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updated 8/20/2010 1:25:47 PM ET 2010-08-20T17:25:47

A Texas teenager who broke curfew is headed for a reluctant adventure in baby-sitting.

Robert Rausch placed an advertisement offering his daughter's free baby-sitting services in the community newspaper in Southlake, a wealthy suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth that is home to business leaders and professional athletes.

The advertisement names Rausch's 16-year-old-daughter and says, "Want a FREE BABYSITTER for a night out?" It explains that she is in trouble for missing her curfew and offers 30 hours of free baby-sitting, KXAS-TV reported.

Rausch says he wanted to discipline his daughter and help others at the same time. And it appears his daughter has already learned a lesson. She says she won't violate curfew again or throw any more late-night parties.

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Video: How do you punish your kids?

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    >>> 1a in rockefeller plaza .

    >>> hi everybody. we're delighted to welcome you to our program. it's pride day, august 20th . we're getting ready for the big weekend .

    >> i'm going to spend time with a bunch of girlfriends on a little trip .

    >> you'll tell us about it on monday.

    >> yes. how about this?

    >> i'm going off on a mother/daughter jaunt with cass in california.

    >> is it relaxing out there?

    >> very. she's probably going to drag me to some yoga thing. what the heck. she is a maniac.

    >> people get hooked on the hot yoga and burn off calories.

    >> the body is so tight and limber. it's a beautiful body. i don't have that. maybe when i come back i will, hoda.

    >> i get bored in yogayoga. i'm always clock watching.

    >> there's a new kind that's fluid. we'll let you know. you're not a parent, but i'm sure you were parented quite well. your parents were sticklers.

    >> they were very, very super strict.

    >> that's why you turned out like you did, hoda. except for a if you things. i'm a big stickler for tough love and equal love and equal share of discipline. so tell us the story about what happened to this girl in texas.

    >> she was a 16-year-old girl, and she snuck out of her house past her curfew. her parents were trying to figure out how to punish this young girl . they came up with a creative way. they put an ad in the paper and said 30 free hours of baby-sitting and it explained what she did. i'm in big trouble for missing curfew and i have to provide 30 hours of free baby-sitting for my punishment. my pain and your gain.

    >> her parent said sometimes as parents we sound like charlie brown 's teacher. they just tune us out and stop listening , and if nothing else highway patrol th s i hope this got her attention.

    >> she said it did, i probably wouldn't do it again.

    >> really, he said probably? no, woii won't.

    >> if your kids were out past the time they were supposed to be out, what happened?

    >> it didn't happen very often. it happened one time with cody . he didn't stay out late. i always wanted the kids to be at our house, so i would know what was going on. this one time i had to work in the morning, so i go to bed. i heard noise downstairs. i told him when everyone had to clear out.

    >> what time was this? after midnight?

    >> it was late. i did the thing that i thought would make the biggest impression. i said fine, i'm going to drive the girls home, and they got a mouthful from me on the whole way home. cody was devastated. i don't think the girls -- they are cross-eyed for about six weeks.

    >> what did you say?

    >> i told them how young lady rps supposed to act. it was a long trip.

    >> they were being too loose, that type of thing?

    >> yeah. they knew who they were.

    >> did you that?

    >> i did do that, because i just thought that will teach them and cody . he was mortified and they got an earful.

    >> we had the earliest curfew of any kids. when everyone else had to be home at 11:00 , we had to be home at 10:00 . we were an hour or two before normal kids, and we had to be in on the button.

    >> is that because they were afraid of the american culture because it's looser?

    >> when they made a rule. what are you doing after 11:00 ?

    >> couple of times something nice happened to me after that. when you're young you don't know.

    >> it is good to have it.

    >> they give you rules for a reason. it's because they love you. the biggest part of our culture being in the toilet now the way it is is because parent vs given up parenting, and they've allowed the culture to parent our children. it's a disaster.

