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Video: TODAY’s amazing deals: Jeans, jewelry

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    >>> back now with our special series, jill 's steals and deals, you don't have to wait for black friday to save on your holiday shopping. jill martin is here with some deep discounts on clothes, skin care and more. an these are products that retailers have offered to our retail viewers but you have to act now this was such a huge hit when you first did it. let's remind viewers how this works.

    >> retailers have a retail site and for 24 hours they're offering a "today" show discount for "today" show viewers but only for 24 hours . you have to go to "today" shtodayshow.co m and yget that special promotion code.

    >> you found some great deals, starting off with denim. but you say this may be the last pair of jeans that you buy. what's so special about them.

    >> the retailers are offering five different styles, it's dl 1961 . you snow sometimes you wear a jeans, they expand in different places and they're loose. these don't do that because they have 27% of lycra in them. there's straight and bootleg, $178 for your "today" show viewers, $36. a huge "today" show following. but $178, now $36. two different styles. so skinny, straight, all different sizes.

    >> great, great jeans. over here, cardigans, you can't have enough of them. great layering pieces. y

    >> originally the retail price , $78, now the price is $24 only for 24 hours , 69% discount. what's great about these, you can layer them for the winter under a blazer, i love that look or for the summer. and a great holiday gift.

    >> and the wool holds up nicely.

    >> and a range of colors, obviously depending on where you live.

    >> the last time you were here, you had great earrings and jewelry.

    >> and they have a lot waiting because they have a gem redux. this is originally $398 and now for "today" show viewers for 24 hours , $39 that's a 90% discount and huge celebrity following, cameron diaz , i think we have a picture of her wearing one of the bracelets, jessica alba . these are industrial metals.

    >> sort of rockish and edgy.

    >> with real stones so all different stones, a range of stones and what's great about these is that statement jewelry is so in right now. great for the holiday and great gift. five different styles, so depending on if you're a man watching this, this is a great gift for a woman for the holidays.

    >> 90% discount, you can't beat that. now la rocca skin care creates wonderful products and you've got some of their line here.

    >> this is sort of a package deal . it's a cleanser and a moisturizer, retail price $145 and now for 24 hours , $20, 86% discount and people ask why is it so much to begin with? it actually has and it really does 24 caret gold in the moisturizer and the cleanser which acts as a -- you sort of see it. but it acts as an exfoal laliate for and really smooths your skin. a lot of people don't spends $145 on cleanser and moisturizer.

    >> $20 for the cleanser and moisturizer together. this is a great deal and you cannot beat the exclusive deal on this, these are the iphones.

    >> it's portable speakers, it's originally 69.99, now $14 so you put this ipod, mine's actually in there.

    >> it's waterproof. water resistant.

    >> the great quality, i just wanted to show you how loud it gets. this is a great gift for your kids.

    >> cam flashed girls or boys.

    >> and i told you on the outside is the remote so wherever you are you don't have to open it.

    >> and the price on this was $69.99 now $14. a 70% discount. go online, right now, don't tune us out.

    >> and you'll see all the website promotion codes that you need. to then be able to find these exclusive deals on our "today" show website. jill as always, thanks for bringing us steals and deals


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