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Photos: Jackson kids take a vacation

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  1. Jacksons hit Hawaii

    Michael Jackson's children are vacationed in Hawaii, spending the anniversary of their father's death at a Hawaiian resort. The children were spotted riding the water slides and swimming in the pool.

    Prince Michael,13, is an aspiring filmmaker. After being homeschooled his entire life, the eldest of Michael Jackson’s three children has reportedly decided to attend a private school in the fall. (Splash News) Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Somber summer

    Michael Jackson’s only daughter, 12-year-old Paris, seemed subdued during the family’s Hawaiian holiday, according to the British newspaper the Daily Mail. Paris is said to keep a photo shrine to her father in her room. (Splash News) Back to slideshow navigation
  3. Making waves

    Blanket, Michael Jackson’s youngest son, plays in the surf at a Hawaiian beach. With flowing jet-black hair and delicate features, the 8-year-old “looks a lot like his father,” according to his grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

    The children's uncle Jermaine Jackson is said to be leading the vacationers. (Splash News) Back to slideshow navigation
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  1. EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson's children are vacationing in Hawaii. Michael jr., Paris and Blanket, spent the eve of the anniversary of Michael's death at a Hawaii resort. The children enjoyed riding the
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updated 6/21/2010 9:46:10 AM ET 2010-06-21T13:46:10

They are show business royalty, heirs of the King of Pop. Someday, they will be very rich. But a year after their father Michael Jackson's death, Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson are normal kids full of fun and pranks, devoted to each other and to their grandmother who is their guardian, according to a lawyer who sees them frequently.

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They talk about their father and his presence is everywhere in the ranch-style house in the San Fernando Valley where they live. Pictures and memorabilia adorn the walls. The gated compound has additional residences where other members of the family have lived over the years.

"The children are seemingly as normal as normal can be under pretty extraordinary circumstances," says Adam Streisand, the lawyer who represents Katherine Jackson and a frequent visitor to the compound where she lives with the children. He provided an account of life inside their guarded world in an interview with The Associated Press.

The large Jackson family, including eight of Michael's siblings and their families, has been a source of emotional support for the children, who frequently play with their cousins, Streisand says. And over the past year, Michael Jackson's parents, children and siblings have moved on with their lives in a world with his music but without him.

The three youngsters have seen Michael Jackson's final concert movie, "This Is It," but their grandmother, still devastated by the death of her son last June 25, has not watched it.

In an interview with London's Daily Mail, published Sunday, Katherine Jackson said she misses her son every day but sees his spirit in his three children, whom she is raising "a little less strict" than her son would have.

Prince is an aspiring filmmaker
Prince, whose birth name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., is the eldest of Michael's children. At 13, he has developed an interest in filmmaking, and his brother, sister and cousins have been starring in their own home movies.

"They have props and sets, and one of them acts as director. They all have roles," says Streisand. Recently, a snippet of film was leaked to YouTube showing Paris and Blanket in what might have been scenes from one of their movies. Katherine Jackson told the Daily Mail that Paris, who has a photo shrine to her father on her wall, wants to be an actress.

The one disturbance that brought social workers to the home, in March, stemmed from the kids' moviemaking, Streisand says. Jermaine's son, Jafar, 13, saw an Internet ad for a stun gun. He bought it by mail, thinking it would be a prop for their movies. When he tried shooting it into a towel, security guards came running. No one was injured.

The children love going to the movies, especially action and fantasy films, and are usually transported by security guards who are also on duty at the family compound 24 hours a day. The Jackson kids are avid students of karate and have made friends at their karate classes.

Since Michael's death, the children have continued the home schooling that had been their routine when he was alive. Streisand says a room has been set aside in a building at the estate and turned into a classroom where a tutor conducts classes. But in the fall, Prince will leave the cloistered realm to go to private school, a choice that was made by him and his grandmother.

"He is ready to branch out and have a more socialized experience," Streisand says.

Blanket ‘looks a lot like his father’
Whether his 12-year-old sister, Paris Michael, will join him is undecided, although in the Daily Mail interview Katherine Jackson suggested they all would. Eight-year-old Blanket, whose given name is Prince Michael Jackson II, is described by Streisand as "totally cute and personable — a very bright little boy who looks a lot like his father."

In a brief interview this week, their uncle, Jackie Jackson, said the children were "very excited about going on vacation." They plan to visit Disney World, the Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C., and other sites where "they can learn as well as have a good time."

Since Michael's death, Jackie said the family has continued to have gatherings: Last week, everyone came together for a party at the family home when two of his nephews graduated from high school.

On the anniversary of Michael's death, he said the family will gather for a quiet, private memorial.

As for Katherine Jackson, who recently turned 80, life has become a whirlwind. She is busy overseeing the children's activities, but is also involved in the administration of Michael's estate. Although not an executor, she is kept informed by the estate administrators, John Branca and John McClain, on projects that are undertaken.

"She is energetic and active. Her health is perfect," says Streisand. "She has very clear ideas about what she wants and does not want as to estate matters."

She is also putting out a book, "Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives," filled with photos of her son.

"I want the world to know the real Michael," she told the Daily Mail. "I'd like him to be remembered as the loving person he was."

Streisand says Katherine Jackson has made it clear that she does not want Neverland to be sold, and for the time being, it is not on the market. But the 3,000-acre spread costs millions to maintain and a decision to sell could be reconsidered.

Streisand recently made a statement for Katherine in response to an interview given by her husband, Joe, in which he blamed her for their son's death.

Streisand called the charge "preposterous" and says Katherine was "very hurt" by the statements. Nevertheless, days later, the couple arrived together at a courtroom for a hearing in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, charged with improperly administering a mixture of sedatives, including the anesthetic propofol, in an attempt to get the chronic insomniac to sleep.

Joe lives in Las Vegas but stays at the family compound when he is in California. Other members of the Jackson clan have their own homes.

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Video: The hidden lives of Michael Jackson’s kids

  1. Transcript of: The hidden lives of Michael Jackson’s kids

    LESTER HOLT, co-host: This week, fans will mark the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson 's death by paying tribute to the King of Pop at a prayer vigil in Jackson 's hometown of Gary , Indiana . Jackson 's three children will reportedly attend and speak at a private memorial service on Friday. But just how are his children dealing with the loss of their father? Tonight I take a closer look for a TLC documentary called " Hidden Lives ." June 25th, 2009 , at 2:26 PM Pacific time , Michael Joseph Jackson was declared dead. He was 50 years old.

    TOURE (NBC News Contributor): When Michael died, it was like the world kind of stopped for a second.

    Ms. ANNE MARIE CRUZ (People Magazine): Everybody remembers where they were when Michael Jackson died. It was an absolute shock. People were out in the streets crying and wailing and weeping.

    HOLT: Prince, Paris and Blanket had been taken to the hospital. Jackson 's longtime manager and close friend, Frank Dileo , helped break the terrible news to them.

    Mr. FRANK DILEO: Well, we had to tell the children. It was, as you would think. I can't even begin to tell you the emotions that flowed out of those children.

    HOLT: The outpouring of emotion was massive for those who had never met the man and so was the grief for the three children who called him daddy.

    Mr. MARK LESTER (Godfather of Jackson Children): Well, Paris was very strong and put on a very brave face about the whole thing. Obviously Michael was more than just a dad to them, he was the mother, the father, the companion. Basically he was their whole world and their whole world just completely collapsed. Prince really found it very difficult to even speak. And Blanket became very withdrawn.

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