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Video: Maintain your mane: The latest in hair care

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    HODA KOTB, co-host: Time for BOBBIE'S STYLE BUZZ ...

    GIFFORD: Bz .

    KOTB: ...and all the product you'll need to make the most of your mane.

    GIFFORD: That's right . From treatments to touch-ups to even the way to correct a bad color job.

    KOTB: Oh, wow.

    GIFFORD: Not that anyone around here needs it.

    KOTB: No.

    GIFFORD: TODAY's style editor Bobbie Thomas is here to help. Miss Bobbie girl.

    KOTB: Hi, Bobbie.

    Ms. BOBBIE THOMAS: Hello. We've talked about hair for as long as I've known you, Hoda , over and over.

    KOTB: Yes. Forever. Yes.

    Ms. THOMAS: So and there is a lot out there. So I wanted to share some collections that have caught my eye. First up, Mixed Chicks .

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: The name alone is what it says. It was created by two women, Karen and Wendy , Wendy Levy , Karen Etheredge , who really felt that there was a void in the marketplace for multicultural hair types .

    KOTB: Yes. Weather sensitive hair. Yes.

    Ms. THOMAS: And they -- exactly. And they kept blending all different products.

    GIFFORD: That's good.

    Ms. THOMIS: So they decided to create their own collection, and fans now include Halle Berry , Macy Gray , so this is a great story. So check it out if you're looking to really tame curly hair .

    KOTB: Ooh , that's good. I want that. OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: Another collection, this is Pureology .

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's really been a pioneer in color preservation. What I like about this is the story , the founder actually had a friend that was struggling with ovarian cancer and wanted to create a gentle cleanser that was sulfate free, so it's carcinogen free.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: And it also has performance value to it.

    KOTB: Mm.

    Ms. THOMAS: And what I like is they boast concentrated formulas. And some people say, 'Why should I spend that much on my shampoo?' Their formulas claim to give you 80 shampoos, so it's 33 cents per application. If you spend a little more, you're actually going to let it stretch a little more.

    GIFFORD: Yeah. You won't have to color your hair as often.

    KOTB: Sure.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes. And you get more.


    Ms. THOMAS: This is Profound Beauty , another collection I'm a fan of because online, their Web site allows you to click through a questionnaire that's "find your routine." So it will help you figure out if you want straight hair, volume hair, your hair type, they give you these easy -- pick up this one box, there's three full-size products, they have three different results for the styling. So you can get, if you want straight hair, you pick up this box.

    KOTB: Uh-huh .

    Ms. THOMAS: And there's three products.

    KOTB: Oh.

    Ms. THOMAS: So there's your routine right there. If you want volume, they have that for that, too.

    GIFFORD: Because you have to use a different kind of product for different -- for different -- for the different outcome.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes.

    KOTB: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: Now, Unite is a really cool boutique collection that's in salons everywhere; stylists love this. This is a blow and set serum that will help you put in right after your hair is wet to heap -- help keep the lift and the curl in your hair.

    GIFFORD: Especially if you're had one of those treatments, a keratin treatment or something.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes.

    KOTB: Yeah. Yes.

    Ms. THOMAS: This will help you do -- it's a versatile product, but something coming out in January already has everyone buzzing. Check out the nozzle on this hair spray .

    GIFFORD: Ooh .

    KOTB: What?

    Ms. THOMAS: This is called their new Go 365. If you can get a better shot.

    KOTB: I don't get it.

    Ms. THOMAS: It actually allows you to twist it so you can see...

    KOTB: Oh, adjust the spray.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...whether it should be soft, medium or hard to hold.

    GIFFORD: Or mega thrust.

    Ms. THOMAS: But it's great because, you know, when you first spray the hair spray on, maybe the next day you don't want it as heavy, so this gives you three different hair sprays in one.

    KOTB: Oh.

    Ms. THOMAS: So that's a great value buy.

    KOTB: And I like this next one you're coming up on.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes.

    KOTB: This is great.

    Ms. THOMAS: Tress Treatments.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: This is Davines . I actually have known about this for over a decade. Eco-friendly fans, like Drew Barrymore , love the reusable packaging, and the ingredients are everything from cherry oil to avocado, stuff you could eat. But it's really great.

    KOTB: Hm.

    Ms. THOMAS: It works. And this DeDe conditioner is great for people who have fine hair, that kind of almost looks thinning and it will not make it heavy.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: The NouNou pack is a great conditioner, and I know that this is something that's really helped you, after the keratin treatment, keep the curl, right?

    GIFFORD: It has?

    KOTB: Gloria uses that.

    Ms. THOMAS: I think Gloria -- we took this right off...

    GIFFORD: Gloria uses it on us. OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...right off the back station.

    KOTB: Excellent.

    GIFFORD: Ok. It's been great, really.

    Ms. THOMAS: But this is called the Mellow Shields . OK. Another thing, Chronologiste by Kerastase .

    GIFFORD: Love Kerastase.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's got a cult following. You can get, for $60 at the salon, the treatment, but if you buy this for 145, it's an investment, but you'll get 10 applications at home to do this yourself.

    KOTB: So what is it?

    GIFFORD: Is it like a deep conditioner?

    Ms. THOMAS: It's a deep, deep conditioning treatment.

    KOTB: Oh.

    Ms. THOMAS: People swear by this. I have girlfriends that have said it's changed the texture of their hair.

    GIFFORD: Really? They've used every color -- they're black now. They've used every single color in the rainbow.

    KOTB: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: Now -- yes.

