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    fact: delicious.

    >>> this morning on "bobbi's beauty bag," ready, set, glow? now it is officially beach and pool season. if you want that radiant, sun-kissed look without damaging your skin, bobbie thomas is here today to help us get that glow.

    >> good morning.

    >> so what we're talking about, is because we know we don't want to get burned and deeply tan in the sun. some sun is okay, a little bit of vitamin d is okay, there are alternatives. a lot of people know about this but they don't know how to use it.

    >> exactly. in fact, viewers really wrote in and e-mailed me saying how can we use sunless products? do you have any tips or solutions? this is from our viewers. they wanted to know about this.

    >> one involves a very attractive shower cap ?

    >> in order to get a natural looking glow, we need to prep like a pro.

    >> you worked on that.

    >> i meant to rhyme. any time you're going to use a sunless product, exfoliate in the shower. use exfoliating gloves. put petroleum jail on your nail beds . that avoids any build-up in the dry cuticle areas. if you're using a product in a can, tan in a can, it is important that you use a shower cap to make sure you don't get it on your hair if you're blonde or lighter, but this cool invention is called sticky feet. you peel back the tape and step on this. when you spray the slegs it wiolution, i t gets on the top of your feet and not the bottom.

    >> dha, they don't inhale it.

    >> make sure it is a ventilated area.

    >> sunless solutions.

    >>> sunless solutions. i really suggest gradual solutions for the beginner or someone who wants to keep up the glow all summer. they'll build gradually but fade gradually. the more potent the product, the longer it takes to fade. the one no-no, don't apply another round of sunless solution if you have some on because if it doesn't fade properly you'll get funny lines. these don't have dha. mixed almost like body lotion . the other cool thing to use with sunless tanning sheets or gloves. they look like this. what's great is that they help you literally rub them on to your skin more evenly.

    >> this is like a long laborious process.

    >> pick one of these solutions, whether it is the spray or you opt for a gradual tanner or if you want to try -- i personally use these tanning sheets. my favorite is kate somerville. there are lots of people making the self-tanning sheets on the market.

    >> be careful not to choose a color that's too orange?

    >> i think the first time, go with a gradual solution or add some of your own body lotion to blend it out. this is perfect, model co. has this sponge. it helps control the color, too.

    >> if you missed an area -- you can't get your back sometimes, too.

    >> that's a problem. unless you have a friend who's helping you.

    >> guys can get in on the act. there are lots of products out for men. i'm telling you, guys in the control room are like, yeah, they might say they don't want go tote a bronzer, but lots of the men's products now offer the bronzer. these are products for men.

    >> all right. now moving on, if you don't want to do this --

    >> if you don't want a sunless solution, one-day wash-away. all of these items watch out.

    >> it used to be when you put this stuff on it would be greasy and affect your clothing.

    >> not today. there's actually -- this category has come such a long way. you really should revisit some of the products. you can get double-duty spf and color with this shisedo sun stick. you can bronze throughout the day, a little bit spf and color. if you're cool or warm, look for more of a -- in terms of your skin tone , go for a pink highlighter.

    >> you look cool, by the way.

    >> go for like a pink shimmer in your highlighter versus a gold. i like cake because they offer the two options. there is a shimmer. for ladies who want to get even legs, this is a big question i'm always asked, i don't want to show my legs. makeup artists use this. this is a great trick. my mom is obsessed with doing this. it is something she can watch off. then other bronzers that last for just a day, st. tropez is great. they don't turn your skin like a sunless tanner but will give you a top dye, a layer that kind of bronzes in.

    >> it will go away --

    >> you can wash all of these off.

    >> if you have a certain look for a certain dress, you want to pop it up.

    >> exactly.

    >> what happens when you go wrong as we sort of were intimating with our back application. you could have a problem.

    >> you can get a faux glow fix. that's what this section is called with a baking soda bath. soak in baking soda . that will help to lift the skin a little bit, dead skin cells. or you can find this from st. trop tropez, a detox basket. you can also use a dry brush . but if you're really stuck and have dark lines around your nail beds , a body hair bleach. but don't do it on sensitive areas, just on your nails or the bottom of your feet. last, the smell. the chemical reaction that turns our skin that color is the same thing that leaves behind the smell. you can find something from california tan that helps neutralize the odor or put some essential oils in the product.

    >> after you put it on, you look good but you don't smell good.

    >> guys really don't like this whole process.

