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The massive pumpple cake has apple and pumpkin pies baked into vanilla and chocolate cake, respectively. One slice is 1,800 calories and can feed four people.
updated 10/25/2010 11:39:51 AM ET 2010-10-25T15:39:51

You’ve heard of turducken, now get ready for the dessert equivalent — the pumpple cake.

While the turducken, a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, once seemed over-the-top, the pumpple cake is even more decadent. One Philadelphia bakery dreamed up this ultimate fall dessert: pumpkin and apple pies baked in chocolate and vanilla cake, fused together and surrounded by buttercream icing.

This oversize creation weighs in at a whopping 15 pounds and measures more than a foot tall. And at 1,800 calories a slice, it's not for the faint of heart.

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The Flying Monkey, located in Philadelphia’s famous Reading Terminal Market, bakes this dessert-lover’s fantasy from scratch over the course of two days. It starts with the pies, which it par-bakes. The half-cooked pumpkin pie is dipped into chocolate cake batter and baked. The apple pie and vanilla cake get the same treatment and are baked on top of the chocolate cake. Its massive size means that it spends hours in the oven. Homemade buttercream is then — literally — the icing on the entire cake.

“We only opened about a month ago and started making the pumpple cake a week later,” said Elizabeth Halen, the owner of the Flying Monkey. “Now we are making the cake daily and selling out. I told friends about it through my Facebook page and Twitter feed and word has spread like wildfire from there.”

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Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, hosts of TODAY’s fourth hour, got a chance to try the pumpple cake.

Video: Kathie Lee, Hoda taste ‘pumpple cake’ (on this page)

With their mouths full, they gushed over the massive sweet treat.

“That is obscene — that is delicious,” Gifford said.

One slice of this hybrid is enough to feed four and sells for $8, but if you are planning a large gathering or feeling extra-hungry, a whole cake can be ordered with 72 hours notice and sells for $75. If a whole cake is just too much for your family’s stomach, the Flying Monkey also makes a smaller version — the pumpplet.

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Video: Kathie Lee, Hoda taste ‘pumpple cake’

  1. Transcript of: Kathie Lee, Hoda taste ‘pumpple cake’

    KATHIE LEE GIFFORD, co-host: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Funday , October 25th . We hope you had a wonderful, wonderful weekend. It's a -- it's a nice day here, and it was a gorgeous weekend here in the middle Atlantic states.

    HODA KOTB, co-host: Well, and it still feels warm. It was -- yeah, it was in the 60s and almost tipping into 70. And look at people without their jackets on, some people just enjoying.

    GIFFORD: Nice crowd. They came to see their Hoda woman.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: Sign some books.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    KATHIE LEE GIFFORD, co-host: You were in Chicago over the weekend.

    HODA KOTB, co-host: I went to Chicago , right, to the Prevention magazine event, which was terrific. Met a lot of people and signed a bunch of books. And then came back here and then went to Sam's Club ...

    GIFFORD: Sam 's Club.

    KOTB: ...in Edison, New Jersey.

    GIFFORD: Who's hotter than Hoda ?

    KOTB: OK, the biggest carts are not at Sam's Club . The biggest carts on earth are at IKEA .


    KOTB: OK, I went to IKEA . I know you guys have been there, and this was all a new adventure for me. I did not understand that everything is in a box. So if you want a bed, you take your big cart to the place and you climb up on top of the thing and pull your bed down in a box.

    GIFFORD: How can a woman...

    KOTB: ...on the cart.

    GIFFORD: How can small people do this?

    KOTB: I don't know, but they have -- people are helping each other.


    KOTB: There are guys who wear a -- but I was so shocked at how huge. It's acres and acres long. And everyone has these carts.

    GIFFORD: And they -- don't they also sell Swedish meatballs because it's Scandinavian ?

    KOTB: Yes. I love the Swedish meatballs .

    GIFFORD: I love that.

    KOTB: They have pizza at the end.

