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    JOE WITTE, announcer: TODAY' S WEDDING , MODERN LOVE is brought to you by...

    TAMRON HALL reporting: This morning on TODAY'S WEDDING , MODERN LOVE , wedding favors . From do-it-yourself gifts to charitable donations, modern wedding couples are breaking all traditions when deciding what presents to give their guests. TODAY's style editor Bobbie Thomas has some of the hottest trends. And she's joined by our new wedding couple, Melissa McMillin -- agh -- and Jeremy Gebhardt , who -- I screamed for you -- who just found out just about an hour ago that they'll tie the knot live on the plaza in front of their family, friends, and millions of viewers who feel like they know and love them. Good morning, all. Thank you. And congratulations.

    Ms. MELISSA McMILLIN: Thank you so much .

    HALL: Are you walking on sunshine even though it's raining?

    Ms. McMILLIN: Yes. Yes. I can't believe it, it's unreal.

    HALL: All right. We're going to go through this segment with Bobbie .

    Ms. BOBBIE THOMAS: Well, I -- we are all here to help you plan this wedding .

    Ms. McMILLIN: Thank you.

    Ms. THOMAS: And I would like to share with you this first idea that couples today are doing good with their favors, which I really like.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: You can give donations, and whether you go to a professional printer or make yourself, announce a charitable donation at the table.

    HALL: Uh-huh. Now are wedding favors something that's just a part of the wedding culture now, this -- you give out gifts to all of your guests?

    Ms. THOMAS: It's part of -- it's a nice way to say thank you for participating.

    HALL: Thank you. Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: And think about the guests. But also, it's a great way to give back since you're celebrating love.

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: I love this eco-friendly idea of pine tree seedlings. And you can give them out to guests and ask them to plant when they take home. They're also really pretty and decorative on the table.

    HALL: That's cute.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's just an alternative idea.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: And a really popular idea, pun intended. I'm going to ask you to pop this balloon.

    HALL: Uh-oh .

    Ms. McMILLIN: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: OK.

    HALL: Oh!

    Ms. THOMAS: Agh! OK.

    HALL: Is that a gift?

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes.

    HALL: You're trying to run people away.

    Ms. THOMAS: Well, what you do is you would ask the guests during a toast to do the same, and all these random acts of kindness would fall out.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: And then as a favor to you...

    Ms. McMILLIN: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...you ask the guests to do the random acts of kindness .

    HALL: My heart is still racing, but that was -- I have to say, after it was -- you're -- yeah.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Yeah.

    HALL: Intense, right? But it was super cute.

    Ms. THOMAS: This next category is double duty. Really think about something that somebody can take home. Ladies, I know you want to put your bridal logo on everything, but try to resist and think about something that can be used again. I like the idea -- this Web site called littlethingsfavors.com.

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: Everything's under a dollar in this one section, which is so great.

    HALL: Ooh. OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: You can use these mini photo frames, mini photo coasters for your place card seating, but then the -- you can take it home and use it on your nightstand. I also like all of the boxes that you can buy at your -- this is my favorite chocolate, Chocolatine .

    Ms. McMILLIN: So cute.

    HALL: And then you can put just something in it inside later.

    Ms. THOMAS: Put the chocolates.

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: And for a location wedding , these candles actually melt down into a hand cream, and they can be personalized. By soydelicious.com.

    HALL: Lovely.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Wow.

    HALL: What's the next category?

    Ms. THOMAS: DIY , I really love DIY because you can share a family recipe.

    HALL: Ah.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's cost-effective, but creative. I got inspired...

    HALL: And tasty.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...by Dylan 's candies...

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...where you can cut back on the cost of the flowers, maybe, and do great centerpieces.

    HALL: Cute.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: Modern families are inviting the children.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: And, of course, you can do a candy bar for everyone to take bags of candy home.

    HALL: Nice. Nice.

    Ms. THOMAS: Bulk candy in colors.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: But very important, this last category, are my dream favors.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Oh, my gosh.

    HALL: And, Melissa , we want you to really pay attention to the dream favors.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Yes. Yes.

    Ms. THOMAS: Because you're going to get to decide nothing else but one of these three favors for your wedding .

    Ms. McMILLIN: Oh, that's exciting.

    HALL: Isn't that great?

    Ms. McMILLIN: Yes.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's a tough job, but I had to make some calls. It was really fun actually. This camera from Sony is not even available here in the US.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's the world's smallest 3-D camera.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Whoa.

    HALL: Wow.

