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Video: Get in the spirit with festive holiday cocktails

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    >>> holidays with a bar menu. isn't that interesting? for your cocktail party .

    >> now we're talking. here to fill us in, fill our glasses, jean benedict, founder of jeanbenedict.com and contributing editor to celebrations.com.

    >> i brought the party with me.

    >> as you always do.

    >> let's get it started. cocktails parties are such the trend. we have bloody marys and bloody marias. basically a cocktail for every kind of little occasion. this is perfect for christmas brunch. so you want to make your home bar a little bit more upscale. use pour spouts. and use a shot glass . i'm going to mix up a bloody mary .

    >> what's a bloody maria , by the way is.

    >> you want to mix up the bloody maria ? a bloody maria is just a bloody mary with tequila. do an ounce. an ounce is two tablespoons. but a lot of people pour a little heavy. that's perfect. having a shot glass helps guests keep track of their consumption. they have something to do. it is fun. you want to taste them?

    >> yes.

    >> we're going to be tasting a lot of drinks. this next one is super fun.

    >> okay.

    >> what's wrong with that? spirit for the holidays. santa hat cocktail. christmas in july . you guys, these are super fun.

    >> is this coconut around the rim?

    >> it is coconut around the rim and then the way that you make this is you do coconut rum, an ounce of coconut rum. you do three ounces of cranberry juice . and then for color -- isn't it delicious? a splash of grenadine. mix it up, then pour it. i forgot to give you guys your garnish. you garnish it with -- look at me, two-fifsted.

    >> how did you get this coconut to stick?

    >> powder sugar and waste. like a little paste. you can do a little recipe card so it can be like a station. this is perfect for a cocktail party . multiple stations.

    >> this i love. look closely at the ice cube real quick.

    >> this is a little -- actually a shot glass mold. a shot glass mold but you can even make it with like a one-ounce plastic cup that salsa comes in. something like that. it is just mint, fresh mint and then cranberry tips just like this. then you put a cranberry in, then you fill it up with water and freeze it. this is great for drop-by guests. this cocktail is actually just like a straight mix of pinot grigio and a lemon-lime soda. like a white wine sangria. the mint and cranberry just make it festive. you can put this in sparkling water . you make a bunch of these, guests stop by, just pop it in their drink.

    >> that's beautiful.

    >> where do you get these shot glassmakers?

    >> one of those department stores that sells everything is a great place. this is signature drink, peppermint white- hot chocolate .

    >> i already love it.

    >> this is great for an open house and also great for budget because it is peppermint schnapps and that's so affordable. the recipe for this on the website serves about 12 people. to make it that much more festive, dip it in chocolate. these are marshmallows.

    >> that's all i want. i don't care about the drink.

    >> looks so fabulous.

    >> 20 seconds.

    >> eggnog with bourbon. what makes this special is just this little fudge stripe cookie. i put a bourbon chocolate glaze on it. cheers, you guys. eggnog, little bourbon, little cookie ornament on the side, perfect for christmas eve .

    >> always on our website. merry christmas . cheers. we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc.

    >>> it's hard to believe we are half-way through our annual holiday toy drive an we


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