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The “Snuggie Sutra” book offers illustrations of sexual positions for Snuggie fans.
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updated 10/26/2010 3:13:42 PM ET 2010-10-26T19:13:42

It was bound to happen.

The Snuggie has been taken to highs (a fashion show during New York Fashion Week) and lows (just about any YouTube odd usage video), it’s been resized for men, women, children and pets, been stamped with team logos and made pink to raise money for breast cancer research and now, it’s a sex symbol.

Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison created the “Snuggie Sutra” as a kind of joke on Morrison, who is an avowed Snuggie fan. The “Snuggie Sutra” website begat the “Snuggie Sutra” book (St. Martin’s Press, $9.99) and these two are now turning couch potatoes into hot potatoes. 

It all started at a party, Morrison told TODAYshow.com. Friedman clarified: “Megan was being mocked for owning a Snuggie in the first place, and rightly so. Then she started showing us — acting out what could be done and we realized she had something.”

Morrison, a graphic designer, and Friedman, a web producer who dabbles in humor (he operated HiremeJimmyFallon.com in an attempt to get a job writing jokes for the comedian), turned out to be perfectly complementary partners and created the SnuggieSutra.com website, though not without some research.

“We have some very confident and flexible friends who acted out all the positions fully clothed,” Morrison said. “It only took a couple bottles of wine.”

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Once their website went viral (Conan O’Brien even mentioned it on the “Tonight Show”) and the Snuggie company “embraced their own sexiness,” Friedman said, with the aforementioned fashion show, publishers came calling, with the book being the result. 

The book contains very easy-to-follow illustrations for some traditional positions, including “The Manket” — where the man wears the Snuggie on his back while he covers his partner, keeping her warm — to more adventurous positions such as “The Banana Split,” which really has to be seen to be understood. There’s even some role playing, such as the “The Matador,” which uses the Snuggie as a prop.  

The book is setting up to be a big item for holiday gift-giving. “In addition to being available wherever books are sold, Urban Outfitters and Spencer Gifts have picked it up,” Friedman said, though he’ll be getting a gift of another kind.

The father of two is soon expecting a third child, and while he won’t confirm this is a result of the Snuggie Sutra — “I don’t Snuggie and tell” — he did say, “I can confirm all of the positions are possible.” 

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Photos: Snuggie style

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  1. A model wearing the new Wild Side leopard Snuggie strikes a pose on the runway at the Snuggie Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week, where 19 newly released Snuggie colors and patterns where revealed. The much-parodied Snuggie infomercial — now a pop culture phenomenon — was intended to have "a little cheek," said Linda Hotz of the Allstar Marketing Group, which makes the Snuggie. (Jason Decrow / AP) Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Models wear their stylish sleeved blankets — a look completed with remote control accessories — during the Snuggie Fall 2009/Winter 2010 collection show on Sept. 15, 2009 in New York. (Jason Decrow / AP) Back to slideshow navigation
  3. A model showcases the new Wild Side line of zebra styles during the Snuggie Fall 2009/Winter 2010 collection show. (Jason Decrow / AP) Back to slideshow navigation
  4. A fluffy Soft Rose Snuggie is modeled in the Snuggie Fall 2009/Winter 2010 collection show. The new style aims to raise awareness for breast cancer, and Snuggie will donate $50,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation on behalf of this product. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
  5. A brown sleeved blanket, resembling a bear costume, is modeled in the Snuggie Fall 2009/Winter 2010 collection show during Fashion Week. "You're here at — let's just say it — the future of fashion," said host Ross Matthews, better known as Ross the Intern from Jay Leno's "Tonight" show. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
  6. A model twirls her red Snuggie on the runway during the Snuggie Fall 2009/Winter 2010 collection show during Fashion Week. (Jason Decrow / AP) Back to slideshow navigation
  7. A model shows off a camo-chic Snuggie, which "exudes style and warmth," at the Snuggie Fashion Show during New York's Fashion Week. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
  8. A model strikes a pose in a traditional Snuggie during the Snuggie Fashion Show during New York's Fashion Week. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
  9. A model wears a Snuggie for Kids,which includes matching slipper socks, while walking pets styled in Snuggie for Dogs outfits that can accommodate tiny Chihuahuas and large Labradors alike. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
  10. Models show off specialized Snuggies, accessorized with footballs and hats. The Snuggie is expanding their line with styles for specific universities and sports teams. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
  11. A dog model wears the Snuggie for Dogs at the Snuggie Fashion Show during New York's Fashion Week. Available in pink and blue, the Snuggie for Dogs coat comes in several sizes, to accommode tiny and large pets alike. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
  12. A model wears the newly-revealed Limited Edition Snuggadelic Snuggie, which features a colorful tie dye print, at the Snuggie Fashion Show during New York's Fashion Week.. (Diane Bondareff / Allstar Products Group) Back to slideshow navigation
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    Jason Decrow / AP
    Above: Slideshow (12) Snuggie style
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    Slideshow (28) Ooh la odd! Crazy couture

