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Explainer: The top 10 ‘Conan’ teasers

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    Former “Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien returns to television Nov. 8 in his new TBS talk show “Conan.” Of course, anyone with access to basic cable or the Internet likely knows all about that.

    For the last three months, “Conan”-related television ads and online teasers have been hard to avoid. Not that would-be viewers would want to avoid them. Fans of the late-night funnyman have had a unique opportunity to enjoy O’Brien’s signature style in the rapid-fire series of video shorts before his official relaunch.

    Before the last-minute ad efforts come to an end, take a look at the best “Conan” promos released so far.

  • Talkin’ ‘bout the desk wash

    O’Brien got in touch with his inner beefcake and gave the traditional T-shirt-soaking car wash a twist in “Conan Washes His Desk.”

    The somewhat absurd, somewhat hilarious and yes, genuinely sexy clip teased fans with what they have to look forward to when the host returns to late-night television — sponge-chewing, bubble-blowing and shirt-tugging set to the tune of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Or you know, just more of his sly send ups.

  • Private dancer

    The first entry from the “Missing You” series of promos to make the list is “The Stripper.” Like the others from this collection of fan fables, it’s set to a single refrain from John Waite’s '80s hit.

    “The Stripper” tells the tale of a sad and weary fan wiling away his Coco-free time by watching a pole dancer do her thing in an empty club. Of course, the fact that the man happened to be an O’Brien fan became evident only after he whispered a special request in the stripper’s ear. Her knowing smile followed by a perfect performance of the redhead’s now-famous string dance filled in the details.

  • Big-budget blockbuster

    Guess what happens in “Conan O’Brien Drives an Explosives-Packed Car of a Cliff”? Chances are you’re not wrong.

    In an effort to deliver “top notch entertainment,” a leather jacket-clad O’Brien pledged to drive a 1969 Dodge Dart off a 900-foot-high precipice. To up the action ante, he added a trunk full of C4, an interior stuffed with fireworks and a whole lot of popcorn to the mix. Of course, in reality, there was no daredevil act, but the bad CGI, good humor-filled fantasy is even better than it sounds.

  • Rubber Ducky, you're the one

    “Bathtub” is another offering from the equal parts stalker-creepy, funny-cheesy “Missing You” set.

    In this tub-time offering, a middle-aged man enjoys a weepy soak while staring longingly in the face of his favorite rubber ducky. The O’Brien-loving twist being that rather than the face of a duck, the tiny toy sports the red-bearded mug of TBS’ newest star.

  • That's gotta sting

    Ever hoped for a guided tour of each and every injury to mark O’Brien’s 6-foot-4 frame? If so, the “Grievous Bodily Wounds” edition of “Conan Takes Your Questions” is for you.

    This fan-query promo leads to a scar-for-scar rundown. There’s the little-too-low appendectomy mark, the seriously painful-looking tuna-can cut and the less said about the broken nose bit the better. Ick, but oddly interesting.

  • Cocomotion

    “Conan’s Got Dance Moves!” has a simple premise, and it’s right there in the title.

    As anyone who’s ever watched one of his monologues knows, O’Brien can dance — or at the very least, he can do one heck of a mockery of moves. From a go-go swing to an abbreviated string dance, the song-free routine highlights the host’s willingness to “look like an ass” for a laugh.

  • Wilson O'Brien

    The last example from the “Missing You” series (the last to make the list — there are actually six more bizarre gags out there) is “The Island.”

    A Chuck Nolan-like castaway, with some amazingly white Chiclets, fought off the banality of island life and kept the crazies at bay with his very own seaside entertainment center. His remote control was a conch shell and his tricked out TV flotsam, but more important, thanks to one well-decorated volleyball, the set was always tuned to “Conan.”

  • Talking heads

    In “Live Coco Cam News Coverage,” O’Brien took advantage of media interest in his promo-packed hiatus. After announcing there would be a limited-time-only live webcam in the stairwell of the new “Conan” headquarters, Team Coco created a montage of all the talking-head coverage.

    There’s nothing like watching various local news gangs tackle the blow-by-blow action of on-camera characters such as the Dancing Taco and Aerobics Bears.

  • Nom nom nom

    This time a fan question led to a “Cooking With Conan”-style promo called “Conan’s Ultimate Sandwich Recipe,” wherein everyone’s favorite host-in-exile created his own gag-inducing hoagie.

    While fans of extra mayo, extra salsa, extra gravy and chicken nuggets won’t be disappointed with the creation, all others should follow the always appropriate viral video advice: Don’t try this at home.

  • Look! Up in the sky!

    Representing the entire 10-episode run of blimp-related promos is “Conan’s Unhappy With His New Blimp.”

    Much like the other offerings in the airborne set, this one featured O’Brien cracking wise and generally annoying his blimp pilot. Where this one differs is in said pilot’s well-finessed “your mom” joke response.

    Ree Hines gives honorable mentions to “Bus Stop,”“Bedroom” and “Conan Helps With Astronomy Homework.” Follow @ReeHines on Twitter and share your favorite Coco promos.

Discuss: Which is your favorite promo?

There's no shortage of hilarious promos for "Conan." Which one do you like best?

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