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IMAGE: Diane Keaton
Peter Kramer  /  AP
In "Morning Glory," Diane Keaton plays a veteran TV morning-show host who takes on the silliest assignments just to keep herself on the air.
updated 11/9/2010 10:59:12 AM ET 2010-11-09T15:59:12

In "Morning Glory," Diane Keaton plays a veteran TV morning-show host who takes on the silliest assignments just to keep herself on the air.

In reality, Keaton is one of Hollywood's favorite actresses, an Oscar winner with more than 40 feature films to her credit, including modern classics like "The Godfather," "Reds" and "Annie Hall."

The 64-year-old actress, director and producer says her enthusiasm hasn't waned over her 40 years in film. Unlike her "Morning Glory" character, Colleen Peck, who is determined to keep her job at almost any cost, Keaton's curiosity about people and their lives makes her work feel fresh, like there's always something to discover.

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She talked with The Associated Press about the changing face of entertainment and her latest on- and off-screen pursuits.


AP: How did you like working with Harrison Ford in this film?

Keaton: He is hilarious. I love working with him, are you kidding? He's beautiful! What about that face? That face held up.

AP: You rap with 50 Cent in this movie. How was that?

Keaton: Humiliating. And you know, I do have a daughter who is 15, and that made it even more humiliating because she thought I was just such an idiot. And she wasn't wrong.

Video: ‘Morning’s’ Keaton: ‘Narcissistic’ anchor not Vieira (on this page)

AP: This was your rap debut!

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Keaton: That's my rap debut and that's the end of me as a rapper. I won't be working with Kanye, or Jay-Z. They have not called. I would like to. I'm available, guys.

AP: Colleen Peck is nothing like the journalist you played in "Reds." Does "Morning Glory" have a serious message about journalism?

Keaton: It's a hard job, that's what I think it has to say. Then there's the entertainment factor versus the hard news, and really, that's the only real issue I can see that there's any discussion on: When does it become selling out when it's entertainment? You know my stance as Colleen Peck: Bring on the entertainment, man! Anything but the hard news or anything that makes people think, forget it.

AP: You've had movies out almost every year since you started making them. What is the secret to your success?

Keaton: I know there's a host of people that I owe everything to. But then there's also the fact that I'm curious, I really want to experience more than just sort of rolling over and giving up in some way. I'm determined, I'm one determined person. I'm not Colleen, but I really do love what I do to the extent that it's a learning experience. They're all different learning experiences and so much of it has to do with the people you work with and what you take away from those unique people that I've had the privilege to know intimately in short spurts ... I feel it's more than just a role. It's an overview of what that experience brings to you and I've been just in awe of the people that I've worked with.

Video: 'Morning Glory': Nov. 12 (on this page)

AP: You've undoubtedly seen many changes over your 40 years in Hollywood. What have been most interesting?

Keaton: There have been massively radical changes in the world of the movies... Let's just take the role of animation in filmmaking. Now it's to be highly respected. It used to be that animation was just sheer entertainment. Well, all of that is changed, and what Pixar has done is changed our way of seeing. They've changed storytelling. I just think that 'Toy Story 3' and 'Up' were amazing, great pictures, and I think also with the reinvention of how we use 3-D, everything that's going on ... it's just morphing into something else. Watching YouTube, watching movies on your phone, being in a plane and constantly being inundated with visuals, even billboards are now moving billboards, it's amazing what we're living in.

Review: 'Morning Glory' a sunny, vapid hodgepodge

AP: What other goals do you have for your career?

Keaton: Well, I have a lot of interests, as you know. I'm on the board of the Los Angeles Conservancy. I care about buildings and I care about restoring buildings and I care about protecting buildings from being torn down. I'm an animal advocate. I'm on the board of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, which is down in San Diego, a leading proponent of the no-kill situation for dogs and pets and people, adopt a dog, you know. Things like that. I'm doing a memoir of my life, which is basically about my mother, my relationship with my mother and her writing. I'm going to do another visual book about architecture again.

AP: What do you like to do when you're not working?

