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Video: Arquette takes to airwaves to dish on split

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    >>> just after announces their trial separation , david arquette opened up with surprising detail about his split with courtney cox .

    >> she may be a cougar now, but to most of us, she'll always be that neurotic friend.

    >> i have been waiting my whole life to be engaged and unlike some people, i only plan on doing this once.

    >> reporter: courtney cox 's real life relationship with david arquette was one of those hollywood marathons, 11 years and counting after they first met on the set of "scream."

    >> do you mind if i join you?

    >> not at all.

    >> reporter: arquette to the airwaves with this.

    >> we had not had sex at that time a month or so.

    >> reporter: just a day after the couple announced that they were separating to better understand themselves, arquette called into howard stern 's radio show to air some of their pillow talk . he was shockingly candid and he says the couple was on a break of sorts.

    >> i had sex with a girl once.

    >> so she's not your girlfriend?

    >> under the terms of the separation, i was allowed to meet other people.

    >> reporter: the other person is reported to be jasmine waltz. she was act ncused of punching lindsay lohan at one point.

    >> it wasn't a big surprise to people in hollywood that he might have been hooking up with this girl.

    >> reporter: will it matter in a possible divorce? most agree probably not.

    >> it very well could, but from a legal perspective, it has no play.

    >> reporter: courtney is allowed to play the field too?

    >> so she's free to see people too, that's what she wanted?

    >> the star said she wants to be just friends with her spouse. so there is a "friends" curse? the stars on that show only have about a 50/50 chance of living in wedded bliss. lisa and david just revealed he just got hitched to his long-time girlfriend months ago. as for courteney cox and david arquette both insist they're still friends. whether their break becomes permanent, still up in the air. lee cowan, nbc news, san francisco .

    >> indicate -- good morning to you both. so let me start with you, on monday they announce the trial separation , they ask the media to show them some respect. the next day david arquette is on the radio talking in very explicit detail about his life, sex life or lack thereof. were you surprised at how quickly he went public with this?

    >> very surprised, generally when you hear of a celebrity split, what you're expecting is the standard, please respect our privacy as we go through this difficult time. and there's usually quite a long period of silence before one or the other is willing to talk about what went wrong. and when they do talk about what went wrong, it's usually couched in very vague terms. for him to talk so soon and be so candid is unusual. talking about his other conquests, how it made him feel manly?

    >> what was his motivation for that?

    >> if you listen to the many, many thing he said during the stern broadcast. buried in there is he wanted to make it clear that he wasn't cheating. he seemed to want to explain this whole trial separation and he was free to see other people so he wants it known that he's not someone who cheated on his wife. that appears to be the impetus, but of course he wandered into many other topics.

    >> at one point when he's talking to howard stern , he says she initiated the breakup right after the anniversary of the 11 years of marriage and said that she didn't want to be his mother anymore.

    >> a lot of couples go through that, everything is going well, and it comes out that there was some rift around the parent and the child and the child happens to be the partner. and after a while, 11 years they have been together, she may have flipped the script and decided she just didn't want to play that role anymore. and that happens in a lot of cases. and quite frankly , if he'll call calling howward stern and he's airing this on radio --

    >> they had talked openly about getting married, counseling when they needed it, talked about their infertility problems prior to having their daughter cocoa, the fact that they have gone public in this way, does this damage any hope they night have had?

    >> they're talking about a trial separation , and trial separations can work, but they need to work on it. they've got to get the help they need and they have got to get down to the business of working through whatever the problems were so they can get to the are root of it. quite frankly with hollywood and all of this supposition swirling around them, it probably won't work.

    >> thank you very much for your perspective this morning.

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