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Video: iPad app marks JFK anniversary

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    >>> 8:30 now on this monday morning, november a, 2010 . we say hello to all of our friends gathered outside on the plaza.

    >> the next alaskan summe -- a sneak peek at harry potter .

    >> wu.

    >> plus the right way to entertain during the hectic holiday season . paula dean is here with tasty meals you can make ahead of time and then freeze. all you need to do is heat and serve when unannounced guests stop by.

    >>> also he is the paint salesman turned american idol . he's set to release his debut album. so we're going to be catching up with him this morning.

    >> and there he is.

    >> but first, this month marks the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy 's election. a brand-new ipad and that's called jfk 50 days to showcase 50 days in jfk 's presidency.

    >> we have got a punch of ipads today.

    >> it's really cool, you've got all sorts of video, you've got pictures, you can scroll through, you can bring the video up full screen pretty easily just by doing like this with your fingers. bring it back in, you can scroll through the days, there's all sorts of really rich information.

    >> he said this nation should commit to landing on the moon and bringing him back safely. lots of incredible moments in history.

    >> august 29, the day that martin luther king came to visit at the white house . and there's pictures of their meetings together at the white house , which is pretty cool. really great for students to have, or anybody who's interested in history.

    >> it's pretty simple, it's very intuitive to use.

    >> what's really cool is a lot of these images have been buried in nbc's news archives and now they're seeing the light of day which is terrific in such a big way.

    >> this is you going i put my hands in the air.

    >> and back to us.

    >> and back to jfk . 50 days is available on i-tunes where you will also find us performing "dynamite."

IMAGE: The Kennedys
NBC News
The Kennedys pose with French President Charles de Gaulle, who was reportedly smitten with the first lady.
updated 11/15/2010 8:32:47 AM ET 2010-11-15T13:32:47

This month marks 50 years since the historic election that brought John F. Kennedy to the Oval Office. Now, thanks to a new iPad app, you can get an intimate look at his presidency.

JFK: 50 Days, created by NBC News and the publishers of the new book, “JFK Day by Day,” showcases 50 days in the JFK presidency, featuring rare footage from the NBC news archives, some not seen since it originally aired 50 years ago.

Image: David Gregory
NBC News
NBC's "Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory provides a video introduction on the new app.

“Kennedy is considered the first modern president — the first born in the 20th century and the first to govern in the era of television,” said Peter Costanzo, director of online marketing for The Perseus Books Group and lead producer of the app. “JFK: 50 Days covers Kennedy as NBC News covered his presidency — from his inspiring inaugural address on January 20, 1961, to his fateful arrival in Dallas on November 22, 1963 — and these historic moments really come to life in a way they can’t in a single book or documentary.”

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The app also includes an inside look at history-defining speeches and personal Kennedy family moments, from the first presidential press conference broadcast live on television to revealing outtakes from Kennedy's last extended TV interview, on The Huntley-Brinkley Report.

Working directly with NBC archivists, the Perseus staff spent more than four weeks viewing and cataloging archived footage. All footage was restored for improved sound and appearance.

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“This was an exciting project for NBC News — like rummaging through the attic and finding forgotten treasures,” said Cheryl Gould, senior vice president, NBC News. “This product is a great example of the relevance and adaptability of our rich catalogue of content — both old and new. As the market for apps and e-books expands, we will continue to look for opportunities to enhance the user experience with our premier video content.”

The app was created as a companion to the print book “JFK: Day by Day” by historian Terry Golway and author Les Krantz, and published by Running Press, a member of The Perseus Books Group.

JFK: 50 Days will available in the Apple app store beginning Monday.


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