    KOTB: That's the best color touch-up I've ever tried. Ever. Stop looking at my roots.

    Ms. THOMAS: It is. I have tried it, too.

    GIFFORD: I'm not looking. You -- no.

    Ms. THOMAS: You're right.

    GIFFORD: It's perfect because your party's tonight.

    Ms. THOMAS: Listen. Anyone who's ever doubted what a drugstore can offer, this is great.

    KOTB: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: Today their color touch-ups are fantastics. This one I have tried it as well, this Nice Easy . You just mix the two in this little plastic container.

    KOTB: Simple.

    Ms. THOMAS: And very simple, 10 minutes .

    KOTB: Ten minutes, in and out.

    Ms. THOMAS: And it does. I've got four hair colors, it does blend.

    KOTB: Uh-huh .

    Ms. THOMAS: This is great. Look at this little fingertip applicator. This is...

    GIFFORD: What's that?

    Ms. THOMAS: ... L'Oreal 's Highlights , and you use this brush on your fingertip to draw on the highlights.

    GIFFORD: Hm.

    Ms. THOMAS: Exactly. That's what that's for.

    KOTB: That's what she was thinking.

    GIFFORD: Interesting.

    Ms. THOMAS: And if you do mess up, Kathie , you can find Color Oops at a drugstore near you. That's without bleach or peroxide.

    KOTB: Wait, Kathie Lee needs to show us something off to you.

    Ms. THOMAS: I know, go show off.

    GIFFORD: Oh, Friday in my dressing room, Bobbie comes to see me. She looks at my shoes and she says, ' Kathie Lee , that's disgusting. I'm taking you...'

    KOTB: Shoe shopping.

    GIFFORD: So I went out shoe shopping myself, baby.

    KOTB: Look at those, baby.

    Ms. THOMAS: Look at that.

    GIFFORD: Yeah.

    KOTB: B.T., what do you think?

    GIFFORD: Hot mama rocking it.

    KOTB: Uh-huh .

    Ms. THOMAS: I'm very, very impressed.

    GIFFORD: Uh-huh. I can't walk, I can't walk, but they're awfully pretty.

TODAY contributor
updated 10/11/2010 10:05:53 AM ET 2010-10-11T14:05:53

You wear your hair 365 days a year, so it’s important to always invest in the best! From cleansers and conditioners to quick color fixes, TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas highlights a roundup of performance-driven products to keep your locks looking luxe.

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Mixed Chicks hair care line celebrates diversity, and was created specifically for multicultural “hard to manage” hair types. After trying to tame their own manes by blending an assortment of products, Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy wanted to fill the void with this collection of lightweight products that define, detangle, moisturize and protect curly hair ($11.99-$45; Mixedchicks.net). Since then, Mixed Chicks has collected many fans, including Halle Berry, Ciara and Macy Gray ($11.99-$45; Mixedchicks.net). A pioneer in color care, Pureology’s gentle, naturally-based products promise not only performance but a money-back guarantee. With the goal of preserving your hair color longer, the carcinogen-free formulas are also concentrated, offering up to 80 shampoos at just 33 cents an application ($22-$53; Pureology.com).

For those who are easily overwhelmed by the abundance of hair items out there, Profound Beauty is a one-stop shop for customized style solutions. Not only can you “Find Your Routine” online, but the Climate Control collection has become a favorite of film and TV stylists who deal with difficult location shoots. They also offer three-step all-in-one systems for a variety of needs, including Desert Volume, Tropical Curl and Arctic Straight ($27-$32; Profoundbeauty.com). And last but not least, Unite hair care has collected a loyal salon following with its famous Blow and Set lotion that allows you to lift, curl, sculpt and more. And its brand-new GO 365 3-in-1 spray is set to launch in January 2011, but already has beauty insiders buzzing because of its twist nozzle that allows for soft, medium or strong hold depending on your needs ($20.95-$23.95; unitehair.com).

Tress treatments
Imagine you could have that "just left the salon" feeling every day? Well, with today’s take-home treatments, it’s possible. Davines, an organic and sustainable hair care collection, has collected fans such as Drew Barrymore with its forward-thinking, eco-friendly approach and its use of all-natural ingredients without sacrificing performance. Cherry oil, olive butter, pumpkin, mint and cinnamon are just a few of the ingredients included in their reusable tubs ($25-$28; Davines.com). The NouNou repair mask will restore dry and brittle hair, while the DeDe leave-in mist will add volume to fine, stressed hair without making it feel heavy and limp. And Kerastase has collected a cultlike following over the years for those looking to nourish their tresses. Their latest indulgence, Chronologiste Essential Restorative Concentrate, is not only available as a salon treatment, but can also be purchased for home use ($60 at salons and $145 for 10 applications; Kerastase-usa.com).

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And if you’re trying to stretch the time between hair color appointments, rest assured that drugstore options have come a long way. Clairol's Root Touch will cover grays in 10 minutes and promises a perfect blend of tones proven to match a wide range of shades ($6.99; Clairol.com). (I have personally tested this, and found the formula was able to match even my tricolored hair.) L’Oreal's new Touch-On Highlights offers you precise color control at the tip of your finger without any caps, foils or hassles ($12.99; Lorealparisusa.com). And last but not least ... we've all been there, ladies, excited to see your brand-new vibrant hue when (cue the record scratch) your almost Jessica Rabbit moment looks more like a Lady Gaga experiment. Thanks to Color Oops, you can safely remove unwanted hair color with ease without bleach or peroxide ($12.99; CVS.com).

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