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It’s important to keep your dog or cat warm this cold winter season. Remember, a cold or snow-covered dog can turn into a sniffling dog.
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updated 12/17/2010 5:38:34 PM ET 2010-12-17T22:38:34

The holiday season is here and you can stop chasing your tail wondering what’s the best pet present to buy. With this holiday gift guide, you don’t have to feel like an underdog when finding the perfect gift for the deserving four-legged companions and doting pet parents in your life. And if you want to stay out of the doghouse during the holidays, the holiday tips will keep your wintry adventures fun and festive!

Dog-friendly winter destinations

Dogs and cats are gifted at napping, and Petco carries a wide variety of pet beds designed for dreaming animals. The Cuddler Bed in Berry ($14.99) is a round, plush comfy zone for dogs to easily climb into and relax — perfect for older canines. The Red Plaid Cat Bed ($18.74) will have your cat snuggling up to the stuffed sides, and the no-skid bottom will keep even skittish kitties grounded.

Tip: Make sure to have a comfortable bed for your dog or cat to relax on and help them stay away from the holiday dinner table — especially since candy canes and other sugary treats can be toxic to dogs.

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Crazy Critters pet toys will have your little crazy critters jumping for joy! The Fox & Raccoon Stuffing-Free Toys ($9.99) are super-soft and a dog’s perfect hunting toy. If your Christmas canine is a chewer by nature, then the All Natural Mega Munch Sticks ($4.99) made of bark-covered willow branches will have your dog chomping and chasing this multipurpose toy. ($4.99 - $9.99; for more information visit: petco.com)

Tip: Keep your dog busy and entertained with a new Crazy Critter toy as you are running around getting everything perfect for the holidays.

Dog bakeries target owners of hungry holiday hounds

The Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 video game is the perfect holiday gift for the entire family, especially if you’re thinking of adopting a new pet this holiday. Animal lovers can bond with 22 different animals while discovering each breed’s likes and dislikes. Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 helps players learn which pet is the right fit for your family, and adds to what you already know about beloved pets. Nurture and create relationships with baby “petz” by feeding them, providing shelter and watching them grow! ($29.99; for more information visit: ubi.com)

Tip: Instead of pulling down the Christmas tree or helping you “rearrange” your holiday decorations, your kid(s) will keep busy with the Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 video game.

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We all have Land’s End jackets — now our dogs can, too! Every dog needs an extra layer when running from one holiday hound party to the next. Your dog will keep warm throughout the wintry cold with a Land’s End Fleece Dog Jacket, perhaps in seasonal red or green, with a memorable monogram. This cozy, machine-washable, polyester fleece jacket protects dogs in the ruff-est of climates. ($19.50; for more information visit: landsend.com)

Tip: Not all dogs are huskies! It’s important to keep your dog or cat warm this chilly winter season. Remember, a cold or snow-covered dog can turn into a sniffling dog.

Would you take your pet on vacation with you?

If you’re planning some holiday travel with your snowbound pets or know a pet parent who is, artist William Wegman has created the gift for you! The exclusive William Wegman Crypton Super Fabric Throver works like a tarp but looks like a topline blanket. The “Throver” (for Rover) can be used to cover and protect outdoor car seats and indoor sofas. This must-have pet present is available in two designs — Show (six colors) and Gameboard (five colors). The Throver is easy to spot or machine clean, and is stain and odor resistant. ($149; for more information visit: cryptonfabric.com)

Tip: Use a William Wegman Throver to keep your furniture clean for all the holiday guests! The Throver is easy to clean, and will help keep your furniture pet damage free, saving you from buying a new sofa or couch.

Final note: Do not give pets as gifts! This isn’t Scrooge speaking, but it is important that the receiver is ready to play, love and care for the pet 24 hours a day! Unlike an ugly pair of wool socks, pets aren’t gifts you can just toss aside or return. If you do know someone who’s ready to become a new “mommy” or “daddy,” make sure you adopt as there is every breed, size, color, shape and personality available.

Animal Fair is the first lifestyle magazine/website for animal lovers in support of fairness to animals. Animal Fair is dedicated to highlighting nonprofit animal organizations, giving them the opportunity to tell their inspirational stories and to provide contact information so that our readers can become involved.

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Video: Gifts for your four-legged, furry friends

  1. Transcript of: Gifts for your four-legged, furry friends

    ERIN BURNETT, co-host: All right, this morning on TODAY'S PETS , holiday gifts for your four-legged friends. Stop chasing your tail wondering what's the best pet present to buy because the answers are here. Founder and editorial director of Animal Fair magazine, Wendy Diamond , has some holiday pet gifts and tips that are going to keep you out of the dog house . Because you got to have a gift for the pets in your life.

    Ms. WENDY DIAMOND: You -- absolutely. Eighty-two percent of pet parents actually buy gifts for their pets.

    BURNETT: Wow.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Yeah, there are children now with families so...

    BURNETT: They get their own stocking, they get everything else.

    Ms. DIAMOND: They get everything.

    BURNETT: All right, so we've got some ideas that people can still get. One thing during the holidays that you notice about a pet, they're always taking naps. Pets nap all the time.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Right, because it's always so hectic with the holidays and people running around. It's really important I think to have a dog, but -- or a cat, but if you have a cat. This one, the cover is so adorable. It's under $20.