Keaton: My son and my daughter are on swim team, and I love to go to the swim meets. I enjoy watching them swim. I enjoy watching them evolve, too. Dexter is my daughter, she's about to be 15 in December, and Duke, my son, is 9. That keeps you on your feet and not too self involved.

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Video: ‘Morning’s’ Keaton: ‘Narcissistic’ anchor not Vieira

  1. Closed captioning of: ‘Morning’s’ Keaton: ‘Narcissistic’ anchor not Vieira

    >>> her co-host is bitter journalist played by harrison ford .

    >> who's going to say goodbye? it doesn't really matter.

    >> who do you think the public would rather hear from last? someone who's won every broadcast award on the face of the planet, or the former ms. pacoima.

    >> it's ms. arizona, in case you missed it, i was miss arizona !

    >> you're making pictures now?

    >> when you're watching it, you're saying, oh, i hate myself, of course. what i don't like right now is the fact that i can see myself, everywhere i look, it's me.

    >> this is what morning television is like, you know this?

    >> you have to see -- this is disgusting, get me out of here, fast.

    >> your character.

    >> let's talk about her.

    >> narcissistic, vain, and i hear you have modeled her after someone other than you.

    >> let me tell you why, because number one, you're younger. do you see what i mean?

    >> not much.

    >> but you are younger because i'm 64 and i assume the person that i modeled my appearance after, diane sawyer , is also in her 60s, am i right?

    >> i believe she is. yes.

    >> so she's my contemporary.

    >> but who's the narcissistic person you modeled after?

    >> me. i don't know how women survive in their mid 60s being anchor women. how many are there?

    >> there aren't many, but those who do it, do it very well.

    >> extremely amazing, and that's what i like about my character, by the way, even though she's narcissistic, she's a hard working woman and she really will do anything for the job. so with that in mind, i feel good about her, i like her, she works hard, i feel like it's important that she -- i hear voices.

    >> that's called b role. you know about that.

    >> she will do anything including and i can so relate to this because they put us in ridiculous situations and in the movie, you have to dress up like a sumo wrestler . you love that though?

    >> i like physical comedy . because when i was growing up, my father was trying to teach me to do everything right, like how to peel the orange, how to cut the apple. and everything i did was wrong, everything single thing and it was frustrating for him and i realized later on that problem really was a plus. i feel like no one can do my stunts for me but me because i do them the wrong way and the wrong way is the funny way.

    >> it's been pretty good for you.

    >> not bad.

    >> i realize that you have never performed with harrison ford before?

    >> i had never met harrison ford and it was like meeting mt. rush more. it's not like oh, gee, we're all friends. working with him was a complete, brand-new experience. . it was wonderful because he has the kind of delivery which is slow and deliberate. i pictured him playing dan rather , and i pictured myself as playing no one except that chatty kathy loser type woman who's like balls to the floor. is that incorrect?

    >> it's out there now. you talk about being in your 60s, and you play a morning news anchor who's in her 60s. you've been around hollywood for a long time. it used to be called aegis hollywood.

    >> if you do survive, then you've really done a good job at somehow managing it. i don't think it's any different at all really. i don't think women were protected then and i think actually it's better now.

    >> better protected in the past. is it better, that's what i was -- i didn't say that very well.

    >> you said it fine, it's that i need to brush up on my english skills.

    >> if it's not ts this not the right tim e of day for you?

    >> this is actually as good as it gets, as they say?

    >> i wonder if you would ever consider co-hosting with me?

    >> here's the deal, i don't think so. let's face it, i would have to read, which is hard for me as well. and then i would have to, like, move around and then once breaking news happened, then we have a big problem. because you do the talking and i sit there and smile. no, count me out.

    >> so never, ever?

    >> never.

    >> i put you to the challenge, right now we're going to go to a commercial, but you just have to do a little bit of reading.

    >> you want me to try now?

    >> it says viera in the prompter. but now you're viera and you're diane keaton . pretend. " morning glory " opens tomorrow in theaters nationwide. and just ahead, there's a live performance from a contestant who blue the judges away on "america's got talent."



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