, how I view food. I reversed type-2 diabetes on the ranch and have continued to stay away from that, I am much more active. ... I am a new man because of what I learned."

    He stays in shape now by running a lot, which he doesn't really like. Sean ran the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon in 2009, the Nashville Half Marathon in 2010 and is currently training for another one in 2011. He also works with trainers three times a week and plays basketball.

    Weight loss tip: "Keep a food journal or log!" he advised. "It's important to know what you're eating, most Americans have no clue how many actual calories they are ingesting in a 24-hour period." He also makes a point of talking about mental health. "It's important that we aren't victims of our past, even thought bad things might've happened, we still have the choice to move forward. "

  • Abby Rike

    Image: Abby Rike
    Dean Dixon Photography

    Starting weight: 247
    Finale weight: 147
    Current weight: 150

    Abby said that the lessons she learned on the show have changed the way she lives. "Clean eating and exercise play an integral part of my life now," she told us. "I also speak professionally to various groups around the country promoting living your best life regardless of circumstances." Since leaving the show, she has also written a book titled "Working It Out, A Journey of Love, Loss, and Hope." It is due out in May 2011.

    Abby stays in shape by working with a trainer twice a week, walking and joking, and participating in a body combat class. She works out about four to six hours a week.

    Weight loss tips: "Educate yourself on proper nutrition and figure out what works for you and your lifestyle," and "be a slave to good health rather than the scale."

  • Season 9

  • Michael Ventrella

    Image: Michael Ventrella

    Starting weight: 526
    Finale weight: 262
    Current weight: 289

    Since winning season nine, Michael has been very proactive in his attempts to pay it forward. He reaches out to as many folks as he can to educate and to give them hope that anything they put their minds to is achievable.

    Today, he stays in shape by sticking to a well-built training exercise and diet plan that will help him "gain lean body mass and shed body fat percentage in the healthiest way possible."

    Weight loss tip: Working out is not a way of life, it is only part of it. It should always be fun, so look forward to it.

  • Stephanie Anderson

    Image: Stephanie Anderson

    Starting weight: 264
    Finale weight: 165
    Current weight: 170

    Since leaving "Biggest Loser," Stephanie said that she is really living now. "Sounds totally cheesy but what I have learned about nutrition, exercise, others, and myself are lifelong lessons I use in one way or another every day," she told us. "I went from faking happiness to really being happy. I love it!"

    She noted that staying in shape is a work in a progress, since her days tend to fluctuate due to work stress, food, workout routines and more. She works out at least 30 minutes a day, but often up to four to five hours on the weekends. "I love delicious food (high quality and healthy) but still calories add up so I have to stay active to keep the weight off," she said.

    Weight loss tip: "Find something you just love to do — running, spinning, boxing," Stephanie suggested. "An activity you enjoy will keep you motivated and get a friend or family member involved with you! Keeping things fun and staying accountable to your partner will help both parties reach their goals."

  • O'Neal Hampton

    Image: O'Neal Hampton

    Starting weight: 389
    Finale weight: 230
    Current weight: 225

    O'Neal is now the owner of a live-in fitness resort in Tofte, Minn., that helps people jump-start their weight loss. In addition, he's started a nonprofit and does motivational speaking around the country.

    To stay fit, O'Neal works out five to six days a week for at least two hours a day. Plus, he works out along with the participants at his fitness resort.

    Weight loss tip: "It is never to late to start your own journey. Never give up. Your tomorrow starts today!"

  • Sam Poueu

    Image: Sam Poueu

    Starting weight: 372
    Finale weight: 230
    Current weight: 242

    Sam is now working at the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge in Malibu, and is getting certified for personal and group training. He stays in shape by working out twice a day.

    Weight loss tip: "Get up. Get out. Get movin'. You don't necessarily need a gym to burn calories. Most, if not all of us, can get active outdoors in our own local parks and environments."

  • Season 10

  • Patrick House

    Image: Patrick House

    Starting weight: 400 lbs.
    Finale weight: 219 lbs.
    Current weight: 235 lbs.

    Since winning season 10, Patrick has been hitting the gym to regain some muscle. He also participated in the Boston Marathon on April 18 and beat his "Biggest Loser" marathon time by 33 minutes. He's currently working at Mindstream Academy in Bluffton, S.C., a boarding school program that helps overweight teens get healthy and get back to nature.

    Weight loss tip: Patrick said the No. 1 question he gets is what diet he's on. "The truth is that I am not on a diet. I have made a lifestyle change," he said. "People ask me all the time whether or not I eat foods like pizza. Of course I eat pizza! I love pizza! What I don't do is eat an entire stuffed crust and was it down with a six pack like I used to. It's all about portion control and moderation."

