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NewsNation with Tamron Hall

NewsNation, hosted by Tamron Hall, concentrates on political news, high profile interviews, and the latest U.S and world news.  Watch NewsNation at 2 PM ET every Monday through Friday on MSNBC.

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Msnbc's Tamron Hall asks viewers to give their opinion on some of the most controversial stories in the news. Visit her Facebook account to discuss.

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Lynch: Charleston gunman ‘will face justice’

  Attorney General Loretta Lynch addressed Wednesday night’s shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, that left nine dead when a gunman opened fire at a prayer meeting. Full story

  U.S. economy added 280k jobs in May

According to the Labor Department, employers added a greater-than-expected 280,000 jobs in May. However, the nation’s unemployment rate increased to 5.5 percent. Politico Magazine columnist Zachary Karabell breaks down the numbers.

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Web exclusive
Lean Forward

  Tamron Hall gives her unique perspective on growing up in a military family and how that shapes her definition of patriotism.

Rock Center
Swimming and minorities

  Studies show African-American children are nearly three times more likely to drown.

Rock Center
Tamron Hall learns how to swim

  Olympic gold-medalist Cullen Jones teaches Tamron how to swim.