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Video: From Russia, sexy spy keeps fans abreast

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    >>> she admitted being a spy and was sent back to russia, but it looks like anna chapman is not ready to step away from the spotlight, at least not yet. here's nbc's mike taibbi .

    >> reporter: she's the femme fatale of the spy scandal, beautiful, mysterious, and out of sight. anna chapman , who used to party in new york and london is now believed to be hiding in her native moscow. but that hasn't stopped the fascination.

    >> she was 28 years old, redhead, smoking hot. i mean, all the allure was there. she just stuck out. people were calling her shebon. she was just it.

    >> reporter: she has apparently stayed busy on what's believed to be her beloved facebook page quoting famous writers and politicians about her recent adventures from dickens, it was the best of times. it was the worst of times. from eleanor roosevelt , you gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. we can't confirm those are chapman 's postings but her lawyer told us she is using facebook again and also confirmed that she is still attracting, well, that kind of attention. vice president joe biden joked about her to jay leno .

    >> do we have any spies that hot?

    >> let me make it clear, it wasn't my idea to send her back.

    >> reporter: now, one website is selling an anna chapman action figure. there is a topless option.

    >> my name is anna chapman .

    >> reporter: supposedly a british bidding war that could push the price for a first interview past a quarter million dollars and, not surprisingly, there's an offer she has rejected for a star.

    >> entertainment movies, film, television shows or even porn, i think people want her.

    >> reporter: in the past on her facebook page she would only talk business claiming careers in real estate and banking. now whether or not she has any secrets worth knowing there's business out there if she wants it and if she can get to it. for "today," mike taibbi , nbc news,

Anna Chapman, the sexy Russian spy deported earlier this month, has inspired a topless action figure.
TODAY contributor
updated 7/23/2010 8:21:52 AM ET 2010-07-23T12:21:52

Anna Chapman may have been a flop as a secret agent, but no one has accused her of being unattractive. And having been portrayed in the tabloids as a living doll, the Russian spy is now an unliving one as well.

The website herobuilders.com has just put out two dolls modeled after the flame-haired 28-year-old who was arrested in New York City June 27 and deported back to her homeland on July 8. “The Predator” portrays Chapman as an athletic action heroine in a midriff-baring A-shirt and blue slacks. But the other, marketed as “The Spy I Could Love,” is more risqué: The doll comes in a tartan skirt but with no top.

To add an appropriate note of James Bond — or perhaps Evelyn Salt, the accused KGB sleeper agent portrayed by Angelina Jolie in her new action thriller — both dolls show Chapman gripping a handgun. Each sells for $29.95.

Cashing in
While herobuilders.com is well-known for cashing in on headline-makers (they sell Rod Blagojevich, Sarah Palin and Bernie Madoff dolls, among many other selections), the flesh-and-blood Chapman is rumored to be looking at cashing in herself.

A media frenzy followed Chapman’s arrest, and peaked when her British ex-husband, Alex Chapman, sold topless photos of Anna to the British press. Now the London Daily Mail reports Chapman is seeking a six-figure deal to pose for Playboy, not only filling her wallet, but boosting her prospects of selling the book and movie rights to her life.

Vivid Entertainment President Steve Hirsch has let it be known he wants to get into the Anna Chapman business, offering her a lucrative deal to appear in a porn feature for the film company. Not only that, Chapman has also been named as a possible Bond girl for the next 007 epic.

In addition to the topless version, the Anna Chapman action figure is also available in the more modest “Predator” model.

Born in Volgograd to a diplomat father, Chapman immigrated to London, where she met her husband. But the pair split in 2005, and Chapman headed to New York City with a boyfriend. There she formed a real estate company — which federal agents later discovered was a front for her spying activities.

At the time of her arrest (which happened when she accepted a fake passport from an undercover FBI agent who asked her to forward it to another spy), officials could find no concrete evidence Chapman was ever successful at the espionage game. Now, with her real estate “business” kaput and no more payments from her Russian spymasters, sources tell the Daily Mail that Chapman is trying to raise cash to approximate the lavish lifestyle she had in the Big Apple.

“A media deal is the best way to earn money,” a source told the paper.

For now, with the real Chapman lying low as she ponders her possibilities, her fans will have to make do with a plastic approximation.

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