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Video: Wow loved ones with these thoughtful gifts

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    >>> this morning on bobbie's style buzz, unique presents with a personal touch. in the holiday season in full swing, you can spend hours searching for the perfect gift. bobbie thomas is here to help with sentimental suggestions. good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> one of the hardest things is shopping for people we love because we want the gifts to be meaningful. you spent pretty much a year looking to find the best things. people all throughout this studio have been taking down lists to find out what you've got. one of these ideas involves something i think every grandmother, i would love it, and so would those in our families, made into lamp.

    >> this company is called light affection. a picture is worth a thousand words . why not make it a special lamp or nightlight. what's so amazing, they take a real photo and carve that photo, so realistic. a great way to turn a lump on or desk on a night stand .

    >> send them the photograph.

    >> send them the photograph. they'll carve something like this, you see, taped down, carve something like this and put it into either a nightlight or table lamp.

    >> i'm not sure how they show up on television but in person, they're really amazing.

    >> it's a unique gift. when you're giving someone a gift for the holidays, nothing better than realizing somebody really had a special moment in mind.

    >> you also want to send wisdom, i do. my mom and dad did. this is one way that might be less oppressive.

    >> i love this company. so many other cool things, called shape ways.com and will take your quotes, family names , special dates and put it in three d object, napkin holders and canal holders. i love the quote, when the grass is greener, time to water your own and wrapped this into this 3d cylinder. you can see this metal plastic, all different colors. a great way a sitting at the able to to have your family's names.

    >> can you pick your own? if you have a family phrase. we have a big phrase in our family.

    >> you can have it. it would be really great.

    >> this would be one of my favorites. you take ideas, any mother, i have drawers of this stuff for my kids.

    >> creep escapes takes your children -- dreamscapes takes special artwo artwork. this came in through this mouse pad .

    >> we have a bird with feathers and made this into a mouse pad without the feathers. you can see all the details.

    >> i love that. they can take charm bracelets and do different pieces of the art.

    >> artwork turned into a charm bracelet and a water bottle here.

    >> another company that has the same thing in mind is formeia design. this mother and daughter traced their hand and turned it into this key chain . so fantastic. bobbie's buzz key chain .

    >> can i point out this giraffe that comes from a drawing done by a child.

    >> all these companies, if you get your order in today or the next few days, it will be done in time for the holidays.

    >> the next few days because it takes time.

    >> these are all the guys in the control room. blazing needles. they make these personalized scarfs. i love how kate would get one for her daughter that says, put it back on. you can really do that. last but not least, personal creation, do these really great things, couples names behind always kiss me good night and pjs for the little one on the booty.

    >> it's not just givie iing something but giving something that touches people. thanks for giving

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updated 12/2/2010 12:33:02 PM ET 2010-12-02T17:33:02

With the holiday season in full swing, many of us are searching for unique presents with a personal touch to give our loved ones. Trends are always changing and tastes vary, so why not consider custom pieces when it comes to gift giving this year? TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’s Bobbie Thomas shares special, sentimental suggestions for everyone on your list.

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Light Affection
A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what you can convey with a custom photo lamp or nightlight. Light Affections will take your favorite photos and turn them into one-of-a-kind carved pieces that illuminate from behind to add an extra glow to your memory. Let someone you love light up their home or workspace with a gift that preserves a special picture. ($44.95 and up; Lightaffection.com)

Many important people in my life have shared bits of wisdom with me over the years, and I’m always on the lookout for new ways to preserve these cherished quotes and sayings. Shapeways Lightpoems are candle holders sculpted from your favorite quotes, song lyrics, poems or even family names. A stylish gift option, you can give to a friend or family member to help them commemorate a saying they find meaningful. Shapeways also offers personalized napkin rings, jewelry, accessories and art. ($65 and up; Shapeways.com)

A fun idea for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle (or anyone who has a special little one in their life) — Dreamsakes can turn a child’s artwork into an array of personalized gifts, including charms for charm bracelets, tote bags, T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads and more. Simply send them the original artwork, and using specially calibrated scanners to preserve the colors and nuances (everything from macaroni to pipe cleaners to each piece of glitter in all its glory), they will create high-resolution, museum-quality images for printing on a number of products. A great way to keep a kid’s art intact and give a thoughtful gift someone will enjoy for years. (Dreamsakes.com)

Formia Design
Another way to give a stylish work of art that can be kept close all day long is with a key chain keepsake. Formia Design will take your child’s drawing and turn it into a special, titanium replica you can carry with your keys. Durable and distinctive, the doodle will live on long after the crayon has faded and paper has worn through. They also offers custom jewelry pieces. ($79 and up; Formiadesign.com)

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Blazing Needles
You can’t go wrong giving a soft, cozy gift during the cold weather holidays. But why not add a personal touch to make the piece stand out? Blazing Needles, a seller on Etsy.com, creates hand-loomed scarves and will knit any name, phrase or meaningful words into the fabric, creating a thoughtful token to keep your friends and family warm this season. ($50, Etsy.com/shop/blazingneedles).

Personal creations
Last but not least, you could remind your favorite couple to “Always Kiss Goodnight” with personalized pillowcases, or a family to “Live, Laugh, Love” with a custom canvas. PersonalCreations.com can personalize pajamas and more to help make your present, well, personal. ($19.99 & up, PersonalCreations.com)

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