    BURNETT: I knew they were going to act up right when this segment started. Yeah.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Right. It's so...

    BURNETT: Yeah.

    Ms. DIAMOND: ...and all these animals, except Bucky , are up for adoption. But these two beds, they're under $20 at PETCO .

    BURNETT: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. DIAMOND: And it's the Cuddler Bed . It's great for senior pets to relax. It's really comfortable for them. And what's also important is during the holidays to make sure your pets are in a safe place , so it's not with all the hassle and the...

    BURNETT: They have a little sanctuary that's their place.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Absolutely. And they can rest.

    BURNETT: Keeps them from knocking the Christmas tree over.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Right.

    BURNETT: OK, all right. Now, another thing they -- pets, always give them toys, right? I mean...

    Ms. DIAMOND: They love toys and they're fine with it. It could be like $5. You can get these, squeaky toys, and they love to chew. What's really important is on the dinner table don't give them people food . It's really important to give them treats and a dog toy so they can play with that. Especially all-natural treats like these Wellness or even anything they can gnaw on so that when you're eating they're all the way on the side.

    BURNETT: And you're making the point that it's not -- you're not depriving them when you don't give them people food .

    Ms. DIAMOND: Absolutely.

    BURNETT: People food can make them really sick.

    Ms. DIAMOND: It's actually toxic. Yeah, like onions are really bad, bones can get -- digestive problems. It's really important to just give them dog food . It was made for dogs.

    BURNETT: It was made for dogs.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Ah, you know what I mean ?

    BURNETT: All right, OK.

    Ms. DIAMOND: But I know -- the winter time . It's freezing out...

    BURNETT: Now...

    Ms. DIAMOND: ...and if you're cold your dogs are cold. Lands' End -- everyone has a Lands' End jacket. Now they do Lands' End jackets for dogs and you can get them monogrammed with your dog's name on them.

    BURNETT: And we have...

    Ms. DIAMOND: And they're under $20.

    BURNETT: They're under $20.

    Ms. DIAMOND: They're under $20.

    BURNETT: Wow.

    Ms. DIAMOND: And it actually -- it's all fleece and it keeps the dogs warm in the winter.

    BURNETT: So you buy into this -- I know they look cute, but they actually -- they matter?

    Ms. DIAMOND: Actually they need it. Listen, not all dogs are Huskies .

    BURNETT: Right.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Right? They're not meant -- like these are lap dogs . They're meant to be inside on your lap. They're not supposed to be outside so it's important to actually get them sweaters or jackets like this Lands' End one.

    BURNETT: Mm-hmm. I like all these different versions.

    Ms. DIAMOND: They're adorable.

    BURNETT: The Santa jacket. OK, there is for the pet and the child.

    Ms. DIAMOND: All right now -- well first of all for the whole family, it's really -- this is the Ubisoft Petz Nursery . It's an amazing game for the whole family to learn how to take care of an animal. There's 20 different breeds of animals and let's say...

    BURNETT: Ah.

    Ms. DIAMOND: ...you're all -- your children can play on it while you're doing all the Christmas shopping or, you know, hopefully they have someone watching them. But when they -- it's really great for the whole family and it makes them great pet parents.

    BURNETT: That's pretty -- that's great, too, because kids don't always realize what they're...

    Ms. DIAMOND: Right. The responsibility.

    BURNETT: Maybe biting off more than they can chew, to use an appropriate pun for this segment.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Absolutely. And you know, how they have to care for them, feed them, everything. OK, now this is...

    BURNETT: OK, what is this?

    Ms. DIAMOND: Do you know William Wegman , the amazing photographer?

    BURNETT: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. DIAMOND: He is absolutely wonderful and he designed a whole array of dog pillows and Throver . This is Throver .

    BURNETT: Throver it's called?

    Ms. DIAMOND: It goes over your couch. It actually repels pet hair, it's easy to clean and it's actually a great Christmas gift because if you think about it, they have a lot of different designs. And if -- when people are coming over, if it spills it's easy to clean and it'll save on a new couch.

    BURNETT: Right.

    Ms. DIAMOND: So you don't need to get a new -- it actually just goes right over. You can throw it in the wash, easy to clean. It's crypton fabric, so it's one of the best fabrics you can buy.

    BURNETT: Because it looks like an expensive couch thing, but it -- and you can also use this in a car, I would imagine or something.

    Ms. DIAMOND: In the car, on the car seat. It's easy, it's affordable and it's lightweight.

    BURNETT: All right now, what about the gift that a lot of people like to give?

    Ms. DIAMOND: You absolutely cannot...

    BURNETT: The pet itself.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Yeah, no, it's not -- it's very important to understand that people, when you give a dog or a cat or any animal, it's a responsibility. They need to care for it. It costs money...

    BURNETT: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. DIAMOND: ...and they need to have the time for the animal. But if you are ready to do it, there's any breed of any animal you want at the shelter. You can get any -- this is a pure bred Pomeranian , pure bred Shih Tzu , this cat is the sweetest cat you've ever seen in your entire life.

    BURNETT: It is a sweet cat and it has not scratched or tried to move the whole segment.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Oh!

    BURNETT: It is very un-catlike but there we go.

    Ms. DIAMOND: Right.


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