Video: Kathie Lee, Hoda talk Snuggies, sex

  1. Closed captioning of: Kathie Lee, Hoda talk Snuggies, sex

    >> hello, everybody. it is tuesday, or booze day, as it is known around here, october 26th . it was a really -- it is a taylor -made day for everybody here, wasn't it?

    >> it was a perfect day for an outdoor concert. taylor swift , hello.

    >> she rocked the plaza.

    >> it was packed.

    >> she is adorabldorable.

    >> can i tell you what i like about her? this is what i like about her.

    >> matty and chloe.

    >> look at the whole gang sing. i love how they know every single word of the new songs.

    >> and then they see it come out today and they know the words.

    >> taylor packs the house. number two, his dad is with her and he's such a sweet, sweet guy, so nice.

    >> and i got up this morning, there was a text from a certain son of mine out in los angeles saying, dear mom, please tell taylor she's got a big fan on west coast and here's his number. i did what my son did, i passed it on to her, so much talk about the bad boys in her albums, you know. she writes -- the lyrics are quite provocative about certain men who have gone unnamed and i said, we got to break that -- the bad boy habit. she said, i know. call. we'll see, we'll see.

    >> i think she's such a sweet kid, though. 20 years old, right?

    >> should we ask the girls what they thought. they're supposed to be in school, of course, today.

    >> everybody played hooky, by the way. everybody played hooky today and it was fine. did you love?

    >> so good.

    >> taylor signed stuff for you guys afterwards. what did she sign?

    >> she signed our physics lab.

    >> and what did it say?

    >> please excuse kathy and maddie.

    >> we'll see if that works.

    >> such a gracious kid. now get back to school, go.

    >> i had fun yesterday, i'm busy, busy. the aarp, together with the --

    >> that's my group.

    >> i know. they had this great thing at the west harlem food bank , terrific deal, people came out, volunteers handed out food, we had a line of people passing the food from the truck inside. it was one of those really, really great events and they also got a book along with their food. who knew?

    >> hoda, how are you holding up? is everybody asking you that? you're in cindy adams ' column today, saying you turn around, there's hoda.

    >> no, she said she spent as much time promoting her book as she spent hunting for a husband, maybe she would have a better go. that's what she said.

    >> you didn't have to say it on national television. i have a book signing in new york. 8:00 or so.

    >> when does the craziness end?

    >> i was doing yesterday, this is weird, i was packing and cleaning and --

    >> you're about to make a move.

    >> and shredding. here's what i was stuck on. i know 50% of america is divorced. so we all kind of get it. what do you do with all of those pictures ?

    >> you still have them?

    >> well, yeah. they're in albums. anyway, so i got a shredder from best buy. i don't know what else you do? do you save them all? you save a few.

    >> depends how amicable the split was. in your case, i say shred them.

    >> i was shredding and the motor burns out on the shredders, they're so cheap, seriously. you can only go for like 15 pictures and then -- but i did save a few. i didn't know what to do with them. do you keep them? what do you do with them? what do people do with their -- what did you do with your old pictures ?

    >> i don't know. it has been so long, i don't remember.

    >> i don't have space. i can't drag them along with me.

    >> you're not storing them at my house, that's for sure. speaking of lousy sex and who isn't, that's the segue, up to one half of women report sex problems . but only 10% take any kind of action to resolve it.

    >> most women are saying that the sex in their marriage is lousy, but they don't care. they're just -- they're fine.

    >> they don't do anything about it.

    >> they just say that's life.

    >> and what do men say?

    >> i think for women the problem in the bedroom is desire. and they say for men the problem is plumbing. so for us it is like we don't really -- you're like, eh. for the guys it a physical thing.

    >> cas, are you still here?

    >> she's gone.

    >> still here. i'm still here.

    >> don't want to hear this next one, cas.

