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Video: Victim was thrilled to date ‘Hiccup Girl’

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    >>> the so-called hiccup girl has been charged with murder. now both her attorney and the victim's family are speaking out. nbc's mark potter has details. mark, good morning to you.

    >> reporter: and good morning to you, matt. with the grand jury scheduled to hear this case tomorrow, the defense is starting to position itself, this as the victim's family is mourning its loss. in a radio interview, jennifer mee's attorney says she is cooperating with police and is distraught over the incident in which 22-year-old shannon griffin was killed in an armied robbery.

    >> i spent a great deal of time with her at the jail and i can tell you that she was indeed very, very upset, remorseful and this is not something that she takes lightly.

    >> reporter: police say mee lured the victim to a house, where he was then robbed at gunpoint by two men. during a scuffle he was shot multiple times and died. police say they do not believe mee was involved in the shooting, but because of her alleged involvement in the robbery, under florida law , she is charged with first-degree murder. mee gained national attention three years ago when she suffered uncontrollable hiccups and appeared on "today." her attorney says she may actually have been suffering for tour rhett's syndrome and other problems.

    >> i can say the hiccups in jennifer 's case are actually the symptoms of a much more serious neurological disorder and we're going to be fully investigating that and see how that does relate to the case.

    >> and just smiles from ear to ear.

    >> reporter: meanwhile the victim's family is in mourning. shannon griffin lived with his family and worked hard at walmart, kept to himself and was never in trouble.

    >> never arrested for anything, not even a traffic ticket, my man, 22 years old.

    >> reporter: bowlen says give fun was at this computer when he met jennifer mee on this social net working site. he was thrilled he had found a girl to date and he was going to meet her.

    >> the next thing we know, it's 4:00 in the morning when we get a call saying shannon griffin is dead.

    >> reporter: and bowlen says he hopes this incident will make parents have more control of their children. he also hopes that people remember the victim.

    >> mark potter in st. petersburg this morning.


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