    GIFFORD: Pizza at the end. You've earned it by then.

    KOTB: And then -- and then you buy everything because you're like, oh my God, wooden spoons for $2. You don't need anything, but everything is a nickel.

    GIFFORD: That's the psycho -- that's the psychology of it. They -- and you -- you said, 'I didn't even need a cheese platter, but I got one.'

    KOTB: Yeah. I got it.

    GIFFORD: A cutting board.

    KOTB: Yeah, I -- and...

    GIFFORD: Didn't need it, got it.

    KOTB: Wait. There was a lamp for $5.

    GIFFORD: They love people like you.

    KOTB: No, I got it. It was so -- it's just like a globe and you put a bulb in it and it...

    GIFFORD: It sounds hideous.

    KOTB: ...burns the apartment down. You're going to be seeing my apartment very soon, if you know what I mean .

    GIFFORD: I don't want to talk about it.

    KOTB: So your weekend was quite the adventure.

    GIFFORD: You know what? We had a great weekend. We have very, very dear friends who live up in the Amherst area there.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: And it's so gorgeous. This time of year, everything's peak.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: Your foilage is in peak condition.

    KOTB: Why do you keep bringing that up?

    GIFFORD: Another person called it foilage, too.

    KOTB: Maybe it is foilage.

    GIFFORD: Yes. Anyway, the foilage was gorgeous, it was peak. And I 've told you before about my friends Mike and Lisa Kittredge .

    KOTB: They're great people.

    GIFFORD: Mike was the originator and the founder of Yankee Candle .

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: And as a kid, he was the genius who thought, I think I'll put scents in candles and make them different colors and sell them to my mother's friends.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: Well, years later, of course, he sold it for many, many dollars.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: And battled cancer three times, said, 'I'm going to marry the woman that's been with me through all of this.'

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: 'We're going to have a family. We're going to see the world .' Well, what he was to planning -- and thank you because he took us all over the world .

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: They took us -- and our kids have grown up together. They ended up having two more little baby girls. But their son, Mike 's son is now 20.

    KOTB: Hm.

    GIFFORD: And guess what, he got the DNA of his father.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: And started a brand-new candle company called Kringle Candle Company .

    KOTB: Hm.

    GIFFORD: It's in Bernardston , Massachusetts . And there I was. I -- and that's me with little...

    KOTB: Who's he?

    GIFFORD: That's Mick. We call him Mick , little Michael .

    KOTB: Uh-huh .

    GIFFORD: I love places like this where it's -- now, here's the thing. There's Frank. The thing that we love about it is I love the pumpkin smell, but an orange candle looks hideous in my kitchen.

    KOTB: Right.

    GIFFORD: Because the colors are all wrong.

    KOTB: Sure.

    GIFFORD: So their idea this time around was genius.

    KOTB: Hm.

    GIFFORD: Make everything white, everything white. You can take the little -- the labels come right off. This one is called Spiced Apple .

    KOTB: Let's see .

    GIFFORD: They burn forever. They're absolutely gorgeous. Now, this town had been hurting.

    KOTB: Mm, that smells great.

    GIFFORD: That one's spiced apple.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: This -- and look at -- and everything's reusable, everything's recyclable.

    KOTB: What's this one?

    GIFFORD: This one -- smell it, you'll tell me.

    KOTB: Lemon.

    GIFFORD: Lemon zest, unbelievable.

    KOTB: Delicious.

    GIFFORD: And then this one...

    KOTB: Those are nice.

    GIFFORD: This is the one I brought for you. Look, smell the pumpkin spice.

    KOTB: OK.

    GIFFORD: This I put on in my kitchen yesterday and it smells absolutely glorious.

    KOTB: I want this one.

    GIFFORD: OK. You can have that one.

    KOTB: OK, good. Thank you.

    GIFFORD: Yeah.

    KOTB: I love that.

    GIFFORD: You got it, baby.