    Ms. THOMAS: Just really cool.

    Ms. THOMAS: Takes panoramic pictures. Kodak offers this Pulse frame for you. And what's great about this is it has its own e-mail address.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: It can link directly to Facebook .

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: And all of your guests can send you all the pictures from your wedding .

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    HALL: Wow.

    Ms. THOMAS: So you can create a memory book. And I liked the idea of possibly going with an instant flashback from Polaroid .

    Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: Their Instant Classic camera will help you hold the moment in your hand at the wedding . You can have lots of fun.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Ah.

    HALL: And others can participate because they can capture moments that you don't see and share.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Yeah. Those are neat.

    HALL: Well, you have time...

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes. So you get to think about these three.

    HALL: Yeah. And then you get to pick...

    Ms. McMILLIN: Ooh , that's exciting.

    HALL: Jeremy , how do you feel? Are you -- are you OK, Jeremy ? Are you overwhelmed?

    Mr. JEREMY GEBHARDT: Yeah, I'm glad I'm sitting down. This is unreal.

    HALL: It is. Well, congratulations. Melissa says she's willing to carry the heavy load until you get back, and then you've got to help out here.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes.

    HALL: Congratulations. He's adorable. Good choice of a fellow there, lady, good choice.

    Ms. THOMAS: So cute.

    Ms. McMILLIN: Thank you. He's cute.

    HALL: Well, speaking of choices, you'll make yours and we'll update our audience later to let them know what you and Jeremy decide as your picks in favors.

    Ms. McMILLIN: OK.

    HALL: Thank you, Bobbie . Thank you, Melissa .

TODAY contributor
updated 8/24/2010 5:49:25 PM ET 2010-08-24T21:49:25

In 2010 there are many ways to celebrate a union, and modern marriage is more than just a symbol of love for one another — it’s an opportunity to include all the people you love as well. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’s Bobbie Thomas offers you some unique ways to say thank you to family and friends.

Do good
In lieu of traditional take-homes, support for a special cause may be a consideration for some couples. Whether you go to a professional or print them yourself, a bookmarklike photo or a simple, classic card can be used to announce a charitable donation. Or, for those who want to go green, you can decorate tables with pine-tree seedlings that your guests can take home and plant ($1.50-$2; Greenworldproject.net). And for a “pop”-ular way to pass it forward, you can fill centerpiece balloons with helium and strips of paper that detail random acts of kindness. Ask guests to burst the balloons and then fulfill a do-good deed as the “favor.”

Double duty
It’s easy to end up with a tight budget and cluttered tables, but double-duty favors can help streamline your planning. Mini picture frames and photo coaster sets work both as place card holders and as gifts guests can enjoy on a nightstand table, etc. I found these and other multitasking trinkets, such as reusable glass jars and tins that can be kept in a purse or desk drawer, all for under $1 at LittleThingsFavors.com! And for those who want to pamper their attendees, Soydelicious crème candles are a personalized body moisturizer and candle in one (Personalized Creme Candles; $5, Soy-delicious.com).

DIY isn't just about being cost-effective — it's about being creative and offering a handmade gift from the heart. Whether you share a treasured family recipe along with a sample or create fun centerpieces, DIY projects can be unique and one-of-a-kind, where saving money is just an added bonus. Since children are often welcomed at modern weddings, colorful confectionery creations like lollipop centerpieces will light up the eyes of big and small kids alike. While DylansCandyBar.com’s “Party-on-the-Go” cart is available for rent, you could also use a collection of glass vases and color-coordinated candy bought in bulk to offer everyone a serve-yourself sweets buffet to bag and take home.

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Dream favors
Since TODAY is treating your favorite couple to a dream wedding, it was my job to find dream favors. (However, one of these could also be the perfect bridal party present.) Photos are priceless moments captured in time, so I wanted to find gifts that keep giving. Sony's brand-new DSC-WX5 is the world's smallest 3-D camera and will allow everyone to relive in realistic detail what goes by in the blink of an eye (Sony DSC-WX5 Camera; $299.99, Sony.com). And new from Kodak, the Pulse Digital Frame can receive photos via its very own e-mail address and even links directly to friends and albums on Facebook (Kodak Pulse Digital Frame; $129.95, Kodak.com). Finally, an instant flashback in more ways than one! Retro favorite Polaroid has redesigned its classic camera with advanced lighting settings and autoflash so you can be in the moment (Polaroid 300 Classic Instant Camera $89.99; Polaroid.com).

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