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Image: Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas
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Bristol Palin and pro partner Mark Ballas squandered the opportunity to improve their failed jive from earlier in the season.
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updated 11/22/2010 10:52:37 PM ET 2010-11-23T03:52:37

Monday night’s “Dancing With the Stars” finals gave the remaining three celebrity contenders a shot a redemption, but really, only one of them needed it.

As anyone who’s followed the ballroom action this season knows, Bristol Palin’s best dance floor efforts have often left much to be desired. Sure, she’s made plenty of headlines during the competition, but few of those have focused on her perfect moves, graceful lines or well-timed steps.

Hey, it’s hard to focus on what isn’t there.

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So when Palin and her accomplished competition were offered a chance to make up for their respective weakest performances with a redemption dance, it was a welcome opportunity for the woman whose most memorable moves so far involved an ape suit.

Unfortunately, it was an opportunity wasted.

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As expected, the dance Palin and partner Mark Ballas gave the makeover treatment to was their notorious jive. The ape outfits didn’t take center stage this time, nor did any major improvements.

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While Palin remembered the steps, she seemed to perform them all in slow, lead-footed fashion. For what should have been a jumping jive, she lacked energy throughout the routine — with one notable exception. Palin frequently employed her go-to distraction move of the season, the shoulder shimmy.

The jive 2.0 was far from the teen-mom-turned-teen-activist’s best effort. If anything, when viewed side-by-side with the second chance performances from Kyle Massey and front-runner Jennifer Grey, the redemption dance just reinforced the fact that Palin is out of her ballroom depth.

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It’s a shame the judges failed to notice that fact.

Rather than issuing some well-placed tough talk, head judge Len Goodman and his fellow panelists praised Palin’s first performance of the night and gave her a matching set of 9s for the flat footwork.

Video: Brandy weighs in on Bristol's 'DWTS' chances (on this page)

That put Palin just three points behind Grey, who earned perfect marks for her classic paso doble, and it tied her with Massey, whose foxtrot was without a doubt the better dance.

The moves mixed for the freestyle round, with lifts, tricks and worms (Go, Kyle!) taking over the dance floor, but Palin still underperformed. Except the second time around, the judges took note.

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Not much note, mind you. After a lackluster rendition of the “Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago,” Palin received soft criticism and landed two 8s to go with one very generous 9.

By the end of the night, nothing had changed in the ballroom standings. Grey remained at the top of the leaderboard after another perfect performance. Massey was still the man in the middle of the action after slightly improving his overall score. And Palin? Back of the pack.

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Never has the first night of the “Dancing” finals come to such a predictable end, and yet leave such a question mark about the would-be winner.

If dance dictates the results, it’s Grey’s mirror ball trophy to lose. If it’s all about charisma, Massey’s the man for that. If it makes no sense at all, it’s Palin’s.

Ree Hines wants closure on this crazy season. Follow @ReeHines on Twitter and tell her what you’re hoping for on finale night.

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Video: Brandy weighs in on Bristol's 'DWTS' chances

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    "Bachelor" Sean Lowe and pro Peta Murgatroyd offered up a sloppy jive that left the judges wanting on March 25. But their matchy-matchy yellow outfits only sank them further. Granted, Peta can pull off pretty much any atrocity, but Sean? What's up with those lemon yellow pajama bottoms? Don't lifeguards wear swim trunks? (Adam Taylor / ABC) Back to slideshow navigation
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    Head judge Len Goodman got into the theme on April 1 when "DWTS" went back to the prom. Ruffled shirts were never hot, so why not make them hot pink? (Hey, we all know the costume department doesn't always choose the best colors.) (Adam Taylor / ABC) Back to slideshow navigation
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    Oh, the hair! The one glove! The pink bows on her dress! Co-host Brooke Burke has looked nothing but stunning all season (a surprise, as her wardrobe in the past has been rather questionable). Yet during prom week, she let go of the glam. We'll forgive her this one and only fashion faux pas of the season. (Adam Taylor / ABC) Back to slideshow navigation
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    While the rest of the "DWTS" cast went to the prom on April 1, Peta and Sean somehow missed the memo and went to the YMCA instead as the Village People. (Adam Taylor / ABC) Back to slideshow navigation
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    Every prom has them: the anti-prom kids who are too cool for school. For the "DWTS" bash, that was Wynonna and Tony, who got all rockered out. Normally, we wouldn't take issue with this, but Tony! The mullet! Really?!?!? It's almost as bad as Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Mick Jagger wig from last season! (Nice boots, though.) (Adam Taylor / ABC) Back to slideshow navigation
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    As gorgeous as Peta is, even she couldn't quite pull off those questionable gold bell bottoms and giant hair when she and Sean danced a highly praised quickstep on April 15. (Adam Taylor / ABC) Back to slideshow navigation
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    Adam Taylor / ABC
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Discuss: Was Bristol's redemption dance an improvement over her first jive?

The judges seemed to think that her second attempt was much better. Though she remembered her steps this time, she lacked the energy the dance requires. What do you think?

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