    KOTB: That is awesome.

    GIFFORD: So anyway, they're all affordable. You can go to kringlecandle.com. But I love people like this.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: That not are just dreamers, but doers. Second time around. Now he's -- he'll call me, says, 'We're drinking a very expensive bottle of wine, but we're licking labels.'

    KOTB: He's a great guy.

    GIFFORD: He's back to licking labels and starting it all again.

    KOTB: Great guy.

    GIFFORD: So God bless him.

    KOTB: So that's your favorite thing.

    GIFFORD: That was my favorite thing for today. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

    KOTB: Let me tell you really quick what my favorite thing is. If you've ever gotten into the shower and you want to take off your makeup and you want to put lotion on you and all the other stuff and you don't want a bunch of different jars and bottles to do it, hello Davines . OK, this stuff is terrific. It's a cream that you put on your face in the shower, it removes your makeup. You put it on your body and it moisturizes your body. You rinse it off afterwards. Everything's rinsed off. It's such a moisturizing thing that you can put it in the ends of your hair to get like...

    GIFFORD: What's the last -- those are the three things?

    KOTB: Yeah. And you rinse it, all three, face, hair, body.

    GIFFORD: How about gargling?

    KOTB: You can't...

    GIFFORD: Can you gargle?

    KOTB: Davines. Anyway, it's very -- it's all organic, it's very cool. It's about 20 to $40 depending on what you get. But you have to rinse this off now.

    GIFFORD: I just want to smell. It smells nice.

    KOTB: Yeah, it's very...

    GIFFORD: It's no Kringle Candle , but it's nice.

    KOTB: Yeah, nice.

    GIFFORD: That's good. All right. Should we go to...

    KOTB: Yes.

    GIFFORD: Should we wait for Sara , or should we go to Sara ?

    KOTB: Let's see what Sara 's is.

    SARA HAINES reporting: I love that, Hoda , because my mascara gets stuck on my face.

    KOTB: Yes. Yes.

    HAINES: And you have to -- I feel like you're washing -- taking a shower at the sink again after your shower just to get it off.

    KOTB: Exactly. That's what it's about.

    HAINES: But my favorite thing is so high tech, it's cereal. Kashi 's Heart to Heart .

    KOTB: That is great cereal.

    HAINES: This is amazing. My friend Sam is trying to lose weight, and I told her about this and she's like, 'If it tastes healthy, I'm not doing it. I'm trying it once.'

    KOTB: Yeah.

    HAINES: Now I go -- it's my guilty pleasure. I eat this dry, I eat it for -- like, I put banana on it in the morning. It's the best.

    KOTB: Ooh , I want to try that. OK.

    GIFFORD: It's Kashi , right?

    HAINES: It's Kashi Heart to Heart .

    GIFFORD: Great stuff. Good stuff.

    HAINES: It's got like a little sweetness to it, so.

    GIFFORD: Well, you know what else we have that's kind of sweet?

    KOTB: Oh, my gosh.

    GIFFORD: Friday we didn't get to it because Friday is supposed to be Tryday , and we didn't get to try it. So look at this cake.

    KOTB: It is a cake and a pie.

    GIFFORD: An apple pie .

    KOTB: It's a -- it's called a pumple cake. It's an apple pie inside of a pumpkin cake.

    GIFFORD: It's only for large and very, very hungry parties.

    KOTB: OK.

    GIFFORD: Or for that one friend of yours who has a problem.

    KOTB: Just so you...

    GIFFORD: It should serve 40 people.

    KOTB: This one slice...

    GIFFORD: I'll actually have a bite because you have to try, that's the whole point.

    KOTB: Yeah, you have to. This whole slice, just so you know , on our plates, 1800 calories for this slice.

    GIFFORD: Joy Bauer would have a cow. Mm.

    KOTB: Mm.

    GIFFORD: Oh, there's real coconut in it. You know, when you don't sweet -- eat sweets anymore...