  • Mark Pinhasovich

    Image: Mark Pinhasovich

    Starting weight: 421 lbs.
    Finale weight: 208 lbs.
    Current weight: 250 lbs.

    Since becoming season 10's at-home winner, Mark has been doing a lot of charity work to go with the show's theme of "pay it forward." He has also been doing motivational speaking and is looking into opening a gym.

    Weight loss tip: "Just keep your body moving," Mark said. "As long as you are doing anything, even walking, it will help you lose weight. Stay active!"

  • Alfredo 'Frado' Dinten

    Image: Frado Dinten
    Frado Dinten

    Starting weight: 367 lbs.
    Finale weight: 205 lbs.
    Current weight: 247 lbs.

    The season 10 runner-up is involved in a weight-loss initiative in his community, speaks to children in public schools about the importance of a healthy diet and excercise, motivating obese people to join him at the gym and much more.

    Weight loss tip: "The days that you don't want to go to the gym or feel like doing anything are the days you need to get your butt there!" Frado said. "Once you get there you realize that your life has truly changed for the better! But the most important tip for weight loss is to keep moving. Walk, walk, walk!"

  • Ada Wong

    Image: Ada Wong
    Zach Hewlett

    Starting weight: 258 lbs.
    Finale weight: 159 lbs.
    Current weight: 165 lbs.

    Since finishing in third place, Ada has run two marathons back to back (with plans to participate in more) and worked with schools and companies to develop wellness programs.

    Weight loss tip: "I know it sounds basic, but the first thing you need to do is commit," Ada said. "Most people aren't successful with weight loss because they don't commit. It's going to be difficult and a long process."

  • Season 11

  • Olivia Ward

    Image: Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee
    Olivia Ward

    Starting weight: 261 lbs.
    Finale weight: 132 lbs.
    Current weight: 142 lbs.

    Since the season 11 finale, Olivia, right, has traveled all over the country with her sister Hannah Curlee, left, encouraging others to get healthy. The sisters have also become the official weight-loss gurus for Dr. Drew's new daytime show on The CW, "Lifechangers."

    Weight loss tip: "If you can realize that weight loss happens in the mind first, the body will soon follow," Olivia said. "Deciding mentally first to overcome the scale is key to success!"

  • Hannah Curlee

    Image: Hannah Curlee and Olivia Ward.
    Olivia Ward

    Starting weight: 248 lbs.
    Finale weight: 128 lbs.
    Current weight: 138 lbs.

    Hannah, pictured on the left, has been busy traveling around the country with her sister Olivia Ward (the season 11 champ, right) to talk about health. The sisters have also appeared on the cover of Fitness magazine.

    Weight loss tip: "Always be prepared," Hannah advised. "I carry healthy snacks with me all day. Letting yourself get to hungry leads to bad choices and the dreaded drive-through!"

  • Moses Kinikini

    Image: Moses Kinikini
    Photo courtesy of Moses Kinikini

    Starting weight: 440 lbs.
    Finale weight: 287 lbs.
    Current weight: 315 lbs.

    Since the show, Moses has gone back to work as a garge-door installer, but has also done marathons and triathlons to help promote health and fitness in and around his community. He's also doing speaking engagements as a way to give back by sharing what he he learned from his experiences and from being on "The Biggest Loser." "I have truly enjoyed meeting so many people who are so anxious to work together to take control of their lives," Moses said.

    Weight loss tip: Moses stresses that while on their weight-loss journey, people shouldn't forget that being healthy and doing what is healthy is more important than losing weight. "Don't do something that is harmful to your health and wellness just to lose weight," he said. "There are so many things out there that are only for a temporary weight loss, and eventually you gain it all back." He suggests making a lifestyle change that you can stick with.

  • Denise 'Deni' Hill

    Image: Denise Hill
    Photo courtesy of Denise Hill

    Starting weight: 256 lbs.
    Finale weight: 131 lbs.
    Current weight: 140 lbs.

    Since the show, Deni has been doing a lot of motivational speaking. "I love to talk to people my age who have given up because they think they're too old! No one is ever to old get healthy!" she said. Deni is also working on a project called Sponsor Me Slim. "We help people lose weight, they get sponsors who donate for every pound they lose, and the proceeds are sent to an organization called Nourish the Children. Nourish the Children feeds millions of starving children throughout the world," she explained.

    Weight loss tip: "Use a smaller plate. It really works!" she said.

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