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Video: Mom: Stepmom had ‘severe hatred’ for Kyron

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    >>> talk to kyron horman's mom, but here's the latest developments.

    >> reporter: this weekend, divers searched the waters of sobi island, a two-day multiagency effort to find little kyron horman. in june when he was 7 years old, kyron disappeared from school after a science fair . on sunday they again walked away empty handed.

    >> the dedication is to bring kyron home for closure for the family and for the investigation.

    >> reporter: despite a search that appears to be more of a recovery effort, kyron's parents hold out hope their son is alive.

    >> some days are better than others, we live it almost hour by hour.

    >> it's sickening, it's painful.

    >>> it's the worst torture.

    >> reporter: kyron's biological parents -- kaine has since filed for divorce from horman.

    >> i have everything to --

    >> terry horman has never spoke on the the media but in court documents, kaine 's claims -- some of her former friends have spoken out.

    >> i don't think terri is capable or harming a child, period. she's just not the type of woman that would do it that i can see.

    >> reporter: but in divorce documents, kaine describe s terri as a terrible stepmother, it was common for her to be visibly impaired by alcohol and to pass out on the couch.

    >> without a doubt, i wish i would have known it before, i wouldn't tolerate it.

    >> a mother and father with her own suspicions as the search for n5 their son approaches six months. @8

    >> kyron's mom desiree young is with us exclusively. good morning to you. this is the first time you're speaking out about kyron without your ex-husband kaine . up until now you have presented a united front so what has chan change?

    >> we're still a united front in the goal that we want kyron home and we want answers, that hasn't changed. i personally have learned of information lately that has disappointed me in kaine 's choices and his behavior and i just can't stand by and support the choices that he's making.

    >> some of that has to do with these court documents that you have seen where he talks about his wife terri being visibly impaired from alcohol several times a week, he calls her emotionally disturbed , yet he never shared any of his concerns with you, is that correct?

    >> that's correct. we learned of all of this information after the fact and from the media. he had several opportunities to let tony and i know what was going on in the house and he did not. he had several opportunities to make the right choice and either let me know or remove kyron from the house, i would have removed kyron from the house if i would have known what was going on.

    >> did you see signs ever desiree that terri was dealing with alcohol abuse or that she was emotionally disturbed ?

    >> i did not see any evidence of alcohol abuse , in fact i didn't know about the dui until after kyron went missing. but as far as a personality disorder, i did for years, i was aware that she had some issues with pathological lying, things of that nature, but just mostly from my interactions with her. i didn't see, you know, as much as kaine did.

    >> if you had any concerns, why didn't you at any time -- or did you try to get your son kyron out of that home?

    >> oh, yes, i did. starting a year prior to him going missing , i tried to get custody of him.

    >> and what would happen?

    >> kaine told me it was not an option on several occasions and it was a point of contention with us. he was exhibiting some problems in school and he was expressing a lot of sadness and upset at the situation and kyron on many occasions told me he wanted to come and live with me and on a couple of different occasions, terri had called me specifically so that i could talk to kyron because he was so upset and terri , personally wanted me to take kyron.

    >> and then on friday, the police showed you some e-mails that terri had sent to friends of hers describing her marriage to kaine and her feelings about your son. i know you can't reveal the specifics because of the investigation, but generally, what did they say?

    >> it's very clear from terri 's horrible words that she had a severe hatred for kyron and that a lot -- she blames a lot of the marital rproblems between kaine and herself on kyron. it was a huge point of contention in their marriage and she had expressed in great detail her hatred for kyron. i now believe, without a shadow of a doubt that not only is she capable of hurting kyron, that it's clear that she could have hurt him in the worst possible way.

    >> do you still hold out hope that your son's alive?

    >> i will until the day i die.

    >> thank you so much for joining us and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    >> thank you.

    >>> and now let's get a

TODAY contributor
updated 11/15/2010 3:28:18 PM ET 2010-11-15T20:28:18

E-mails and text messages expressing hatred for an 8-year-old Oregon boy missing since June suggest the boy’s stepmother “could have hurt him in the worst possible way,” the child’s tearful biological mother said Monday.

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Before police shared the messages with her on Friday, Desiree Young would only say that she believed her ex-husband’s wife, Terri Horman, was withholding information about the disappearance of Young’s son, Kyron Horman, who would now be age 8. But during an exclusive interview Monday, Young told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira she is convinced more than ever that Terri Horman was involved and holds the key to solving the mystery.

“It’s very clear from Terri’s horrible words that she had a severe hatred for Kyron,” Young, choked with emotion, said.

Speaking at press conference at Kyron’s “Wall of Hope” later in the day, Young’s ex-husband, Kaine Horman, echoed the sentiments against Terri Horman. “We’re dealing with someone who is a master of deception, misdirection, and she’s bringing it forward in spades,” said Kyron’s father.

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Police have not officially named Terri Horman a suspect in the case, and she has not been charged. So far, police have found no trace of Kyron, who was last seen at a school science fair that Terri Horman drove him to on June 4. He was reported missing when he failed to return home that afternoon on the school bus.

United front?
Young’s interview on TODAY Monday was her first appearance on the show without her ex-husband. She is angry that Kaine apparently knew about the messages obtained by police, but never told her about them.

Video: Mom: Stepmother knows where Kyron is (on this page)

Young is also angry because she says her ex-husband never told her that Terri, whom he is in the process of divorcing, allegedly got drunk and passed out on the couch several nights a week.

Kaine Horman made those charges in court papers filed in connection with the divorce. Terri Horman’s lawyer responded in filings that the allegations are “vicious” and calculated to “poison” the public against Terri.

Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman (right), is in the process of divorcing from the boy’s stepmother, Terri Horman (center).

Even before she learned of the alleged alcohol abuse, Young did not have a high opinion of Terri Horman, whom she described as a “pathological” liar.

“She blamed a lot of the marital problems between Kaine and herself on Kyron; it was a huge point of contention in their marriage,” Young told Vieira. “She had expressed in great detail her hatred of Kyron.

“I now believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that not only is she capable of hurting Kyron, it is clear that she could have hurt him in the worst possible way.”

On Sunday, divers searched an island near Kyron Horman’s home.

Asked why Kaine Horman was not at her side Monday as he has been for other media appearances since their son disappeared, Young said she is “disappointed” with her ex-husband’s “choices” and his decision to withhold information from her about Kyron’s relationship with Terri Horman.

Video: Dateline NBC: Why Terri Horman is keeping quiet

“We are still a united front in the goal that we want Kyron home. We want answers. That hasn’t changed,” Young said. “I personally have learned of information lately that has disappointed me in Kaine’s choices in his behavior. I just can’t stand by and support the choices he is making.”

Video: Mom: Stepmom had ‘severe hatred’ for Kyron (on this page)

Holding on to hope
Young said she tried to get custody of Kyron about a year before he disappeared, but was unsuccessful. She told Vieira she did not know at the time that Terri Horman had been charged with drunken driving in 2005 or that Kaine was concerned about the effect his second wife’s drinking and behavior were having on Kyron and the Hormans’ toddler, Kiara.

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“Kyron told me on many occasions he wanted to come live me. Terri personally wanted me to take Kyron,” Young said.

“Do you still hold out hope that your son is alive?” Vieira asked.

“I will until the day I die,” Young said. 

On Sunday, police and divers searched the waters surrounding Sauvie Island, a small island near the Horman home, for potential clues to Kyron’s fate. It was the first time that searchers had been back on the island for about a month. A spokesperson for the local sheriff’s office told the media that the search, which turned up nothing, was not the result of any new tips or information.

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