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    ANN CURRY, anchor: And in the news this morning, investigators in Uganda now say they have found unexploded suicide vests in the capital city, which suggests that more attacks were planned there. And the death toll from the bombings on Sunday as people were gathering to watch the final game of the World Cup has risen to at least 76 people. NBC 's chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell is standing by, she's been following this story. She's got more now. Andrea , good morning.

    ANDREA MITCHELL reporting: Good morning, Ann. As that death toll rises overnight, the discovery of the suicide pack and claim of responsibility by a Somali group linked to al-Qaeda does create a wider threat of attacks against other US allies in the region. It took only seconds for a night of soccer and celebration to turn into one of blood and horror.

    Unidentified Man: There was just this big like explosion, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground with a bunch of rubble.

    MITCHELL: Twin attacks hit soccer fans gathered at a sports bar and a rugby club in the final seconds of the World Cup . Now claiming responsibility for its first attack outside Somalia 's borders, al-Shabaab , an Islamic militia linked to al-Qaeda that has terrorized Somalia and now threatens to target other African countries , all US allies, if they do not pull their American-backed peacekeepers out of Somalia . A spokesman warned, "We will target them everywhere if Uganda does not withdraw from our land." The bombs killed one American, Nate Henn , idealistic and dedicated to saving Ugandan children from being forced to become child soldiers.

    Mr. ADAM FINCK (Invisible Children): Totally selfless in everything he did. He was just such a solid example for all of us.

    MITCHELL: He was 25 years old, attended the University of Delaware , but arrived in Uganda only a week and a half ago. Ugandans called him " Oteka ," the strong one.

    Mr. NATE HENN: It is my life, it's all I do.

    MITCHELL: Friends back home say he also dreamed of having his own children.

    Mr. ADAM PALUMBO (Nate Henn's Roommate): He wanted to have a family so bad; you know, just wanted to fall in love.

    MITCHELL: And in a terrible twist of fate, Nate Henn 's younger brother, Kyle , was flying in a single-engine plane from Delaware to North Carolina to be with his family in the crisis. The plane crashed, the pilot was killed, but

    fortunately Kyle Henn survived. Ann: All right, Andrea Mitchell this morning. Andrea , thank you.


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