    >> no. this is called the snuggy sutra.

    >> we're sorry. we're sorry.

    >> okay.

    >> okay, now you all heard of the -- that other one.

    >> you know the snuggies, the snuggies are out and they have a new way to sell the snuggy . it is called the snuggy sutra. everyone gets cuddled up. we got the approval to show the pictures .

    >> these are the only ones we could show. they're hysterical.

    >> sara is in one. she's in her snuggy sutra. the idea is to get cozy and have a in you position.

    >> who would have ever thought you could use arms for other things. it is interesting. they swear it is 100% doable. on the cold winter nights, snuggle up.

    >> i guess so. and they said the guys who were trying it out just had some wine and got, you know, got in one of those and did like a twister game, fully clothed to see what would work and what wouldn't. that's too much information and that was really stupid.

    >> do you know the walkman is a done deal now? it is gone. remember your first walkman? who doesn't remember that. it changed the world, right? okay, it --

    >> that's the funeral music. it's dead.

    >> last shipment went to japan where it originally started, right?

    >> i loved when i got the first one, it was so cool you could walk around with your music. i remember what a cool thing it was to --

    >> if you jumped around, the music jumped as well and then you got the one that you could actually exercise in, remember that?

    >> oh, remember from the '70s. or the '80s. the '80s.

    >> 220 million of them, i think they had a very, very good run.

    >> they did have a good run.

    >> where would you be without your ipod today?

    >> they keep getting upgraded. every time you get one, remember they were the big clunky ones --

    >> yes, i do. very funny.

    >> they get smaller and smaller and smaller now.

    >> why cannot elderly women , i don't mean elderly, middle aged women wear long hair anymore?

    >> you wear long hair.

    >> i know. but every day of my life i'm tempted to cut it because i love my hair, but it is not age appropriate anymore.

    >> there was an article in "the new york times," people think when they hit a certain age, they should cut your hair , oh, you're so and so, cut your hair .

    >> who makes up these rules, i ask you, hoda.

    >> there are a lot of women in their 50s who wear long hair and wear it well. you, close-up, kathie lee , long hair, wear it well, okay. and then maria shriver .

    >> maria has one of the greatest heads of hair i've ever seen.

    >> great hair, lots of it, long, good for her. all right. who else? sophia lauren . there is maria with long and straighter hair. sophia lauren . let's pop up the pictures of the people. cher .

    >> that's not that long. look at the body on her.

    >> it is long.

    >> she's still showing cleavage too.

    >> look at cher .

    >> well, cher 's going to, you know, she's going to not listen to anybody else's rules.

    >> and then there is jimmy. who makes fabio look look liike a girl.

    >> he wears it better than anyone, doesn't he?

    >> they say it underminds your professional credibility.

    >> it doesn't.

    >> every time i go cut my hair , my us is says -- he hates it.

    >> men like it long.

    >> he looked up from something and he looked up from something and said, hi, butch.

    >> when you cut your hair ?

    >> yes. did not like it.

    >> men love long hair. he don't see why women have to cut their hair. i don't understand why people bring it up. it is brought up a lot. they say why doesn't so and so cut her hair, not about you but about other people. they never, ever say it about you.

    >> there are other things in life like drinking and we have some solutions for you. this is very funny. you no he hknow how lazy we are as a nation anyway. now you can use your remote, but it also has got a bottle opener right there. you can sit there, don't even have to get up. just open your bottle, crack it open, change your channel. change your channel. you still have to have your woman go get the cold beer, i suppose.

    >> your woman. and even if you're lazier than that, check out jonathan's deal.

    >> something for cody for christmas. look at this.

    >> it is a t-shirt where you --

    >> show us how it works.

    >> a t-shirt with a bottle opener on it and you just --

    >> pop it. that's sad. that's really sad.

    >> what do you think? should i send it to cody?

    >> no.

    >> she goes, no.

    >> all righty.

    >> hi, sara.

    >> you're all snugly up. anybody in that with you?

    >> i wish. yeah. okay, so we were asking about the exs pictures and lindsey said shred the pictures and make new memories. michelle said you put them in a shoe box atop your closet. a lot of people say shred, shred, shred.

    >> you're still in the apartment you shared at some point. you're now going to make a huge emotional leap to a brand-new home, right? so make a heart leap as well, hoda. leave the past behind.

    >> i was shredding.

    >> it reminds you of how far you've come when you look back at a picture.


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