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updated 10/18/2010 5:08:16 PM ET 2010-10-18T21:08:16

Fox News Channel host Brian Kilmeade is apologizing for saying on the air that "all terrorists are Muslim."

Kilmeade, a host of the "Fox & Friends" morning show, said Monday that he misspoke Friday when he and his colleagues were discussing an appearance of Fox's Bill O'Reilly on "The View" last week. O'Reilly said "Muslims killed us on 9/11" and "View" hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off the set in objection. They returned after O'Reilly apologized and after being chastised by colleague Barbara Walters for leaving.

Kilmeade said "not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim."

On Monday, Kilmeade said on Fox that "I don't believe all terrorists are Muslims. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that if I offended ... or hurt anybody's feelings. But that's it."

'View' hosts explain their O'Reilly walkout

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Video: Islamaphobia continues to grow

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    >>> world. regular pharmacy customer katherine o'connor was walking by when she has an asthma attack . they wouldn't give her a refill. not because of the prescription, that was fine. the inhaler cost $21.99. and she and her boyfriend only had a $20. he offered the pharmacist his cell phone and wallet and would run home to get the $2 they were short. by this time they were on the floor of the cvs, so the boyfriend called the paramedics. fortunately she didn't die. the vs pharmacist was and is a jackass. and it's the foreign election of businesses and governments. never once they revealed last month the u.s. chamber released a poll commissioned about health care reform and small businesses u u.s. chamber of commerce described the survey as a poll. unless they did it as a hobby, they paid him. he had him onto discuss the favors and never mentioned that they paid him. instead they described him as a democratic pollster. but our winner, brian kilmead. there's stupid and there's bigoted and there's paranoid, through it takes a big man to combine all of it. no we're not. but that was just a warm up. wait for the hate. every terrorist is a muslim. scott roeder must be surprised to find out he's a muslim. the church murder who says he was inspired by bernie goldberg 's writing converted without his knowledge. the guy who tried to attack the tides foundation and the man who detonated the bomb at a mosque all muslims.

    >> and the people equate timothy mcveigh with al qaeda terrorist organization , which is growing, and a threat that exists.

    >> that's right, see, because when mcveigh was put to death, that ended all threats of american born terrorists. here's one for you. all brian kilmeads are bastards and tonight's worse person in the world [


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