    >> i think when the kids are in the house and i was watching a dr. phil or something and the teenagers were running the house. the parents were like we want them to do well, but they were harming them. they were trying to help them, and they were harming them. they're going to have such trouble.

    >> they can't see it.

    >> let's talk about happy things.

    >> the happiest person in the world according to this should be in theory a married born again christian orth done tis who lived in costa rica . dated that guy and let him get way.

    >> the happiest people are the older people according to this survey.

    >> frank gifford . so happy.

    >> 18% happier than young people because seniors know who they are, they're not trying to be anybody, they're not trying to change anything. they don't care.

    >> they have less than they expect in life. they've been around the block so many times, they're grateful for any more sell of joy they can get.

    >> working moms and stat at home moms are both happy.

    >> except stay at homes are very snaep.

    >> very happy.

    >> married people are 19% happier than unmarried people.

    >> other than the 50% that are really miserable and get divorced.

    >> 43% of married people describe themselves as very happy compared to 24% of single.

    >> how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 100.

    >> i wake up happy.

    >> 1 to 10, where are you on the happiness scale?

    >> how happy? i wake up a 7 or 8 every day, just about every day.

    >> you do? you have a great, great attitude, hoda.

    >> do you wake up happy?

    >> i do. i do that thing every morning where i take my pulse.

    >> to see if you're alive?

    >> kind of. at my age.

    >> why are you taking my pulse?

    >> years ago you'd know this story if you read my book.

    >> that's right.

    >> i was at a fund-raiser, and i didn't want to be there. it was for the westport country playhouse and it was a sunday night and i didn't want to be here and said i'd go. all of a sudden i hear this clamor. there's paul newman and he has a ton of people around him. i said i love paul. he doesn't need more hangers. i'll go in another room. i went in another room. about half an hour later i feel this on the back, a pat. i turn around, and it's paul newman . he gets down on one knee, picks both of my hands in here, kisses it and looks up at me with those eyes. i go, okay, now i can die.

    >> take me to the chair. it doesn't matter.

    >> he was about 80 at the time. i said paul i haven't seen you in the longest time. how are you? he goes, i have a pulse. at my age that's a bad thing. we had a nice chat, and after that he started to go downhill a little bit with his health. but i remember leaving that day, hoda. it touched me forever, because it was like, you know what? what a great thing to remember? if we wake up every morning and sort of take our -- we still have a purpose. that man was still using his celebrity, his presence, his gifts to make the world a better place , even for a dilapidated theater somewhere. he could have been running after young women on the south of france. he was using his tlaenalents for the better good of our world. that's why i take my pulse. it reminds me i have a purpose. which is to sit with you and talk about crap.

    >> that's what we do.

    >> it's one of our favorite times, we love our bobbie's buzz.

    >> she is every schoolboy's dream?

    >> i was inspired by the theme. i am proud of this shirt, a vintage find for 50 cents , a tuxedo shirt .

    >> 50 cents ?

    >> great buys for guys. have you ever wondered if he was a medium or a marge? love this idea. marine layer has in between sizes for sizes, and they have a fit finder on the website and you put in information and based on 400 customers you'll find out if he's one of the seven sizes.

    >> great idea.

    >> really cool idea.

    >> has your guy ever popped a button and ask you find that emergency sewing kit.

    >> these peel off and you stick it on the shirt. it's no-sew buttons.

    >> it goes through some laundries, washes.

    >> wow.

    >> last but not least this is get rid of the growth buildup of deodorant under the arm area, deo-go.

    >> bobbie, where are you going?

    >> you are awesome! give it up, everybody!

    >> thank you, sweetie.

    >> hi.

    >> we're talking about the way to discipline kids in a creative way like that family. one of my favorite was brooke said their boys have to fight each other if they're fighting in public. they makes they hug in public. valerie said free yard work. weeding does wonders for respect and character. i would agree with that.

    >> yardwork is hard work.


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