    KOTB: Oh, this is so good.

    GIFFORD: Oh, I got to lick it.

    KOTB: See? Mm.

    GIFFORD: Mm, mm. It's available at the Flying Monkey in Philadelphia . I bet he flies after eating this. I'd fly, too. Mm.

    KOTB: Oh my, 1800 . That's, like a day and a half's worth of food.

    GIFFORD: Oh, my gosh, that is obscene.

    KOTB: So good. Mm.

    GIFFORD: That is delicious.

    KOTB: I'll have more of that.

    GIFFORD: Well, poor Mel Gibson .

    KOTB: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

    GIFFORD: What do you think about this? I don't know. Mel Gibson was supposed to be in "The Hangover 2," he was going to play a cameo as a tattoo artist.

    KOTB: Right. Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: Was going to be sort of his comeback. Remember when Tom Cruise did "Tropic Fever"?

    KOTB: Right.

    GIFFORD: And he played the crazy guy, and everybody started looking at him differently was he was able to make...

    KOTB: " Tropic Thunder ."

    GIFFORD: " Tropic Thunder ." Thank you.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: That he could make fun of himself. And now Mel was supposed to, and I guess there was some flack from members of the cast, although no one specifically has said that that's what it was.

    KOTB: He's been replaced by Liam Neeson .

    GIFFORD: And he and Liam share the same press agent.

    KOTB: Oh, I didn't know that.

    GIFFORD: Mm-hmm.

    KOTB: Interesting.

    GIFFORD: Rob Knope , or something like -- I'm sorry, I don't know his name exactly, but...

    KOTB: Well, here's the quote from the director. He said, "I thought Mel would've been great in the movie, but I realized filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew."

    GIFFORD: So our question is, when have you paid penance, when is it enough, when can you come back, when do you get a second chance? Because you go through the list of people who have, who have, how shall we say it, fallen out of favor, OK?

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: I mean, Alec Baldwin , you know.

    KOTB: And he had a -- he had a rant with his daughter because I kept thinking the thing that makes Mel 's different is you actually heard his words.

    GIFFORD: Yes.

    KOTB: And you heard what he was saying to his -- to his wife.

    GIFFORD: Girlfriend.

    KOTB: At least we think they're his words.

    GIFFORD: His girlfriend.

    KOTB: His girlfriend, right.

    GIFFORD: But we haven't heard him in his own words say he's sorry.

    KOTB: Right, right.

    GIFFORD: Or have any repentance at all.

    KOTB: Right, for...

    GIFFORD: And that's -- yeah, that may be -- Alec apologized, and he seems to be on great terms with his daughter.

    KOTB: Sure, sure.

    GIFFORD: Mike Tyson , who was in the original "Hangover" -- that is one of the funniest movies that has ever been made, ever. I'm sorry.

    KOTB: It's hilarious.

    GIFFORD: I hated myself the entire time.

    KOTB: No.

    GIFFORD: But...

    KOTB: But you can't help but laughing.

    GIFFORD: Oh, my gosh, it was genius.

    KOTB: No. How about the tooth? How about the hole when he didn't have his tooth? I was so in.

    GIFFORD: Mike Tyson was very funny in it.

    KOTB: Oh, and remember...

    GIFFORD: But Mike Tyson was in prison for rape.

    KOTB: I know. But that was in '92, so maybe people forget after a lot of years.

    GIFFORD: I doubt the woman that he raped forgets it but, you know...

    KOTB: Well, no kidding.

    GIFFORD: ...that's the way it is . Although -- no, I'm sorry.

    KOTB: No, I agree with you.

    GIFFORD: There are some things we seem to be able to forgive, and other things -- and it was...

    KOTB: No, I think it's over. I think people forget over time who aren't -- I think you forget even what someone was accused of. I think people are like that, they don't remember.

    GIFFORD: Do you remember what Martha went to -- Martha Stewart went to prison for?