    >> except for they can apply it.

    >> all of this information is on our website. on my article, i put a lot of info out there.

TODAY contributor
updated 6/1/2010 9:17:18 AM ET 2010-06-01T13:17:18

The potential for skin damage from the sun should have you hiding under a hat or slathering on the SPF, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look luminous. If a tan is your must-have accessory for summer, the solutions for getting a faux glow are becoming easier and more innovative by the day. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’s Bobbie Thomas shares her secrets for achieving the perfect beach-babe look:

Prep like a pro
It’s important to exfoliate in the shower using textured scrub gloves or nylon polishing towels to remove any dead skin. Whether you go to a booth or grab a tan-in-the-can, slip on a shower cap and use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles and nail beds before a spray session. Also be sure to have your hands, feet, knees, elbows and any dry skin patches completely moisturized, leaving excess lotion on the palms of your hands to help offer a barrier — just be sure to blend the edges and inside the wrists to achieve a natural-looking fade line. And finally, Sticky Sandals are topless, strap-free sandals that literally stick to your soles. Use them to avoid getting self-tanner on the bottoms of your feet ($2-$12; stickysandals.com). You could also DIY a pair in a pinch by using double-stick tape and paper plates.

Sunless solutions
When it comes to applying product, there are a number of different options. Gradual tanners are not only great for beginners, but anyone who wants to maintain a tan. Drugstore brands like Jergens ($8.99; Target stores) and Olay ($7-$19; drugstore.com) are meant to be applied daily or intermittently, offering you more control. Full-strength compounds will offer a dramatic difference, but need downtime to fade before you reapply; otherwise you risk patchy, uneven results. And for streak-free strokes, consider some of the alternative applications on the market. Dr. Denese’s Glow Younger Gloves ($42 for 12; drdenese.com) and Comodynes Self-Tanning Body Gloves ($36.75 for 4; shopnbc.com) will help you wipe on and blend with the bonus of being a travel-friendly tanning option too. Modelco’s new Sunsponge promises to buff and adjust to your individual skin tone for custom color ($39; modelco.com.au), while Au Courant’s sponge on a stick helps you apply the brand’s Sunless Tanning Mousse in the hardest-to-reach spots ($1.49 per stick, $30 for the mousse; aucourant.com). 

And even guys can get in on the action without dipping into female territory thanks to products like Anthony Logistics For Men Self Tanner with Anti-Aging Complex ($30; Anthony.com), Jean Paul Gaultier’s Self-Tanning Gel ($29; sephora.com) and Kiehl’s new Facial Fuel Healthy Bronze ($22.50, Kiehls.com).

Radiant results
For those who prefer to avoid DHA, the active tanning agent found in sunless solutions, these products will enhance your natural color temporarily. Cake’s new Hi-light and Glow-rious body lotions will give you a glisten with micronized gold and pink particles, and Shiseido’s Sun Protection Stick Foundation ($26; sephora.com) and Chantecaille’s Protection Naturelle Powder both provide SPF and complexion control ($65; chantecaille.com). If you’re looking to bronze your body and face, cult-favorite makeup brands MAC and NARS have classic products that will help you shine all over! Makeup artists love to add a little of MAC’s Face and Body foundation to lotion to give legs a smooth look ($32, Maccosmetics.com), while NARS’ Body Glow and new Orgasm Illuminator hydrate while giving you a subtle sheen ($29-$59; narscosmetics.com). 10 cities with the best skin

Faux glow fixes
Keep in mind, nothing is permanent, and there are ways to soften the blow of a bad faux glow. St. Tropez’s Tan Optimizer Detox Bath helps you remove unwanted tan buildup ($35, Sttropeztan.com). You could also try soaking in a bath with some baking soda, and sometimes a lemon wedge can help lighten a dark line. Body-hair bleach can help with excess color on your cuticles or nails and callused skin on your toes. And while self-tanning has plenty of positives, the harsh reality is the chemical reaction that leaves behind an unpleasant smell is also the one responsible for color change. You can help eliminate the odor by using California Tan’s Neutralizer in soft vanilla ($16.59; amazon.com) or by applying your own essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus or menthol, either to your product or in a spray bottle with some water to use as a refresher after showering. And finally, for the best way to buff away too much tan, try using a dry brush, like Tampico’s Dry Skin Brush ($14.22; amazon.com), in a circular motion before stepping into the shower.

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