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updated 10/12/2010 10:58:35 PM ET 2010-10-13T02:58:35

A lawyer for rocker Vince Neil entered not guilty pleas for the Motley Crue singer on misdemeanor drunken driving and speeding charges.

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Attorney Richard Schonfeld said Monday his 49-year-old client didn't have to appear in person for the pleas in Las Vegas Justice Court. Trial was set for Jan. 6.

Neil is accused of having a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 percent and driving his Lamborghini sports car 60 mph in a 45 mph zone before he was stopped by police on June 27 near the Las Vegas Strip.

The state's legal limit for drivers is 0.08 percent.

Neil, whose hits with Motley Crue include "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Dr. Feelgood," lives with his fourth wife in Las Vegas.

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Video: Rocker Vince Neil goes ‘To Hell and Back’

  1. Closed captioning of: Rocker Vince Neil goes ‘To Hell and Back’

    >>> hard rock band motley crue , vince neil is finally ready to tell his side of the story. what a story it is.

    >> no kidding. from booze and babes to drugs and death, vince's new book "tattoos & tequila" is a really revealing tell-all.

    >> it is. i read most of this book and you're very normal acting, doesn't seem like it affected your brain too desperately, all the drugs and the craziness. why do you think you're the chosen one, you're one of the lucky ones that is still here?

    >> it was crazy. with the alcohol and the drugs and, you know, it was very suicidal for a long time when my daughter passed away .

    >> cancer.

    >> i could have went anywhere, car wrecks, you know, it would have -- it could have done me in.

    >> why did you decide to put it all out there now?

    >> well, you know, i haven't really had a voice, you know, in a long time. there is a lot of misconceptions i think about me and the only thing that anybody has really ever read about me was in the dirt, which is a book put out about ten years ago.

    >> you really didn't say much in that, did you?

    >> no, i touched on subjects, me growing up and when my daughter passed away and tragedies and things, but i didn't really get into details. this is what i really wanted to get the things out there.

    >> the other guys from the band did not participate in this book, except one.

    >> nicky did.

    >> why did the other guys not want to be part of it?

    >> i don't know.

    >> you don't see them obviously very much, right?

    >> we don't live in the same state. i live in las vegas and they live in l.a.

    >> we hear talk about everybody getting back together again. you don't see that happening.

    >> we have been on tour.

    >> yeah, but i mean again, now. after this book?

    >> yeah, we actually have -- i'm going to see them on sunday, i believe rehearse with them, we have a show in mobile, alabama, on the 1st. we have been on tour, with crue fest in '08 and last year was crue fest 2 and then 30 year anniversary concerts, crue fest 3 next year.

    >> tell us about the beef with sharon osborne . what do you see when you see her on "america's got talent"?

    >> what i wrote in the book, the only thing i've dealt with her in 1984 , that was 26 years ago.

    >> you were on the road with ozzy.

    >> and she wasn't very nice to us.

    >> because you guys were bad boys and she was trying to protect her husband, right?

    >> well, you know, we were never really on the road yet. that was our first concert, our first tour. we weren't -- we were just bad guys in l.a.

    >> she banned everything, right?

    >> yeah. we called it the no fun tour. so through the eyes of me at 23 for the first time really on the road, i didn't like her.

    >> why go on the road if you can't have the babes, can't have the --

    >> why slam her now? that was so many years ago, like who cares?

    >> i was telling the story about our first tour. and i think she took it really too personally. because it was just my impression of her a long time ago.

    >> we want to thank you. it is really a riveting read. and i'm glad you cleaned up your act a little so you'll be on the earth a lot longer.


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