    KOTB: Yeah, it was like some securities fraud stuff.

    GIFFORD: Insider trading.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: That sort of thing. Now she's back with her show. She's got the whole Hallmark Channel .

    KOTB: Right.

    GIFFORD: Tiger Woods , that ain't over. That's in the papers today. But he's still playing golf and still doing very, very well.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: So what do you think, futurewise?

    KOTB: I mean, I think it takes time. I think people -- I think ultimately, at the end, people do forget, and I think that they accept people again. I think people like to see a comeback, even when someone's been through something really horrible.

    GIFFORD: They do. They like to see second and third acts. So do you think Mel should be given another chance as an actor?

    KOTB: I think over time we'll probably see him again. I can't imagine we wouldn't. I mean, what do you think?

    GIFFORD: I hope so. I think everybody should have a second chance or third chance.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: If they truly learned something from what's happened.

    KOTB: Sure.

    GIFFORD: And they're -- if you don't believe in redemption, what's the point of living?

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: Because every one of us needs it.

    KOTB: Yeah. We're all going to fall.

    GIFFORD: Especially you, Hoda .

    KOTB: Stop it. OK, Mel -- OK...

    GIFFORD: Speaking of that.

    KOTB: ... let's talk about Brett Favre . OK, first of all, all I saw was the front page of the -- of the Post , and it says "Not Mine!" So I was like, I wonder what they're talking about? OK. So Brett Favre apparently admits that he called this sports reporter.

    GIFFORD: Right.

    KOTB: But he says he never sent her any photos of down there.

    GIFFORD: Of his anatomy.

    KOTB: Right.

    GIFFORD: But how could you tell anyway, unless it had, like, defining characteristics?

    KOTB: Who would know?

    GIFFORD: You know what I'm saying? I mean, if it takes a left turn or something, you know, it's obvious.

    KOTB: Oh!

    GIFFORD: Well, how would you know otherwise?

    KOTB: I don't...

    GIFFORD: And it could have been photoshopped.

    KOTB: It could -- it could've been -- it could -- all those things could -- all right.

    GIFFORD: Or a right turn, I don't know.

    KOTB: Stop! Rob Shuter 's with us in a little while , and he's going to...

    GIFFORD: He'll tell us.

    KOTB: He'll tell us all the...

    GIFFORD: Because he's done a lot of that himself over the years. So yeah, we'll get to the heart of that story.

    KOTB: All right. So there has been a big baby boom in Hollywood .

    GIFFORD: I am so excited and so happy for Celine Dion and her husband.

    KOTB: Twins. They had twins.

    GIFFORD: Twins. She's got three boys now.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: And she has had, you know, she's been very public with her desire to have a -- more children.

    KOTB: Yeah.

    GIFFORD: And she -- they had a lot of trouble having Rene-Charles , their son.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: And so very happy. They were about a month early.

    KOTB: Oh, they were, right.

    GIFFORD: The twins.

    KOTB: And then Matt Damon , he and his wife.

    GIFFORD: And we saw him recently...

    KOTB: Yes.

    GIFFORD: ...at the event out in Greenwich , and she was -- that's the event, I think, that we were at in Greenwich .

    KOTB: I think it may have been, yeah.

    GIFFORD: And she was lovely. And you know what I remember that day?

    KOTB: Hm.

    GIFFORD: That evening, we were at this event for Jim Bell 's wife, Angelique , in Greenwich , Connecticut .

    KOTB: Hm. Mm-hmm.

    GIFFORD: Remember when we all went to the ladies room and his wife went in with us?

    KOTB: Oh.

    GIFFORD: And he was standing outside the ladies room.

    KOTB: Yeah, he waited.

    GIFFORD: Like, to make sure she was OK.

    KOTB: Waiting for her to come out.

    GIFFORD: Waiting for her , yeah.

    KOTB: 'Is she still in there?' he said.

    GIFFORD: Yeah. 'Is she all right? Is she still there?'

