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Whether you want a second opinion on an outfit you already own or a glimpse at how a new purchase will look before you buy, the future of fashion is here, allowing you to do this and more, all with the click of your computer. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’s Bobbie Thomas highlights a few innovative websites that are making style accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

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Digital dolls
The most consistent thing about fashion is that it is constantly changing. But recent Internet advances are making it easier than ever to stay on top of trends, try out new looks and get creative without having to commit. One of my favorite new sites, Looklet.com, takes me right back to my days of playing with paper dolls. Using one of their many models, you can unleash your inner stylist in their virtual "Style Studio" and dress her with clothes and accessories to create your dream ensemble. You can even change backgrounds to help envision the outfit in a particular setting. In need of a little inspiration? Check out their "Look of the Day" or "Editor's Pick" for fresh ideas, or browse through their trends for different interpretations before you try for yourself. (http://looklet.com/)

Makeover mirror
From morphing your makeup to trying a new 'do and even changing your hair color, Taaz.com is a magical place in cyberspace. Simply upload your photo, trace your face with the help of tracking points, and then Taaz technology takes over as you click away, giving you a realistic idea of how the "new you" will look. The best part? No makeup remover needed and no more hair-color horror stories. My personal favorite is the sunglasses section, as it allows you to actually see how the frames will look on your face (something you can't even see in person through the tint!). (http://www.taaz.com/)

How do I look?
You have an important event coming up (a date, a reunion, a job interview) and wonder: Should I wear a necklace with this? Does this handbag go? Do these shoes make me look fat? Your girlfriends aren't around, and your significant other just doesn't get it. What's a girl to do? Enter GoTryItOn.com, a new site launched in March of this year, devoted entirely to the age-old "what should I wear?" dilemma. For all those moments from the fitting room to your closet when you wish you had someone there for a second opinion, this website lets you post photos and get instant, honest feedback. Just upload an image of your outfit with a brief description of where you plan to wear, and the objective forum will vote on whether you should "wear it" or "change it." But remember that while majority rules, there is no right or wrong when it comes to style. (http://www.gotryiton.com/)

Street style
Named "one of the sites to watch in 2010" by Women's Wear Daily, Chictopia.com is an online runway of real people and a great resource for the fashionista inside us all. From the style gallery to the swap section, the site offers an in-depth look at upcoming trends and how real people are wearing them. Not sure how to wear army green or denim shirts? You can browse by body type, age, skin tone and more, to compare and contrast looks and find out what works best for you. And bonus for the most active users: You can collect "chic rewards" and earn points to redeem for items from brands like American Apparel, True Religion, etc. (http://www.chictopia.com/)

Couture collages
Last but certainly not least, Polyvore.com has made a name for itself on the Web as a go-to site for style inspiration. Allowing visitors to mix and match items from their favorite stores all in one place, or shop favorite looks existing users have put together (currently more than 20 million fashions sets are available to browse), the site empowers people to get creative and play around with self-expression. You can create, save and share your digital collages, aka sets, with more than 6 million unique visitors every month from countries spanning the globe. Easy to navigate, the site is broken down into sections including "Top Products," "Top Sections," "Great Places to Shop" and "Style Advice" so you know exactly where to go to find what you're looking for. (http://www.polyvore.com/)

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