    KOTB: I mean, that's who you want.

    GIFFORD: It was just -- it wasn't movie star talk, it was like a man concerned about his -- the woman he loves and the child that she's bearing.

    KOTB: Yeah. I can't wait to see the pictures, too, of that cute -- the cute little babies .

    GIFFORD: Yeah, we need to have a little good news around here, Hoda woman.

    KOTB: All right. So also in the paper there was a kind of a New Yorkish story. A cabbie was driving a woman and her child in the back, and the child got sick and threw...

    GIFFORD: It happens.

    KOTB: ...threw up in the cab.

    GIFFORD: Projectile.

    KOTB: And the -- and the woman felt terrible. She got to her apartment, she called her husband, she said, 'Look, we're sorry, we're going to clean up this whole cab,' Soft Scrub or whatever, and they're ready to get in there.

    GIFFORD: And the husband was waiting when they got there.

    KOTB: Ready.

    GIFFORD: Ready to clean up, ready to do.

    KOTB: And the cab said -- the cab driver said, 'No, you have to give me $120 because I have to get this professionally cleaned because no one's going to want to get into my cab because it's going to reek.'

    GIFFORD: Yeah.

    KOTB: She said, 'Look, we'll clean it, I'm not giving you $120.' He called 911, it was a whole thing.

    GIFFORD: That's what I don't understand. Why 911?

    KOTB: Because they...

    GIFFORD: Why not the Better Business Bureau or something?

    KOTB: Well, anyway, I guess what -- at the end of the day , he was upset.

    GIFFORD: He wanted to lodge a criminal complaint against her.

    KOTB: And at the end, you can't. I mean, she offered to pay and offered to clean. I mean, it is -- you -- if you've ever gotten into a New York City cab where you know someone was in it before you and it wasn't a good scene, it's bad. I mean, you have to get out immediately.

    GIFFORD: I was...

    KOTB: I'm sure he'll use -- lose a lot of fares. But stuff happens .

    GIFFORD: Life happens.

    KOTB: Life happens.

    GIFFORD: And I think the mother and the son and the -- well, I don't know about the son. He probably -- but the parents handled it beautifully.

    KOTB: What else are you going to do?

    GIFFORD: I don't know. It happens.

    KOTB: But if you're...

    GIFFORD: Some kids don't do it and other kids are like -- I mean, they're fabulous at it.

    KOTB: What do you mean?

    GIFFORD: I mean, it just, they're...

    KOTB: Fabulous at throwing up?

    GIFFORD: You cannot imagine how far it can go and how much damage it can do. Some kids are just incredibly talented. Sounds like this kid was. You got into a cab the other day and it was like that.

    KOTB: Yeah, it's -- and I got out.

    GIFFORD: Try knowing you're performing in Atlantic City , and you walk into your dressing room with two weeks' performances or something...

    KOTB: Ooh .

    GIFFORD: ...and it reeks of that.

    KOTB: Oh, oh, oh. See, I -- if a child does it, it's OK. If a drunk adult does it, I'm out. Like, that...

    GIFFORD: What if it -- what if it's just a sick adult who's not drunk?

    KOTB: No, a sick adult's OK.

    GIFFORD: Don't cast aspersions against drunk people.

    KOTB: Drunk adults I'm against.

    GIFFORD: Yeah.

    KOTB: Let's check in with Sara .

    GIFFORD: Oh, do we have to?

    KOTB: Yes, we do. Hi, Sara .

    HAINES: We were asking about Mel Gibson and when penance is, you know, kind of arrived.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    HAINES: Heather wrote, 'When the past repeats itself so often, it's hard to do.' And then Sue says it's too soon for Mel .

    KOTB: Yeah.

    HAINES: We're getting a lot of mixed reviews.

    GIFFORD: Because the battle is still on.

    KOTB: Yeah, right.

    GIFFORD: It's an ongoing court battle.

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